Unexpected Love

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Summary: Naraku was getting too strong for either group of Inuyasha's and Sesshomaru's to handle on their own, which was until Kagome suggested that they joined forces in order to defeat Naraku. But what's this? An old demon with miko powers comes in and impregnates Kagome, and Kikyo with Sesshomaru and Inuyasha pups. This doesn't bode well for them.


'I am Kagome Higurashi. It has been over three years since I was pulled down the bone eaters well by Mistress Centipede. The well and that youkai took me to the feudal era of Japan, where I was first captured by the small village of Edo. The people of the village first thought I was an enemy, or a youkai in disguise because of the clothing of my time. That was when I met my mentor; Kaede. Needless to say, I was chased by mistress centipede into the forest and I met Inuyasha, the half youkai that I fall in and out of love with, sealed to a Tree of Ages.

That was also when I found out that I had the Shikon No Tama within my body and I had to protect it. Come on... I mean, I was only a fifteen year old girl and I had to protect the jewel from demons, hanyous and evil humans alike. Seriously, I couldn't even protect myself, let alone a jewel wanted by demons, hanyous and humans, but Kaede swore to me that she would help me protect the jewel.

Inuyasha was a half demon that wanted the jewel for him to become a full demon; while he tried to kill me, Kaede placed on him an enchanted necklace created of subjugation beads. I had to say any word and the word I chose was 'SIT'.

However, after a while we became good friends. Next I met my adopted son, Shippou; his father was killed by the thunder brothers and his mother was killed a long time ago by someone that he couldn't remember. During our trips we also met a monk by the name of Miroku; he was looking for a demon or man named Naraku, who has cursed his family with the wind tunnel.

Later we found a demon slayer by the name of Sango; well actually, she found us and tried to kill Inuyasha by the orders of Naraku. However, it was Naraku that had killed her whole village and family; all but one, her younger brother Kohaku. With her was her trusted feline friend named Kirara. We also met a wolf demon by the name of Koga; who proclaimed that he loved me even though we had only just met. Together we searched for the jewel shards and for Naraku, an evil half demon that desired the jewel along with the menacing power that it offered.

Oh and I forgot to say, Inuyasha's older half-brother, Sesshomaru, was also trying to find Naraku. He had with him his trusted steed, AU and Uh, and a small toad-like demon by the name of Jaken; he had also taken a small human girl by the name of Rin into his care.'

Chapter One: The group joining

"Come on Inuyasha, you said that it was a good idea," Kagome exclaimed at her red-clothed Hanyou friend. Then her mind went back to the night before this was happening.

""I only have one shard of the jewel now""" She had mentioned.

"Meanwhile, Naraku has the rest of them," Sango replied, adding her thoughts to the conversation.

"Now he is too strong," Miroku added in as he prayed for a plan or a solution to this problem.

"I can take him on. He's just a wimp hiding from me; I will kill him," Inuyasha proclaimed as he held his sword in front of himself.

"Inuyasha, that's never worked in the past; Naraku just keeps on getting stronger and stronger. We need some help," Kagome replied as she smiled at him.

"I don't need help," Inuyasha growled lightly at her in protest.

"Inuyasha," a light, soft voice came from outside the door.

They all turned to see Kikyo standing at the door, "Kikyo."

"I agree with Kagome on this one. Inuyasha, we need the help," Sango supplied.

"I do too," Miroku says, agreeing with the females of the group.

"Kikyo, why are you here?" Kaede asked her sister. Kikyo glanced over at Kaede,

"You do not need to worry about that," She said, and then turned to Inuyasha,

"Inuyasha, please come with me," Kikyo asked as she walked away from the


"Go, Inuyasha," Kagome said. "Remember, do what you want to do."

He nodded and left the hut. Then he came back with a smile on his face. "So Inuyasha, what happened?


"Nothing," Inuyasha said to them.

"Well, I think we should either join with Koga..."

"Hell no, I'd rather join with Sesshomaru than with Koga!" Inuyasha snarled into the conversation.

"As I was saying, either Koga or Sesshomaru's group," Kagome finished what she was going to say.

"Do what you want. I don't care." Inuyasha declared.

"Keh, it's not as though I'm gonna do it." Inuyasha fumed as he sniffs the ground to find his half-brother's scent.

"Inuyasha, come on," Sango states as she sits on Kirara's back. "Monk, don't you dare touch me," she growled when Miroku's hand started moving towards her butt.

Miroku sighs dejectedly, nods his head at her and looked down at Inuyasha who was still sniffing the ground. "Find anything yet?" He questions.

"Be patient," Kikyo orders as she looks up to the sky and wonders what will happen.

"No, I have to sniff out the other smells before I can smell him. It's not fun smelling his toad servant." Inuyasha replies with a growl as he hears giggling from Shippou who was perched on Kagome's shoulder.

A few moments later, Inuyasha looks up and smirks at them. "Found him," he says and then he grabs Kagome and Kikyo gently around their waists before jumping in the direction that he smelled his half-brother, the rest following him on Kirara.

Hours later, they stop at a clearing of blue, yellow and orange flowers.

"I take it that he was in here?" Kikyo asks, giggling at the thought of a demon lord in a flower patch.

"Well, I followed the scent here," Inuyasha says to the group. "Kagome it's your turn now."

"Oh great Inuyasha, thanks," Kagome says, rolling her eyes at him.

"I knew you would see it my way, Kagome," Inuyasha taunts her.

"Oh yes, because you are such a psychic, but seeing as you can't talk to him at all, I will agreed to talk with him," Kagome replies rolling her eyes at him again, and then starts walking into the flower patch. She looked around her for any signs of the tall, proud, demon lord named Sesshomaru. She soon hears a little girl calling out 'Jaken' in the distance and Kagome slowly makes her way over to them.

She knew that lord Sesshomaru had a greater sense of smell than Inuyasha, so she knew that he had probably smelled them long before they even got into the clearing. She sees the two headed dragon lying down in the green grass with red, yellow and blue flowers surrounding him.

"Kagome-neechan," Rin yells out when she sees her walking into the clearing around her and Jaken.

"Hi Rin-chan," Kagome happily says as she gives her a hug and turns to Jaken, "Hello Jaken."

"Wench," Jaken mutters under his breath.

"Jaken, be nice," Rin scolds him as she pulls Kagome towards Sesshomaru.

"Lord Sesshomaru!" Rin yells as she sees him sitting down.

She lets go of Kagome's hand and races over to Sesshomaru's leg. Grabbing onto his leg, she smiles and squeezes tightly before letting go.

"Rin," Sesshomaru says to her, and then he looks up at Kagome; he nods for her to speak.

"Sesshomaru-sama, my group has picked me to ask you if you would join our group until Naraku is destroyed," Kagome informs him as she bows down.

Sesshomaru looks at her and stands up, "And why should This Sesshomaru help Inuyasha?" He asks. Kagome fidgeted,

"Well, because Naraku is becoming more powerful by the second and we can't take him on by ourselves." Sesshomaru stared at her and then nods his head,

"This Sesshomaru finds it a good choice to join with you, but only on some conditions."

Kagome smiles at him first but frowns at his last words, and then she nods her head to inform him to continue with his conditions.

"One condition will be that This Sesshomaru will be in charge of the group..."

"HELL NO!" Inuyasha screams at Sesshomaru when he hears that sentence, and then races over to him, "I will not have you in charge of my group, whether you join us or not."

"Inuyasha, let's hear what else he has to say," Kagome firmly states, and then she looks at Sesshomaru to continue.

"You, miko, will teach Rin as you do your adopted son, and show to This Sesshomaru where you live; your speech is different to all the others This Sesshomaru has heard and as is your clothing. Last one is that you will get some appropriate clothing on," Sesshomaru replies in his emotionless tone of voice.

Kagome looks at Inuyasha and wonders what she will do; she couldn't just tell him that she was from the future, because then he would want the knowledge of the future.

"This Sesshomaru's patience is wearing thin Miko," Sesshomaru growls lightly at her, but then he sniffs out only to stop growling when he smells jasmine and nightingale coming from the miko's body.

"Inuyasha what do you think?" Kagome questions while she looks up at him.

Inuyasha looks at his brother then over to Kagome. Letting out a sigh, he answers Kagome's question, "Keh, I hate to say this, Kagome, but we need Sesshomaru's help." He then he races back to their friends.

"Sesshomaru, we agree that you may join us under those conditions, but I'm sorry that I can't tell you where I'm from as it would only cause trouble," Kagome whispers to him as she moves back.

Then she stops when she suddenly feels a different youkai energy coming rapidly towards them. "Sesshomaru..." but she didn't need to tell him as he had sensed the youkai approach and its smell was getting stronger.

"Greetings Lord Sesshomaru and Lord Inuyasha," a female voice comes out from the woods. Kagome looks back and sees Inuyasha and Kikyo behind her.

She then looks in front of herself to see Sesshomaru standing almost directly in front of her.

"What business do you have with This Sesshomaru?" He asks, his voice laced with boredom and a tone of dread is laced within it.

"Keh, same here you wench," Inuyasha yells.

"Well, I guess your human mother didn't teach you any manners, half breed," The female voice growls at him.

"Answer the question," Kagome demands of her.

The female looks at Kagome then to Kikyo as she notices that the two females had almost the same soul, "Interesting."

"You are trying This Sesshomaru's patience," Sesshomaru snarls at the female.

"After all this time, milord, you can't recognize my voice?" she asks as she takes a step out into the clearing.

The female is beautiful; she is wearing a blue and green kimono with an armor chest plate, arm plates and leg plates, along with a sword at the side of her body.

Sesshomaru's eye slightly twitched at the sight of the armor clad female, "Mother."

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