I am sorry that this chapter is so late! I hope that I still have readers for this story. I know that this is short but I really hope that you enjoy it.

It was the beginning of December and the days had long started to shorten, the nights becoming long. Jade and Hunter had begun travelling with the rest of the crew and staff of the WWF. They currently sat in the tour bus that they shared with Shawn, all lazing around, as the driver took them to the next city.

"I wish Vince would give me an answer." Jade sighed. "I've been waiting for three weeks now, hoping that I can get back in front of the crowd and in the ring."

Shawn chuckled from his spot on the couch across from her. "Give it a little more time. I know that there has been buzz on the internet, asking when they'll see your face again. Pictures from that night are still popping up."

"Really?" she asked, looking over at him from her spot across the bus's aisle.

Hunter chuckled as he looked down at Jade, her head resting in his lap. "Yes, really." He said.

"Do they look any good? I normally don't take very good pictures."

Hunter grabbed his phone from the small table beside him and pressed a couple of buttons before he held it out for Jade to take. "Look for yourself."

Jade took his phone from him and smiled as she viewed the photo of herself standing on the apron of the stage with a mic in her hand. Her hair was flowing out behind her as she had one hand out, pointing towards the ring while she trash talked at Lita. She slid to the next photo, seeing herself smiling into the camera as she walked back in from the gorilla. "You saved these to your phone?" she questioned, looking up to see Hunter watching her.

He only smiled. "Yes, I did. You looked beautiful out there; you were in your element."

Jade felt her eyes fill with tears as she looked up into Hunter's deep amber eyes. Before she could object Hunter leaned down and captured his lips with hers in a gentle kiss, which started innocent enough until he deepened it when she reached up to put her hand around his neck, the other clutching his shirt.

Shawn looked up from the book that he was reading once he noticed that things had gotten quiet. "Get a room you two." He groaned out, rolling his eyes playfully at him.

Hunter chuckled and pulled away to glance up at Shawn before he looked back down at Jade to see that she had hidden her face in his stomach, still clutching his shirt. He looked back up at his best friend. "I do not want to hear it." He said, pointing at him.

"What?" Shawn asked innocently.

"I have seen plenty of PDA from you in the past . . . more than I would have liked to have seen even."

Shawn smirked. "Do not get me started." He answered. He put his bookmark in his book, marking its page, and stood to stretch. "I'm going to go watch a movie or something, if you two happen to get busy, keep the noise down alright?" he asked, laughing when Jade made a noise of protest, and walked to the back of the bus.

"Don't worry about Shawn hon. He's just playing." Hunter cooed as he looked back down at Jade, running his hand through her hair.

"I know, he just knows how to make me turn the brightest shade of red possible." Jade answered as she rotated to lie on her back again. She reached up to play with the ends of Hunter's hair, happy that he had it down for once.

"He's rather good at that. But I'll get him back for it. I always do."

Jade stood at the edge of the curtain at the gorilla, jumping in place while she waited for her cue. She adjusted her he form fitting neon green tank top and took a couple of deep breaths, doing her best to keep her nerves at bay.

Vince had given her the news last week that she would get to get back out in front of the fans tonight. It was the RAW before Christmas and after tonight, her and Hunter would get to travel back to his house for a few much needed days of rest.

At the cue of the tech director Jade's music blared through the speakers of the arena as she launched herself through the curtain at a dead sprint. She would be interfering in Lita's match tonight.

Lita looked up from covering her opponent only to be waylaid by Jade's knee to the side of her face. She yelled out in shock and pain as she rolled on her back, her opponent scrambling out of the way. The bell began to ring loudly throughout the arena as the referee yelled out that the match was now a DQ.

Jade pinned Lita to the mat and began to throw punches to her sides, trying to reach her face, although Lita held her arms up to cover and protect herself. She didn't stop until the two more referees ran into the ring and pulled her off of Lita. "Karma is here bitch!" Jade screeched out while the refs did their best to hold her back so Lita could get up and limp up the apron, holding onto her head.

The show ended when Jade made it through the curtain and the referees let go of Jade and patted her back. The crowd was a deafening roar, excited about seeing her face and hearing her music again. She looked around at the crowd for a moment as she soaked it all in, feeling goosebumps run over her bare shoulders and up the back of her neck. This is what it's all about . . .

When Jade returned to her locker room Hunter stood from his spot on the couch and enveloped her in a hug. "You kicked ass." He said cheerfully as he moved to put her at arm's length and get a good look at her. "I have a feeling you may be sore tomorrow . . . Lita too. You hit just a bit too hard out there and stunned her a bit."

"I realized that after the fact. Amy did give me a small nod that she was okay, otherwise I wouldn't have continued. She's alright isn't she?"

Hunter nodded and rubbed her arms to soothe her. "Yes, she's fine, nothing a couple of Advil won't fix. I know that your excited to start your professional career but you need to rein it in a bit, and we can work on that if you want to while were off."

"I wouldn't mind that." Jade answered. She stepped forward and reached up on her tip toes to place a soft kiss onto Hunter's lips, smiling into the kiss when he wrapped his arms tightly around her.

When they parted Hunter rested his head on top of Jade's and let out a long sigh, tightening his hold on his girlfriend.

"Is everything okay?" Jade asked quietly, still standing in his embrace.

"It will be. I'm just not sure what to expect this Christmas. I don't know if I will get to see the girls, although they have presents waiting for them whenever I do."

Jade rubbed his back in slow circles. "We'll take it a day at a time Paul. I hope the girls get to come to see you too."

"You know those girls love you right?" He murmured.

Jade couldn't keep the smile from her face. "I love them too . . . just like I love you."

Hunter pulled back so that he could see her face. "What?" he asked. Did I hear her right?

"I love you Paul." She replied, feeling a blush fill her cheeks.

A wide grin lit up Hunter's face as he picked her up and spun her, before he stood in place, her legs automatically wrapping around his waist. "I love you Jade." He replied softly before he captured his lips with hers.