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Jade kept her cool until she walked passed the gorilla and saw Hunter standing there with a wide smile on his face. She couldn't stop herself as she ran up to him, launching herself at him, instantly glad for his quickness in catching her as her legs went around his waist and her arms around his neck. "You were amazing!" Hunter chortled as he spun her a couple of times before he let her feet hit the floor again.

"That was such a rush!" Jade exclaimed with a wide smile, leaving her arms around the large man's neck.

Hunter chuckled, keeping his arms wrapped around her waist. "I knew you'd be fine as soon as the music hit. You got a pretty big pop from the crowd as you left. You have them all wondering just who you'll be when they see you again."

Jade couldn't wipe the smile off her face if she tried. "You were right, as soon as I stepped through the curtain, everything just melted away and I became Karma. Thank you Paul, for everything you've done for me all this time."

Hunter smiled instantly at hearing his name leaving her lips. He leaned down and kissed her gently. "You're welcome sweetheart." He said softly.

The couple jumped when they heard loud clapping, causing them to pull apart from each other a bit and turn to see a smiling Vince McMahan. "Jade! That was wonderful, I have good things coming for you!" he said with a chuckle, selectively ignoring their closeness.

"Thank you Vince." Jade replied as she turned to face her boss, getting a nod in return from him before he turned and walked back down the hallway. It was then that Amy returned from the gorilla with a wide smile on her face.

"You were killer!" she exclaimed, happy for her new friend.

"Thanks Amy. I almost thought that I had gone too far there at the end." Jade said as she turned to face her, feeling Hunter return his arms around her waist.

"It was perfect. That's gonna be a big thing for the crowd to take from you, I can see it already. They loved your brashness and how intimidating you were."

"Well, I hope that I can keep it up."

Amy smiled and patted Jade on the shoulder. "You'll knock 'em dead."


Hunter and Jade made it back to Hunter's locker room after talking to various stars that had seen her debut, Jade still buzzing from all of the excitement. "I cannot believe I just debuted in front of so many people." She said a wide grin on her face.

Hunter chuckled as he sat in a nearby chair. "Better get used to it; you can only go up from here."

Jade let out a large breath of air and hopped in place, bouncing her weight back and forth on the balls of her feet. "I have this huge rush still even though I was only out there for a few minutes… when will I get to be seen again?"

Hunter shrugged as he thought for a moment. "It'll be a couple of weeks. It'll give us time to pack and make arrangements for the dogs… It'll also give them time to wonder who you are and if you're going to come back and mean what you said out there."

Jade nodded. "Who will watch them? We could board them at the vet I assume… or a kennel… it would be a lot on them to take them with us."

"I never really thought about it honestly. I do have a bus that we can use to travel, but it's normally with Shawn too. I don't know if you'd be up for that."

Jade shrugged as she sat down beside him. "I don't mind, I would like the dogs to be with us if possible, but I know it can be pretty hectic. I'm okay with Shawn being with us, I know you two are like brothers.

"Yes it can, that much is true and I'm sure Shawn wouldn't mind… we can talk about it some more later, I think we ought to go celebrate your debut." He said with a smile.

"Celebrate? What do you have in mind Mr. Levesque?"

Hunter was about to reply back when there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" he called.

Without any answer, the person that knocked simply barged into the room, making her presence known. "How could you do this? I knew you were training her because of my father but really?"

Hunter sighed and stood up, blocking Jade from view. "Stephanie, who I date, is none of your business." He stated.

"When our kids are involved, it is my business… and this lawyer bullshit is driving me up the wall Paul." Stephanie growled.

Hunter refrained from rolling his eyes like he desperately wanted to do. "I am not having this conversation here with you. " He looked behind her, at the door that she'd left open, hoping that the woman would not draw a crowd to hear about his personal matters. "I'm also not discussing the case. You know better than to badger me about it Stephanie."

Jade looked between them both, not daring to speak. 'How could she do this here of all places? This doesn't even need to be talked about.' Jade thought to herself as she looked down at the floor. The thought of coming to Hunter's aide came to her mind but she quickly shoved it down. She was already a part of Hunter's new case with Stephanie about their kids, she didn't want to make matters worse.

"I don't know what my father even sees in her, she'll never make it in this company, especially if I have a say in the matter." Stephanie retorted.

"You don't have any say in the matter." Stephanie whipped her head around to see her father standing in the doorway, his arms crossed on his chest, an angry look in his eyes. "Stephanie, you need to leave so my employees can have some peace."


"I said leave Stephanie." Vince said sternly.

Vince waited until Stephanie grudgingly left the room before he quietly shut the door behind him and turned to Hunter and Jade. "I apologize for that. I was keeping an eye on her, but as soon as I had a meeting with a couple of stars she vanished from my office."

"She can't do this Vince, badgering me about Jade; about the case… it's bad enough that I get voicemails on my phone, but here? At my workplace?" Hunter was angry, his neck started to show a pinkish hue to it, showing how upset he was becoming.

Vince nodded. "I know Paul, I know this. I will make sure that she won't be bothering you or Jade in the future, and I will be a witness to your case at the next appointment. She won't be able to fight me for her actions."

Jade stood up and gently put her hand on Hunter's arm, causing him to jump, momentarily forgetting that she'd been in the room. He pulled her to his side, hugging her tightly against him. "I'm sorry for this." He whispered in her ear, causing her to wrap her arms around him, her hands fisting into the material of his shirt. Hunter looked back up from Jade to Vince. "Make sure of it." He ground out.

"I will." Vince replied. "You two get out of here, celebrate her debut, she did wonderfully out there and I cannot wait for you guys to see what I have planned."