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A low growl joined the insistent ringing that filled the large bedroom as a large hand shoved the thick comforter down to his waist. Amber eyes opened and then squinted in an effort to read the red numbers of the alarm clock. Patting the bedside table the large hand finally closed around the annoying contraption that people referred to as cell phones. Flipping it open he pressed it to his ear, "What?" The growl was husky and slurred with sleep taking away some of the intimidation factor.

"Paul my good boy. . ." Vince's voice echoed into his ear from the small earpiece, it seemed so loud to him for some odd reason.

"Yeah?" Paul Lévesque better known as Triple H or simply Hunter responded. Suddenly he was sitting up in the bed throwing his blankets to the side preparing to slide out of the bed as his next question fell hurriedly from his lips. "Is the girls alright?"

"Yes, asleep by now I assume." That single line caused the entire frame of Paul to relax slump back down onto the bed. Releasing a long sigh he tried to calm his racing heart. "Vince, it's three in the morning." He stated as if the man didn't know the time which actually he could be completely clueless especially if he was overseas somewhere.

"I know." Vince could sense the irritation from the other side of the phone so he quickly added. "You know I've been looking for new talent for some time now."

Paul laid back down fixing the covers to lie on his hips. "Yes, I know." He hoped his ex-father-in-law had a point for this call besides sharing some sort of news on a rookie.

"I believe I've found one of the future faces of this company."

"This call couldn't wait until tomorrow?" He was more than a little irritated by now; all he wanted to do was get some sleep.

"Perhaps, but I thought you'd like to know you would be training her and she'd be arriving at the airport in a few days."

Paul's eyes shot open again at that. "Her?" There was no way in hell Vince was asking him to train a girl. Paul didn't know how the hell to train a girl to be an actual Diva.


Paul internally groaned as he dropped fully back onto the covers and muttered his agreement and goodbyes. Shortly after he shut the phone it dropped carelessly to the carpeted floor. "This should be fantastic." He muttered sarcastically as he turned over in an attempt to go back to sleep.

Jaden Maria Connors sighed as she pulled on the greasy handle of the taxi that had led her to the address on her phone. She sighed as she stepped out of the car before looking at the taxi driver, whom just rolled his eyes. "I'll get it myself" she said, walking around the back of the car to get her belongings out of the trunk and slam the trunk of the car. She paid the driver without giving him a tip. 'Idiot taxi driver` she thought. Jaden wore a low cut top that showed a bit of her cleavage. Her jeans tight and showing all of the right curves. She walked up to the door noting the kitchen light was on as well as the upstairs light. The yard was well groomed and neat, the door knocker adorned and fancy. 'Here goes nothing` she thought as she knocked with the hanger three times and waited.

Paul had been perched in the kitchen watching ESPN on the mini TV and eating the lunch he had fixed himself. The bottle halted inches from his lips as the knock on the door reached him. Tipping it back he finished off the last two swallows in one gulp. Standing up he tossed the beer bottle into the trash can never stopping to make sure it made it (it did). His chest was hugged tight by a dark grey t-shirt a smoky eagle spread out on the back. Paul's jeans hung dangerously low on his well sculpted hips. His iconic long hair pulled back into a pony tail and his beard was returning. All in preparation for his big return, sometime soon. Opening the door he stepped into the doorway, one hand on the inside door knob while his opposing shoulder was leaning on the doorway. Paul's liquid amber gaze ran over the young woman standing at his door and then to the bags at her feet. "You must be the rookie." In his mind she hadn't yet earned the privilege of her name. Rookie would be what the critics saw so rookie she would be until he actually saw something impressive from her.

Jaden smiled softly. "A lot of people call me that nowadays, so yeah, that's me." she replied to him as she offered her hand in a shake. "You must be the infamous king of kings." she said with a stern professional tone. She glanced over Hunter and tried not to take a liking to what she saw. She then glanced into his home, seeing mostly bare walls besides some family photos. "What's your plan then . . . . Sir?" she questioned not knowing what to call him by just yet.

Hunter studied her for a minute longer before he stepped outside and grabbed up her bags. "I haven't decided yet." He called over his shoulder as he walked into the house. For a minute he hesitated between the stairs another door just at the base. Shaking his head he started up the carpeted stairs. "Do you know the basics?" Oh how he prayed that the rookie knew something about this business.

"Of course I know the basics, I trained on my own for a while after taking gymnastics and karate both, had a spot in the indie league." she responded to him as she followed Hunter into the house. She quietly shut the door behind her and took a moment to look around. It was a pretty house, although she could tell where pictures and other things were missing on the walls and shelves. "Other than that I watched other people at OVW and got an insight with the owner." Jaden could tell that he was vulnerable somehow, that he wasn't the same as he was known for even outside the ring.

Paul paused mid step and turned his head to look at her. "So you've never been inside the ring before." It wasn't a question it was a statement. Turning back around, he finished climbing the stairs and opened the first door to the left of the stairs. Dropping her bags on the twin sized bed he turned to look at her. "The basement is off limits unless I'm with you. There's a pool in the back yard. You have a bathroom you can use right across the hall. The rest of this floor is off limits. You will earn my respect for you as a competitor. Break any of the rules and I will send you packing. Am I understood?" He cocked his brow in question.

She followed Hunter into the bedroom, and smiled at the small Burgundy bed, with a dresser against the wall and a small bookshelf by the bed. She was curious that there were a lot of things off limits to her but she wasn't about to ask questions about it. "I understand completely." she replied to him, as she sat upon the small bed. She could see in his body posture that he wasn't happy to have any company over period, especially a female someone. She quietly sighed to herself. "Do you need to know anything more, or do I have to sign anything?" she asked quietly, she didn't want to get on his nerves; she was determined to be the quiet guest.

"I'm assuming Vince already had you sign a liability waver." Paul seriously hoped that the boss had done that. He didn't want the company or himself to be sued for an injury she will undoubtedly attain during training. His amber gaze gave her a once over again before he turned to walk out of the room. "You're welcome to the kitchen if you're hungry. Tomorrow will be an early day rookie. Be up and downstairs at four." Jaden nodded and stood up as he walked out to be polite. She then turned around and unpacked her things, putting her clothes in the empty drawer of the dresser. Before long, after 6pm or so, she had changed into sweatpants and a tank top, getting ready for her afternoon jog. She'd just go around the block; she knew what his house looked like. She quietly walked downstairs and turned to the left to find the living room, it was adjacent to the kitchen. She walked behind the leather couch and to the fridge, her sneakers making a squish/squeak noise. She opened the fridge to get a bottle of water; she'd need it on her jog.