I'm sorry guys who thought this was a new chapter but this needs to be said.

WHAT THE HELL IS WONG WITH YOU FFNET? WHAT IS SO DAMN HARD ABOUT HAVING A FUCKING MA RATING? You are going to lose so many great writers. There are ways to weed out who is reading which stories. I don't personally write lemons or limes but I think this is so wrong at least tell someone before you delete their story/account because it's terrible to lose a story you worked so hard on! I cannot believe this. I'm very disappointed. There are people who have been a member of this website for years that are now getting their stories deleted. This ought to be a haven for ALL fanfiction writers. I'm saying it should be a total porn site but c'mon. Show a little respect for your authors.

-A very pissed off MalikaiDragonSlayer.

I will try to update all my stories. But I'm angry. Very angry. Extremely angry.