Hey you two!

Finally have the time to write you guys again. My address is on the front of the envelope- wrote it in big letters, so you can't miss it. I don't want to waste room here writing it out again... But send me mail when you want. Don't feel like you have to or anything, there's lots to do here without reading letters.

I've been busy. Finally got moved out somewhere- not sure where. Somewhere in the jungle. I'm in second plattoon, so I'm in a good spot again. First is ahead of us, and third is behind us, so nothing can sneak up on us. and we're never at the front or back of the pack. It's a real good spot to be.

But boy howdy, Ponyboy, you'd have had a fit if you saw what happened. It was about the third day we were walkin' and out of no where a whole bunch of firing starts, and some guy up in first gets it in the neck... Anyways, we all took cover in the ditch, and they shot at us, and we shot at them, for a few hours... Well, we shot at them as good as we could, we couldn't see them, and they shot at us real good, because they knew exactly where we were.

Our lt (lutenant to you two), got hit in the hand, and it went into his leg. There was blood everywhere, and they tried to get him to lay down, but he kept getting back up and running around, ordering us around. He thinks hes John Wayne.

But what happened next was like something out of a movie- out of no where, some tanks came and fixed the problem for us. I've never really seen tanks do much before, but that was really something. They'd be something really neat to draw, Pony. When they stopped shooting at us is when our lt finally settled down and let them bandage him up. He'll be fine.

And I know what you're thinking- Thats so dangerus! But it wasn't. Like I said, first is infront, and third is behind, so you don't have to worry. Just two guys got hit, and our lt will be alright. So don't worry. It's not dangerous.

I thought that being by the water when I first got here was really something to see, but you should see what it looks like out here. Sometimes, I'll see something so pretty and so unlike what we have at home, I wish I could draw like you, Pony, so you guys could see it. Like the trees, or the sky in the morning- it ain't like it is at home.

Running out of room to write, but make sure you write to me and let me know you're doing alright, and just know that everything is fine over here.

Your brother,