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September 9, 1968

Hey you two!

Not too much to tell you right now. Just in Da Nang right now, and it's boring as heck. There's a lot of guys here to talk to, and everything, but we're all just sitting on edge, waiting for something to happen cause we all know somethings gotta happen sooner than later. I don't have an address you guys can write me at yet, but as soon as I find out, I'll let you know. It'll probably be soon- no one stays here for too long, and I'm sure we'll all be moving out to wherever soon enough. I'll be glad- it'll be nice to be doing something other than playing cards with a bunch of shmucks all day.

I've got a place to sleep, on a cot, under a roof, right next to the airfield. I swear, there must be 100 planes or choppers coming and going every hour, day or night. Don't worry though, I'm getting lots of sleep- gotten used to the noise. Saw a load of guys come in on a chopper the other day, covered in mud. Looked like something out of a movie. But not too much interesting happens here- the most interesting thing was when a plattoon came in that was heading back home. They were dirty, and looked tired, but were in great spirits. Talked to a few of them, they weren't the nicest guys, but had lots of stories to tell.

I'm bunking with a few guys, but I don't really know them too well yet. My one buddy though, Chuck, sleeps right next to me and we talk about all kinds of things if we can't sleep. I've told him about you guys. You know what he told me his dad told him before he left?

He said to him "Well, your 19 years of my life down the shitter."

Can you believe that? That ain't no way to be, but Chuck don't care any, he thinks it's funny! We're in a good spot, so don't be worrying or thinking bad thoughts like that or nothing, cause I'm perfectly safe. It ain't like what you see on the news or in the papers, we just sit here and bullshit all day long.

Chucks a real clown. He talks with this real thick Texas accent, and it makes everything he says 10 times funnier than it actually is. Reminds me of Two-Bit. Speaking of him, if you see him, tell him I haven't forgot the money he owes me, and I'm going to start collecting interest soon.

Ponyboy, I know you'll have started school by the time you get this. I really want you to try hard, cause it's so important that you do well. I know you realize it, but for you, school should be the most important thing now. Just try your hardest, thats all anyone expects of you.

You guys hear from Steve lately?

Love you both tons, and miss you a lot... I've probably said it 10 times, but don't worry at all. I'm in a great place, and there's no chance of trouble here.

Love you, and don't fight!

Your brother,