CHAPTER 2: New Beliefs and Friends?

She slowly opened her eyes afraid she would see herself naked and abused by Takumo, but was surprised to find herself wrapped in a blanket. She quickly remembered the boy landing a rasengan on Takumo. How did he know that jutsu? Did he know Jiraiya-sensei? She forgot those questions immediately as a splitting headache overtook her.

'What the hell' she groaned clutching her head. It must have been from the fight, she thought.

'Relax you just need rest' said a soft voice. She looked around to see the same boy that's she was trying to save and gasped dropping her hold of the blanket. He looked like a blonde Yahiko junior...and...those...those...eyes...the Rinnegan! She jumped up only to fall face first before being caught by Naruto.

'Be careful Konan...try not to injure yourself' she looked at him confused. How'd he know her name?

'I...I'm sorry...I just...your' she mentally slapped herself. You find Nagato and Yahiko's succesor and your first impression is a stuttering little girl.

'Yeah haha kinda creepy huh?' Naruto laughed nervously. She blushed remembering how Yahiko laughed so carefree...and...and Nagato...why did she have to be such a bitch?

''s your name?' She asked. He leaned back and let out a sigh.

'Naruto Uzumaki former Leaf nin...I left to escape the hate and fear...why?' She looked at him for a few moments. He had the same life as her and the others did...maybe he was the prophacy child that Nagato had told her about...he could lead the world to true peace.

'Nothing...just wondering' she slowly stood up and leaned against a wall. He held her arm and helped her stay up. She smiled gently, he was so much like Yahiko when he was young. She suddenly gasped realizing that her paper flower was gone. She grasped her hair frantically. Naruto reached into his pack and pulled out a paper rose, pretty horrible compared to the original but still better then what most could have made.

'Sorry I couldn't save the real was completely crushed...but I brought it anyway' he apologized. She smiled at him, despite being bruised and beaten he still put her ahead of him. This was definitely the Chosen child. She gently took his flower and put it on the top left side of her head then took the original one and placed it on the top right. She focused her chakra and felt them harden through the paper jutsu. She stared at his eyes for a bit. She walked past him to the campfire he had lit. It was probably around midnight by now judging from the dark skies. She looked at him again noticing his facial features. He had soft eyes even with the Rinnegan. They looked like a sea of light purple, like she could lose herself in them and not even care.

'What are you thinking about?' she asked, noting his puzzled and pained look. She had seen that face before. He just shook his head.

'It's nothing don't worry...' he lied. She immediately saw the falseness. If she was WAS right in believing he was the one...but she had to hide him. With with Nagato gone, Akatsuki would soon be in civil war over control. That could give her enough time to escape with Naruto...yes that would be good. She could research the Rinnegan and train Naruto at least enough so they could hold off an Akatsuki member. Though Itachi and Kisame were still out their leagues. She looked down, she only hoped he'd show emotions to her story.

'I grew up and orphan...' She started. He looked up and she instantly saw a small but bright droplet in his eye. A Tear. He was the one...and all he had to do was become strong and he'd lead them to Peace. She'd follow him wherever he went. Like Yahiko. And like Nagato.

Jiraiya looked down sadly. He failed the very man he saw as a son and the boy that was like his own grandson and godson. A tear rolled down his eye, Tsunade watched him in sorrow. She hated seeing him as a pervert, but she'd rather see him being an idiot staring at girls then see him depressed. She sometimes wondered, if she had said yes when he first asked her out would things have turned out different? Maybe they'd be married and have kids. Maybe they would have stayed and been able to save Sarutobi-sensei...meybe they could have saved Orochimaru before he many what ifs...she looked at him and held his hand. He looked up and smiled weakly at her. She smiled back.

'Hey old that date offer still up?'

Sakura looked at Sasuke closely. His soft features still there, she sighed happily. She'd have to thank Naruto. She knew he wouldn't go back on his word...but come to think of it she hadn't seen him in a while...actually not since he made the promise to her. Maybe Kakashi-sensei knew.

'Sakura...' Said a female voice. She turned around to see Ino with a bouqet.

'Ino?...are the flowers for Sasuke?' She asked, a pang of jealousy soon followed. To her surprise Ino shook her head 'no'.

'No they're for Chouji, Shikamaru's out with that Temari girl from Suna' she replied. Sakura smiled. They could be friends again. Suddenly Ino gasped.

'Sakura is it true?' She asked. Sakura looked at her confused.

'Is what true?' Ino made a startled face.

'Y-you don't k-kn-know!' She stuttered. Sakura shook her head. Ino took a heavy sigh and paused for a few seconds.

'...Naruto's missing...he ran away after the fight with Sasuke...' Now it was Sakura's turn to gasp and take a few shaky steps back.

'N-no! Naruto would never run! He loves this village too much! H-he promised we'd be a full team again!Me, Sasuke, and him! All three of us!' She nearly shouted. Ino's eyes suddenly widened.

'That's it! You, Sasuke, AND him! He probably knew you'd never love him so he thought he'd simply be a third wheel and get in YOUR way...he just wanted you to be happy...' Sakura nodded weakly, she did notice Naruo's fake smile when he made the promise. Why didn't she say anything? If she had just opened her mouth and said 'I want you and Sasuke both back as a team' he'd be here, goofing around and joking about being Hokage...but no she kept her mouth shut and now she lost her pillar of support for the house she always wanted...what if the house fell? Where was the support for her? Where would Naruto be if Sasuke left? Who would save her day when she was in trouble?...she gained her heart again but it cost her a best friend...

Konan washed her body slowly as she stood under the waterfall. She hadn't showered in days and it felt amazing. Hey, even A-rank criminal women have their standards. She was about to get out when a sudden yellow blur crashed into the water and pulled back up. She stared at the boy. He had a body just like Yahiko' was thin but you could see the potential for was obvious he didn't eat healthy otherwise he'd be full '...from hate and fear...' those words...the village probably hated him and he was afraid of them...the bastards...hatred for those who don't deserve it...they pull a few legendary shinobi and suddenly they decide who's trash and who isn't?...they would be first on her list of Judgment. She opened her eyes to see Naruto looking at her before he spun around co vering his eyes.

'Gomen Ko-chan I didn't mean to stare!' He apologized quickly. She giggled softly. Most guys would have simply kept on staring. He was so innocent...yet she knew he had killed Takumo. While she held no regret for his death, she regretted Naruto having to kill his innocence in blood that didn't even deserve to be looked upon by him. Takumo didn't even deserve to have been in Naruto- sama's presence! But no being there wasn't enough! He had to insult her in front of him!...wait...did she say sama?...oh well he should know about those eyes.

'Kyyyyaaaa!' He screamed, she spun around fearing the worst.

'Naruto-sama!' She paused seeing him staring at the water.

'M-my eyes!' He shouted. He must have no idea about the eyes, she thought. She walked over to him, ignoring the fact she was completely naked and the water only covered her from the waist down.

'Naruto-sama...those are the Rinnegan eyes...' He looked at her but soon blushed and turned around again to face away from her. She smiled at his innocence.

'Naruto-sama...its alright...I trust you with seeing me like this...-kve seen you staring already...the fact that you try to resist is amazing in itself...most men would simply stare or try to get me to sleep with them' she looked at him curiously as he made a face.

'What is it Naruto-sama?'

'I don't like perverts...I mean Ero-sennin was one thing but any one else...that's just wrong' he explained in disgust. She smiled brightly at him. Kind, grew in poverty and pain yet he retained innocence, and was more mature then most men three times his age...THIS boy was definitely the child of prophecy.

'And why do you call me sama?' He asked. She sighed it would be a long story.

Kakashi stood at the war monument. He faced it every day to say what he did and how he was.

'Obito...Rin...Sensei...I'm sorry I failed you all again...I let my student fall into the grasp of Oroichimaru and I let the very one I swore to protect run away in fear of US, the very people that should have held him as a hero...are we the good guys or the bad guys? we hate Orichimaru for being evil?...or is it because he's MORE evil then us?...Sensei...please give me wisdom...I wish I could have had half your wisdom...

He stood there a few more hours, before two voices peaked his interest.

'Please Sasuke just one...that's all...just one' asked a pink haired girl. Kakashi shook his head. Even with Naruto gone she didn't notice anyone beyond Sasuke...suddenly something else caught his ears.

'Fine you win!' Sasuke giving up! But if that got his ears then the next statement grabbed them tore them apart while yelling k'didn't see that coming huh bitch!

'Let's bring Naruto back...please...I want US a team again...not you or me or Naruto, US, all three of us...please...' They both looked at her surprised, both had expected her to ask Sasuke for a date. He smiled (and this made Kakashi grin) warmly at her.

'Yeah...we'll bring the idiot back...I owe him an ass kicking of a lifetime' they all sweat dropped. They still held a rivalry. Kakashi walked towardds them making sure they notcied him.

'And count me in too...I owe him far too much explaining' he added in. Sasuke smirked.

'Well finally showing emotions huh? What's next, you showing us your face? Kakashi grinned as as he pulled down his mask quick enough for only them to see. Sakura and Sasuke stood there frozen in their place.

'S-so...w-wow...' They both stuttered...they had to thank Naruto for they had something he didn't. They would so enjoy torturing him with it.

' that's it...these eyes...they belonged to the orginall Sage of the Six Paths?...and I have I'm one of his descendents?...' Konan nodded. He was taking it rether well. He niether freaked out nor did he get a large ego.

'You said you lost Yahiko, your first love, and Pein, or Nagato, right?' she noded sadly.

'Then call me Pein...I will keep Nagato's dream...and I promise I will avenge Yahiko, Ko-chan...that's a promise of a liftime!' He shoutedm. She smiled happily. She hadn't felt this happy since Jiraiys-sensei got her, Yahiko, and Nagato out of Amegakure.

'So what do we do now Ko-chan?' He asked her looking her face on. He finally found the focus to see her face and not stare at She sighed.

'I already told you Naru-...Lord can call me Konan, I have done nothing to deserve the honor of a nickname from you' she stated. He grinned.

'Well if I you won't accept it as a gift...I orde you as my personal bodyguard and place upon you that title of Ko-chan by me!' She sighed yet again. He just didn't give up, but he had her against a corner. She wouldn't dare disobey his orders even if she wanted to. He was far too important to the future of this disgusting and corrupt world. She would protect him and train him. She would kill any who threatened his devine reign and those who didn't bow before his greatness would suffer for insolence. They would feel the wrath of a true shinobi. Not a cheap counerpart.

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