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A/N: Okay so was reading this fic about Ali playing pranks on Carlisle and he said something about her acting like a demented 3 year old and I wondered: What if Alice really were a demented three year old and the Cullens were raising her? How would it play out? We shall see muh ha ha. Jasper is in this. He was living with the Cullens when Ali came. R&R C&C and to all a goodnight. Enjoy.

Carlisle's POV

"Dr. Cullen!" I turned around quickly because Dr. Nicole Slater sounded pretty frantic. "Oh Carlisle, there is a toddler in the emergency room and she won't let any one help her! She's suffered minor burns in the fire her parents died in. Could you help Carlisle? Your wonderful with children." I nodded quickly and followed her to the emergency room.

When we got there and heard a agitated toddler screaming and cursing at everyone who got within a three foot radius of her. "She's two! Stick an IV in her and do the daggone work!" cried the head nurse Pamela. I wondered how long the foul-tongued toddler had been there because nurse Pamela wasn't known for her temper and I was surprised she was losing it with a little girl.

"I not two! I thwee dammit!" All eyes turned to her. I laughed softly.

"I think she's quite adorable to be honest Nicole."

"Spend twenty minutes with her Cullen see how adorable is is then," Dr. Ricky Bane said. I walked over to the girl kneeling down. She made a move as if about to punch me but I quickly grabbed her hand. I didn't want the girl to be an orphan, have burns, and broken knuckles.

"Hello I'm Dr. Cullen could you please tell me your name?" the girl stubbornly shook her head. "Please? I really want to know." Another silent no. " C'mon I- " I was abruptly cut off by the girl telling me to, and I quote, "Shut the fuck up!"

"Her name is Alice Brandon, Cullen. She's three years old and her parents died in the fire that she got those burns in." Dr. Bane said curtly. A statement to which I already knew that latter part of.

"Alice huh? Alice," I said softly, "Do your legs hurt?" She looked her legs seemingly noticing them for the first time she began to cry. Loudly. I took my chance to put burn ointment and bandages on her legs. We brought the girl to her room. "She won't be here for long Nicole, her injuries are quite small."

"Poor thing, parent less. It must suck. " Nicole answered.

"Where will she go?" I was worried.

"Probably to a group home."

No. This girl couldn't go to a group home or some foster home where there was even the slightest possible chance she could be abused. I was going to go see a her social worker and figure out what I could do. She wasn't allowed to be hurt. She was much to precious for that.

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