Title : Oh Dear

Author : tpeej

Fandom : Primeval

Rating : G

Characters :

Disclaimer : I do not own Primeval, nor am I associated with Impossible Pictures, and do not seek legal ownership/any profit. I'm just playing in somebody else's sandbox, and I promise to put them back when I'm done!

Spoilers : None

Note: Thanks to erinm_4600 for betaing this for me. This is a sequel to Creature of the night?, The Vampire Lester, Look into things, Snooping and This was bad

Summary : Stephen talks to Cutter about what he found.

Stephen found Nick early the next day. Leading the professor off to some place quiet, he said, "Nick, you are not going to believe what I found last night."

Nicked looked around and moved closer, "Well?"

"Every place I looked," said Stephen, "Lester's family males look like each other. Not a little, but a lot. It's like the whole group was made from the same mold."

Nick looked confused. "What the hell? Is there anything else that you found out?"

"Lester's family is connected to the Queen."

Nick closed his eyes. This was going to be a problem.