Ok, so my OC Andy has a crush on Johnny. So one day, I was wondering, what would it be like if she was there when Sylvia tried to get in Johnny's pants. Don't like OC's, don't read.


It was a nice day, the sun shining and all. And I was stuck going to work at the DX. Damn Sodapop Curtis with his darn puppy eyes.

You see, one time when I went there for a drink, Soda and his boss were arguing. Something about Soda wanting to quit working the counter and go work in the garage with Steve. But his boss was saying that there was no one to work the counter.

My eyes locked onto Soda's puppy ones, and me being the sucker I am, ran to the boss and told him I'd work counter.

And thus, here I am, standing behind the damn counter. Bored as hell. Outside, I hear Steve yell, "Hey Soda, the hobo's are coming". That usually means Ponyboy and Johnny were there. I grinned at the thought of Johnny.

I could hear them talking and goofing around outside, and I wished so badly I could join. Stupid boss, keeping his eye on me all the time. Maybe he's a pervert.

Suddenly it got quiet outside, except for a low whistle. I wonder why? Oh, the slut Sylvia just walked in. That's why. Her eyes covered in black shit (Which I tried wearing once, almost lost my eye. I hate the shit now). Her shirt could fit a puppy chihuahua. This was all not suprising.

"Hey, kid, you seen Dal?" She asks. I shake my head. "In the cooler, don't ask why. I don't know". She snorted at me and walked out. Bitch.

I started cleaning the counter with a old rag. I glanced at the window. Then did a double take. The whore Sylvia had Johnny's jacket collar and was leading him to the back of the DX. I threw my rag across the room. Hell yeah, this bitch is going down.

Wiping my hands on my uniform shirt, I burts threw the DX doors. But quietly made my way to the back. I poked my head a tiny bit around the corner and just watched.

Sylvia still had Johnny's collar in her hand. Her other hand was rubbing his thigh. My blood started to boil. She was whispering things to him, but I couldn't hear what.

Poor Johnny, was extremley un-comfortable. I mean sure, his 'man' part of him was loving the attention probably. But there was still a lost puppy inside of him who just wanted Sylvia to leave him alone.

After a couple more seconds, Sylvia did the un-thinkable. She kissed Johnny.

BANG- I smashed Sylvia on the side of the wall. Her scream brought Soda, Pony, and Steve over. I started slapping her once, twice, so many times, that Soda came over and held me back.

"Listen, bitch ass whore, you won't be playing any of your tricks on my Johnny! He could do better then you, even Dally could do better then you!" I yelled at Sylvia.

She just cussed at me and walked away. Probably going to try and seduce Buck Merril, considering this plan didn't work. Soda let me go. "Geesh, Andy, I didn't know you had it in ya" He patted my back. I grinned.

Johnny mummbled a thanks to me before being pulled away by Steve to talk.

I started to walk back into the DX, suddenly tired, when Ponyboy said, "Wait, did she say my Johnny?"

I smirked and ran inside.

So this is it, I know it's short. But it's something I wanted to try. R&R! :)