Title : What the team doesn't know
Author : tpeej
Fandom : NCIS
Rating : G
Characters : Dr. Rachel Cranston (the team)
Disclaimer : I do not own NCIS, nor am I associated with Paramount, CBS and good old DPB and do not seek legal ownership/any profit. I'm just playing in somebody else's sandbox, and I promise to put them back when I'm done!
Spoilers : A man walks into a bar
Note: Thanks to erinm_4600 for betaing it for me.
Summary : Head shrinker is following the team around and she knows something that they don't.

Dr. Rachel Cranston watched Gibbs' team very carefully. She knew something that they didn't, not that it would be long before she told them.

Once upon a time, Dr. Cranston was Rachel Todd. She was picked on by her older brothers and followed by her younger sister, Kate. All she wanted was for the boys to leave her alone and for Kate to stop following her; stop always being there.

Then Kate died. A bullet to the forehead, by a man who was pissed off at his father; a man who was getting used right, left and every which way. Rachel didn't even go to Kate's funeral. She couldn't stand the thought that Kate wasn't going to be there any more.

No more phonecalls about how DiNozzo was driving Kate crazy; how Kate was going to kill Gibbs "one of these days", if he wasn't careful. How McGee treated Kate like a lady when they were sparing or how much fun Abby and Kate had doing something together.

Rachel hoped that Kate wouldn't mind if she hung around with her friends.