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Chapter Sixteen

Hanabi fell back in surprise.

"The Sh-Shar-Sharingan!" She stuttered. Naruto nodded solemnly...he never wanted Sasuke to lose his eyes...but Orochimaru was after him, Danzo certainly wanted something from them...and he couldn't risk someone taking them for evil purposes.

Hanabi lowly got back up on her feet. She thought for a moment...a hyuuga with the Sharingan...if Konan would only...if she could have Naruto's children...no...Konan would never allow that...well there went the most powerful being ever.

"...I...I'll do it...I'll take the Sharingan" she replied slowly. Naruto nodded and pointed at the doors to the underground lab. Hanabi took in a deep breath, this would be the moment the most powerful Hyuuga was truly born.

"So...you're telling me...that the last ACTUAL loyal Uchiha was taken away by Naruto?..." Asked Danzo quietly. Neji nodded as Lee and Hinata took a step back. Danzo motioned for them to leave and they did so. He was about to do something he had never done before.

"FUCKING SHIT HELL!DAMN YOU AME FUCKING BASTARDS CUNT BITCHES!" He screamed in random order. He had just lost a valuable shinobi and Sharingan to his collection. Somebody was going to pay...but it would have to be somebody weak.

"Bring in a new genin squad..." He ordered, to a hidden Root Anbu.

Orochimaru sighed angrily. His time for finding a new host was coming soon...and he still wanted the Uchiha boy...yet somehow he still found it curious as to WHY Itachi was seen entering Amegakure...Hanzo was never so benevolant...and WHY IN HELL was the Uzumaki brat entering and leaving as if he owned the place?

"Orochimaru..." Whispered a voice. He turned around to see an old accomplice.

"Zetsu...why do you disturb me?...it had better be good news..." He hissed. Zetsu smiled. Orochimaru had not heard.

"...Hanzo's dead..." Orochimaru's eyes widened.

"...he was killed by a young sixteen year old...all with ONE jutsu" he added, enjoying Orochimaru's shock.

"...the same sixteen year old who Itachi rumoredly gave up his eyes to..." He licked his lips at Orochimaru's facoal excpressions. Anger, surprise, loss, despair, back to shock.

"...and a close intel agent says he plans on giving Sasuke's eyes to a Hanabi Hyuuga" he added. Orochimaru finally snapped.

"That damn cheeky brat!" He shouted. Zetsu held a hand up to calm him down.

"But I hear his relationship with Konoha is close to wearing thin...a few pushed here and there would help persuade him to perhaps...attack?" Orochimaru grinned at the plan. THIS is why he payed Zetsu the equivalent of the Hokage and Anbu's pay combined then doubled.

Hanabi screamed in pain as she felt the Uchiha eyes being used. She could feel every nerve in her head burning as she took her first winks. She needed at least a few weeks to really get used to this. She felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Naruo looking at her through Itachi's Sharingan and his own Rinnegan eyes. She shuddered as she felt his aura of power...the embodiment of devinity.

"...now bow before Hanabi Hyuuga..." He ordered. She didn't even waiat for him to finish the line as she dropped to her knees, her face almost touching the ground. He grinned. He would turn her into a blind follower so easily...now to brainwash her to his own ideals...and the Hyuuga clan itself was motivation enough.

"Good...now alk with me...Konan...Anko...Tsunade...Tayuya...Itachi...follow us..." he ordered. He would convince everyone at the same time.

"...so tell me Hanabi...why did you leave Konoha?" He asked her. She looked down.

"...my father...Hiashi...he was the clan head...he always loved Hinata more...no matter how hard I tried for him...I could never get...his...love..." She sniffled. She was close to crying. Naruto led them past the city streets.

"...is that it?...let me show you worse...Konan...tell her what Konoha did to you..." He told her. Konan looked at him, realizing what he was up to...she would...exaggerate a bit...only for him...

"...they killed...Nagato and Yahiko...my first true friends...they were supposed to meet us with Jiraiya for a peace treaty and to offer us protection...we found them with Hanzo...he attacked me but Yahiko took the hit for me...he died...right in front of me...Nagato became so focused on avenging him...he never saw himself dying...Konoha ruined everything I ever held dear...even me and Naruto couldnt't sleep in peace when we first met...we were always afraid of being killed..." Hanabi's eyes widened as she heard Konan's story. She looked at Itachi. He had already figured out Naruto's plan.

"...I never wanted to kill my family..." He simply stated. Hanabi shook her head. Was Konoha really this bad?...they had forced a young man to kill an entire clan and framed him for letting his brother live?...she was afraid to even ask Anko and Tayuya...even worse...Tsunade.

"...Konoha...is evil then..." She whispered. Naruto didn't look back.

"...and...they had always made themselves look like the victims...they were only lying..." She continued. Naruto kept walking forwards, everyone following him.

"I want you to hug me" she stated. Everyone froze, Konan more rapidly then the others.

"...I only want to feel what its like to be hugged..." She said. Konan relaxed a bit...she was like Yakoto. Naruto walked forwards and hugged her slowly but warmly. Hanabi started to silently cry in his chest. She had dreamed of this so many times...yet until now, it had never happened. She felt a second pair of arms hug her from behind. Konan.

"...we'll hug you whenever you want Hanabi...we'll be there for you...like your father and sister should have been..." She said. Hanabi cried even more, emotions overwhelming her.

"...I...I..." She couldn't find the words to say, joy was dominating her mind and being. Konan smiled softly at her. She had only wanted a real family.

"...and we'll always show you love...Yakoto always wanted a sister..." Added Konan. Hanabi smiled through her tears. A sister that really wanted her.

"Momma! Dad!" She sobbeed into their arms. Naruto hugged her tighter as did Konan.

"...I...have as sister?..." Asked Yakoto's voice. She had been following them, seeing why everyone was focused on the Hyuuga girl that was just younger then her. Naruto and Konan nodded. Yakoto suddenly ran at them, crying as she wrapped her arms around Hanabi.

"I always wanted a family!" She cried. The two girls started sobbing as they held each other, Naruto and Konan hugging both.

"...it seems you really are a grandmother, Tsunade..." Stated Itachi. Tsunade smiled as she watched the sight.

"...yeah...so what about you and Anko?" She asked. Itachi's face reddened as she mentioned the name.

"No-nothing!" He quickly stuttered. Tsunade grinned.

"...that's not what I heard...word was among the fangirls that you two were dating...among other things..." Itachi sighed. Damn stalkers.

Hiashi sadly shook his head at Hinata. Had she honestly tried to kill Hanabi?

"She was a traitor!" She shouted, her stutter entirely gone. Hiashi slapped her and Hinata fell to the floor.

"She was your family!" He shouted. Hinata spat at him, only to be smacked across the face again.

"She only wanted to impress you Hinata! She only wanted OUR attention!" He yelled. Hinata's eyes widened. How had she been uterly blind?...now she was gone...no...she still had to have love for her...for their father. She had to try to get her back.

Hanabi was already asleep as Naruto carried her piggy back style. Konan was carrying Yakoto.

"...so we have twins now?" Asked Konan. He laughed softly.

"Don't push it Konan...there could be another kid needing a family." Konan smiled. This is why she loved him.

"...Naruto..." He looked at her.


"...can we try?..."

"Try what?"


"...are you sure?..."

"...yes...but I want it to be real...I want us to make love...not some simple fuckfest..." Naruto smiled and nodded.

"...then yeah...we'll try...tonight." Konan smiled as they reached the front doors to the Amegakure Tower.

"Well if you two are done flirting...me and Itachi have our shit to do" blurted out Anko as she dragged Itachi inside. Tsunade passed them murmering something about 'crazy snake bitches.' Konan smiled. It was the life she had always wanted as a kid...

Naruto smiled as he tucked in Hanabi and Yakoto. He kissed each of them good night and nearly laughed as they cuddled up like two small baby twins. It was amazing how easily Hanabi had let her 'cold' mask crumble.

"...Naruto..." Whispered Konan. He turned around and suddenly picked her up, as she let out a unKonan-like squeal.

"...now...what were we going to try?" He asked in an innocent voice.

"We were...going to our bedroom...and we were...going to make love...all...night...long..." She answered. He laughed quietly, to not disturb anyone.

"Right...and before we do that...we have to overcome a certain barrier" he replied. Konan tilted her head confused.

"Barrier?" She asked before gasping loudly as Naruto threw her playfully on the master bed of their room. He lifted up his shirt and laughed.

"...well...people don't generally make babies with all their clothes on" he smirked. Konan blew a bang of hair out of her face and smiled as she unzipped her cloak. She slid off her armor and pulled of her pants. She never lost sight of Naruto's boxers as he took off his own shinobi slacks.

"My my..you've grown Naruto..." She purred as she wrapped her delicate but skilled fingers around his hardened dick. She rubbed her thumb in circles around his tip and playfully licked it through his boxers. She grinned inwardly as she felt him shake in excitement. Why torture him? She hooked two fingers on his boxers and slid them down, instinctively backing away as his shaft popped out. She licked it slowly before taking the head into her mouth. Naruto slowly held her head in place. His eyes closed in pleasure as Konan bobbed her head back and forth. He bit his lip, if he had still been a virgin, he would have cum already.

"Keep...going..." He mumbled. She was now sliding her head down to his base, all eight inches in her mouth. She held back a small gag as his tip hit the back of her throat. She felt her eyes water as she held him there, she wanted to see how long she could go.

Anko licked her lips in glee. She was loyal to Naruto, yes, hell she would give up her right arm for him easily...but this was straight gold.

"Jiraiya...you may be the number one All-Time Selling Author...but say hello to the number one porn director (remember they have radios, as the shown in Naruto's first mission in the first orginal episode when he's hunting the cat as a D-rank mission and they have laptops when Neji is hurt fighting Kidomaru...or whatever that spider guy from the Sound Four is called, may as well have tvs too).

Konan gripped the sheets as Naruto slammed into her. She. Buried her face into her pillow to drown out the screams of ecstasy running through her body. She had remembered to place a silencing jutsu on the room, but it never hurt to be careful. She opened her eyes only to find out her hair had flipped down and was covering her eyes. She pushed it away with one hand as she supported herself with the other. She suddenly fell face forward as she starting spasming. She was hitting her orgasm already.

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!" She cried as she felt herself let go. Naruto quickly let go and came inside her. It had ended pretty quickly but it was worth it for both of them. Konan kneeled down and took Naruto's dick in her hands.

"...I think there's syill some left..." She said calmly as she slid her hand up and down. He tensed up, her lips wrapping around him as she started sucking him again. Her tongue licking him all over as she bobbed her head back and forth. She suddenly felt him tense up and opened her mouth at his tip as he shot his cum into her. Konan smiled as she felt it hit her mouth, she closed it and swished it all over and opened her mouth again to show him as she swallowed it. It was easy to turn him on.

Anko kept her twisted grin. She would become rich off this recording...she call it...'Lover's Paradise'...but no good porn movie focused on ONE couple alone...where was Itachi?

Danzo listened carefully to the plan.

"The Kazekage has been missing for a few days now...this leaves Sunagakure withouts its leader...if we strike from the vary middle entrance, we can sneak in jonin and war Anbu...we could take out their guards allowing us to smuggle in more shinobi" stated Inoichi. Shikaku shook his head.

"Yeah and we'll be easy targets...that's like putting us in a bottle with the neck as our only escape so we need to attack from a place they can't see,a place they won't expect...we need to attack from underground..." He stated. Danzo raised an eyebrow.

"You want to lead Konoha's most massive invasion assault like mole?" He asked. Kakashi looked up, he couldn't believe he was about to give help to defeat Naruto. Was this the hardships of shinobi? It had been painful to be reponsible for Obito's death...but to have to bring the downfall and possibly even actual death...on purpose...nobody should have to do this

"Its possible...we can have a group of elite strike teams excavate under the Suna walls as we launch most of our power from outside...if we send some jonin and Anbu to the inside we can cause them to send their most powerful shinobi to hold them off, this can leave us open to invade their impenetrable walls..." He added to Shikaku's idea. Some of the room murmered in agreement. Danzo let out a sigh. If Sarutobi had just let him take the boy, he'd still be a Konoha nin and would be leading Konoha itself...not fighting it.

"So how do they feel?" He asked the white pupil eyed boy in front of him.

"Okay I guess...I still have to get used to them...how is she doing with mine?" He replied. The blond boy laughed.

"Amazingly well...she's already at the third wheel stage." The two boys laughed. It had been years since they had gotten along like this.

"We should have done this a long time ago..."Said the white eyed boy. The other shrugged.

"Perhaps...but then I wouldn't have the chance to get the Mangekyou..." He replied. The other boy gulped.

"You...you have to kill...your best friend for...that..." He stuttered. The blonde boy laughed and opened his eyes to reveal the black and red shuriken-like sharingan surrounded by rings.

"I do...but that friend doesn't have to be Uchiha...and right now...Jiraiya-sama is my closest friend" he said calmy ad he walked out. Sasuke looked down. Jiraiya was going to die...and by his own godson.

"...where are you going?..." Asked a voice sadly. Naruto turned around to see Hanabi. She had been following him.

"Konoha...why?" Hanabi looked away.

"...don't..." She whispered. Naruto tilted his head.

"Why not?"

"...I saw your books...your ideas...they're voilent...full of innocent lives dying...for reasons they don't nderstand themselves...but you're right also...these people can never know the value of true peace without suffering...they need to feel the pain we felt...the pain we all feel...they have to know the misery we felt everyday..." She added. Naruto raised an eyebrow.

"...and are you really ready for that?...could you honestly fight your family to the death?" He asked. Hanabi shook her head. Her next words were what caught Naruto by total surprise.

"...no...I couldn't raise my own hand to you or mom...and not Yakoto...I wouldn't hurt my sister for my own life...I'd rather die then attack my family. Naruto smiled.

"...then come with me...I can give you a chance to bring your own judgment on the Hyuuga clan..." Hanabi's head shot up. She could finish what she didn't get to during her fight with Hinata.

"I'll do it!" She exclaimed without a second thought. He looked at her for a second before nodding.

"Alright Hanabi...besides...I need to teach you something besides your Hyuuga style" he added. She grinned. She knew exactly what she wanted to learn.

"Teach me the Rasengan!" She exclaimed. His eyes suddenly widened.

"I know fire style jutsus and I want to combine fire and the Rasengan!" She cried loudly. Naruto sighed. He was turning Hanabi and Yakoto into power monsters.

"...fine" He knew he'd regret the word one day.

"So he...was...captured?..." Asked a silent and distraught Sakura. Hinata nodded. Sakura suddenly punched the wall next to her.

"...I'LL...KILL...NARUTO..." She growled in deep hatred. Hinata shook her head. She had a feeling not everything was as it seemed with Sasuke.

"So he really meant to kill him?..." Asked a shocked Ino. Neji nodded sadly.

"I can't believe...I mean...how?...I...just..." She tried to finish her sentence but couldn't find the words.

"Believe it...unfortunately...this is where we sort the loyal Konoha shinboi from the traitors..." Announced Danzo, who had been listening to everyone. The people present turned to face him.

"We face inevitable war!...this is where we stand!...those of you who support Amegakure and its leader!...you will have twenty four full hours to evacuate your houses and leave!...pick your sides..." He shouted to the village. Ino looked at everyone before backing away.

"I'm...sorry...but I support Naruto...I don't think Sasuke was right in trying to kill him..." Everyone looked at her shocked as Inoichi stepped forward.

"I-Ino...think about this!...y-you can't be serious!" He shouted. He didn't hate the Uzumaki child but...the village came first before friends. Ino shook her head.

"I am...I thought about all those days...the things he said to me and Sakura and Sasuke during his attack...I'm with him..." She backed another few steps. She turned around to see Kakashi behind her.

"I promised sensei to protect the village...but I put his son's life before this..." Stated the masked jonin. Danzo sighed. He'd have to accept Madara and Orochimaru's aid...even if he hated it.

"...so...this is it?...your turning your back on us for the traitor?" Shouted a villager. Suddenly Ino raised a fist.

"Shut up old man! I bet you couldn't go a day being beaten by everyone around you and only to be made fun of by your classmates! You probably can't even live a day in YOUR own life!" She screamed. Everyone looked at her. Was that Naruto's life?

Naruto looked around the forest. Craters...bodies...Sunagakure shinobi...either they had an incredibly inhumane drunk party and they all fought to death...or they were ambushed...though there were no enemy trails...suddenly he heard a rustle. And he whirled around as Hanabi took a defensive stance.

"St-stop!" Shouted Kankuro. Naruto let his hands down.

"What happened?" He asked. Kankuro fell against a tree.

"They...attacked us...he...he wore a spiral mask...he...he...obliterated us...he sent half our men into this vortex...this tiny black dot" he gasped. Naruto narrowed his eyes. Time Space justsu. He narrowed his eyes. According to his dad NOBODY knewthat level of Time Space other then himself...and Madara Uchiha.

"Hanabi! Form a perimeter! Kankuro, sit down and rest...let Amegakure handle this..." He ordered. Hanabi nodded and dissappeared.

Naruto stepped forward and closed his eyes. He had to focus and hone in on the left over chakra from the reality bend.

"I found you, you bastard..." He muttered before vanishing in a quick black flash. Kankuro just blinked...was that really Naruto?

Hanabi looked around slowly and carefully. If her dad had acted like that suddenly, that only meant something serious was happening.

"Well well Sasori...it looks like we found a young shinobi in the wrong place at the wrong time, un" said a voice. Hanabi focused her Sharingan on a tall long blonde haired figure. He wore a mechanical gadget on his left eye.

"Huh...she's an Uchiha?...Itachi was supposed to have wiped them all out" replied a short and hunched back man, a giant scorpion like tail was hovering from his back. Hanabi scoffed.

"Try me you fool...and I'll see to it that you lie on the ground dead" she scowled. Deidara laughed as his hand ate a chunk of clay.

"Let me see you try, princess!" He shouted as he threw a small clay bird at her. Hanabi widened her eyes as she jumped aside, the clay exploding upon impact with the groung.

"Katon no jutsu: Kami no Buresu!" She yelled as she let out an ocen of flames from her mouth. Sasori quickl leaped backwards as Deidara's arm was engulfed in fire.

"You idiot! You let your guard down!" He yelled in anger. Deidara cursed. He just lost his arm to a young girl in less then a minute. Hanabi grinned. She'd kill these bastards easily. She quickly focused her eyes on then man known as Deidara. His movements weren't sloppy...but they were far from graceful...he had formed exploding clay figures from his hand...it formed the figures after chewing the clay...so that was his main weapon...if she took out the arms, she took out his punches, blocks, and jutsu...

"C'mon you lousy cock sucking bitch!" She screamed...she had hung around Anko back in Konoha for too long, now it was starting to show.

"You little brat! I'll show you who's a cock sucker you whore!" He shouted back. Nobody outshown him...at ANYTHING...not even cussing.

Hanabi smirked, he was losing his calm.

"Shut the fuck up pencil dick! Afraid that you'll lose to a fucking kid! Pussy cunt pussy cunt, you can't even beat a little run!" She mocked. Sasori sighed. Deidara was dead.

"SHUT UP!" He shrieked. Hanabi choked on her sudden laughter.

"You sound more womanly then my own mother!" She cackled. Her face was turning blue from lack of air. Deidara quickly ran at her in blind fury, only to see her suddenly shoot up, chakra forming in her hand. He tried to spin around but it was too late. Her punch had connected to his throat and snapped it. Sasori shook his head.

"Well that's what happens when you lose focus...now if you don't excuse me...I have an appointment to go to...and I HATE to wait and keep people waiting..." He murmered as he walked away. Hanabi shrugged her shoulders.

"You seem smarter then your friend her...what's your name?" She asked. Sasori turned around. The girl was quite interesting.

"Sasori...and your's?" Hanabi smiled, she liked this guy's style. Calm and not loud.

"Hanabi..." She answered. Sasori nodded.

"Uchiha?" Hanabi shook her head.

"Uchiha eyes...Hyuuga blood...but I'm Uzumaki till the end..." She replied. Sasori nodded. Maybe Madara wasn't the winning side...he's check it out later.

"Very nice...no chance you happen to know Naruto Uzumaki then?" He asked. Hanabi's eyes narrowed.

"What do you want with father?" She asked in suspicion. Sasori shrugged.

"Simple curiosity on my part...well...I must be going...stay alive...I might actually look forward to fighting you one day" he added, before dissappearing. Hanabi sighed and looked at Deidara's body...she liked that machine on his eye.

Konan gasped for air as she aimed her hands at a tree, chakra swirling in the air in front of her.

"Rasen no Taiho!" The tree immediately bent into a contorted shape under the massive spiraling wind force as it was blown backwards. She smiled tiredly. Now her own jutsu was perfected. She fell on one knee as she felt light headed. She looked up to see Yakoto looking at her.

"...you push yourself just as much as dad does..." She stated. Konan smiled.

"Well I can't let him do ALL the work can I?" She grinned. Yakoto shrugged as she threw a stone at a pond.

"...can you train me?...I know dad promised to...but I don't want to interrupt him while he's away fighting..." She asked. Konan nodded. It was about time she started acting like a mother and sensei.

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