Mixed Soulmates.

Ok I know I should be updating my other story but I had some ideas while I was lying in bed last night so I decided to go with it before I foget.

So here is is Mixed Soulmates...

I am going to start the story when they are in the mansion so I decided to do a littlr brief of who is with who.

Poppy/ Ash- After James turned Poppy into a vampire and Ash came and took Poppy they found out they are actually soulmates instead of James and Poppy. So then Ash took Poppy to Circle Daybreak and they still don't know what James's reaction was.

Mary-Lynnette/Thierry- Thierry was on a search for Hannah when he ended up in Briar Creek where he found out his actually Soulmate was Mary-Lynnette.

Eric/Jez- Jez had left her gang and made her way to Eric's highschool where they met and found out they were soulmates.

Thea/David- David was upset about Gillian leaving but then Thea came to school with Blaise and they found out they are soulmates.

Gillian/Morgread- Morgread went looking for Jez ever since she went missing and made his way to Gillians school and they were soulmates. (I know they both are Night World creatures but they joined circle daybreak anyway because they liked hmans? I couldn't think of nothing better)

Rashel/ Delos-Rashel was a vampire hunter and never met Quinn or Daphne etc and headed to Black Dawn where she had heard of all the human slaves there. When she got there she and Delos found out they were soulmates.

Quinn/Hannah- They had met durning Hannahs old lives and then they found eachother in modern times and are soulmates.

Keller/James- James was upset about Poppy leaving and thats when he found Keller and they became soulmates.

Maggie/Galen- Maggie went looking for her brother and she met Galen and they are soulmates.

Ok I know that it was short, but they just needed to be short briefs It will start at the mansion.

- :D