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"Leave me alone!"


"This is Torture"

'This is Bliss'

"I'm in Hell, aren't i?"

'I must be in Heaven, then'

"I wish you'd go away"

'I wish you'd never leave'

"I hate you"



'You know that's untrue.'

"Is it? Really?"

'Yes, it is.'

"Why shouldn't I hate you?"

'Because I am not without a heart-a soul-I am human still, Sammie'

"Don't call me that, Scam!"

'Why not? You Hate me, apparently"

"And with good reason!"

'Oh yeah?'

"Yeah! You've tried to kill me countless times! You kidnapped and mind controlled my mom, you were going to destroy the world-and look at me!"

He did.


"I'm tied up and stuck in a warehouse with a horrible murdering creep!"

'At least I haven't shot you or anything.'


'Must you live in the past?'

"Must you have vengeance against an organization that saves people?"

'They deserve it!'

"And you deserve my hatred!"


She smirked.

'But so what? You're still stuck in a warehouse with a-what was that? Oh yeah; a Horrible Murdering Creep'

Her smirk vanished but she rolled her eyes.

"Well you are Creepy"


"Old man"


"You called me a brat!"

'I'm not THAT old to be called old man though! And you were being brattish!'

"Psh, who's being brattish NOW, old man?"

He glared at her and stalked towards her.

'Watch yourself, Sammie, I've murdered before, one more won't kill me

She paled slightly but glared back none the less.


He smirked and leaned down to her level

'Don't you know it, Sam'

She just glared at him.

"You were the best, why'd you leave? What has WHOOP done to you-what did the world do to you?"

'That's none of your business, Samantha'

He wretched from her level and stood tall and walked to the door

'I'll be back later-Stay put, would you?'

"I still hate you, Tim Scam!"

'No you don't, you're Crazy about me'

He chuckled darkly at the blush that appeared and left her alone to check on his trap.


Just a random moment between Scam and Sam, hope you liked it