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They wouldn't leave him alone.

Again and again they kept attacking him. He screamed in pain and struck back, claws ripping into his attackers. It didn't help, in-fact it seemed to make the attacks increase both in number and intensity.

It hurt so much. He just wanted to go home. He didn't want to come to this place where everyone hated him and attacked him. He wanted to curl up in his bed, safe, but he was far from safety, he was so confused.

Another one came.

The attack this one used was far more painful then any used before. He screamed again and struck out with his claws before everything went black.

There was darkness all around him.

Turning his head in every direction trying to see something, his eyes met with nothing. Fear set in. Curling up into a ball to try and protect himself, silent tears fell from his tightly closed eyes. Soft whimpers fell from his trembling lip. He was so afraid, he wanted someone to come and save him, he wanted …

Then he felt it.

The presence of the one who cared for him, who loved him.

She was here.

"Hush, my darling. I am here."

Her warm body curled around him.

"Hush, hush." She crooned in his ear, pulling him closer to her side. Soothing his fear and easing his pain.

He stayed, for what seemed hours, within Her embrace. Listening to Her soft and gentle voice whispering in his ear. Eventually he felt Her move to stand.

"I must go now my darling." She said softly.

"Must you?" He whimpered, lifting his head up to look at Her.

She smiled, "You are starting to wake up. You can not stay here forever and neither can I," Her muzzle brushed against his face in the semblance of a kiss, "You will be fine, my darling. I will come to you when ever you need me."

"I'm scared, don't leave me!" he pleaded, looking into Her crimson eyes.

"I am not leaving you," She said, wrapping her tails around him in comfort. "I will find a way to come for you." She brushed her muzzle against his face again.


She smiled again, revelling her ivory fangs that stood out against her coat, "When a human is stupid enough to summon me to that realm, I will come for you."

"But," He opened his mouth to ask how but She pre-empted him.

"Humans are greedy creatures. They hunger for power. One of them will summon me eventually and then they will all pay. I Promise. Be patient, my darling."


"Now I really must leave." One last kiss and then She turned and left, the last thing he saw, were Her thirteen ebony, black tails. One last sentence left hanging in the air.

He opened his eyes to see cage bars surrounding him, but he wasn't afraid, Her last words still echoed in his ears, Remember, I love you my darling kit.

His muzzle stretched into a smile. Yes he thought, She will come for me.

He looked around his prison, and saw a small blond human standing on the other side if the gate. His smile grew wider and became sadistic, And while I wait for Her, I think I'll have some fun!

Kyuubi laughed as the terrified human fled.

Settling down in the cage and letting his mind drift, he replayed Her last words and Her Promise.

He knew that She would keep Her Promise.

After all She was his Mother.

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