Hello everyone,

Before anything I would like to greatly thank each and every one of you for your support in this time of darkness for us and I want you all to know I have forwarded the emails with your support to the family so they can hear it directly from you. His siblings more than anyone would like to extend their appreciation not just for the support but for loving their brother's work and staying with him over the years.

Now, I'm sorry to make you all deal with story updates again. But after an influx of support and questions I found that many people all had similar questions or concerns and I figured it would be better to answer everyone at once and make it available for future people that may find his stories. I will answer the questions that were more general first before some of the more personal concerns that were posted.

First and foremost many have asked to know what happened to him. While I won't go into exact details for obvious reasons I can say that he was found by his sister in the evening last week sitting on his couch like nothing was wrong, however he was not breathing and unresponsive. After being pronounced dead by natural causes the family decided against an autopsy because to quote his brother, "Knowing exactly what did it isn't going to bring him back" but the doctors said that the most likely cause was a sudden massive heart attack or a sudden stroke and since he had had a heart attack once in the past they said that raised the chances even higher. He went quickly and quietly, from what I was told from the time his sister talked to him on the phone (which he sounded and acted completely normal) to her showing up at his apartment was only about 20 minutes.

The next question I was asked as will I be continuing his stories personally. The simple answer to this is no I won't be, sadly I have not the skill or the imagination to continue what he started. This is one of the reasons that it was decided to open them up to the fans and let them take what he started and build upon it as a way to let his memory live on.

Building on that, permission to continue or use parts of a story is given to all and you do not need to ask. All that is asked is that credit is given to Mike so that his memory can be spread through you all, the people that loved his stories as much as he did.

I have also been asked if I will make a list of all the authors taking up his stories and such, which I had not intended on doing originally due to the open invite for his stories to be used.

Now lastly, a few have expressed their concern if this was legitimate, and while it does frustrate me I can honestly say that their concern is not illogical and as such I cannot be mad at them. While this is the internet and 100% proof is impossible I can assure you this is not a joke and sadly he is gone. It has been asked why his family would even care, and I feel that it is a reasonable question. To be honest his family knew he wrote, as he read and wrote frequently growing up. They had no idea he had ever posted them somewhere for people to read however. I brought this to their attention for many reasons. I have experienced great stories just stopping before many times over the years and I know it is not fun or fair to the fans, but mostly because I knew they would want to know. I offered to delete the stories for them if they desired or leave them. They obviously chose to leave them as they didn't want to remove what was a big part of his life from the world. I am the one that proposed to them that his stories be opened up for the fans to continue to let you all continue his legacy and they agreed.

I hope this cleared up most of the questions and concerns I have received and to those that it doesn't I have tried to read and reply to as many as I can. If I have missed a questions that you have or a concern please feel free to PM and I will try my best to get to them.

Thank you for your time and all the support you have shown,