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Zaibach-part 2

Hitomi woke up with the rays of the sun on her face, it was a strange feeling because even though there was all calmness and quietness around her she had a sense of fear. She didn't know why but it should have something to do with her dream and the worse part was that she couldn't remember it. Solving that she had wrapped enough in bed, gets up and prepares to face the day. Although Hitomi was in Gaea a few days she was still slow to believe, when she woke up she thought she was still on earth and it was all just a dream.

When she goes to the kitchen is greeted with a delicious smell and see Gilda stirring something in a pan which looked like eggs.

"Good morning, Gilda!" says excitedly.

"Oh, good morning my child." And then frowns when she noticed the tired expression of Hitomi.

"You don't seem to have sleeped well, something happened?" says turning off the fire and taking off the pan to the table.

"Oh, nothing. I think I had a nightmare but I can't even remember what it was." Says shaking her hands for downgrading it.

"If that's it then fine, you went through too much . It don't surprise me that you are having nightmares but if they persist let me know that I will make for you a tea that you will sleep quietly."

Hitomi only smiles and thanks, Gilda sometimes treated her as a child but she didn't care. She liked the appreciation and care with which she was treated.

Kai soon met with them and they take their breakfast content.

After a few hours Gilda and Hitomi open the tavern for lunch. Hitomi finding strange and asks Gilda: "I thought that taverns only opened at night."

"Things aren't going very good here and the only things that make money is to sell food and clothing, so I want to keep the tavern open longer that way I increase my income without having to raise the prices."

After the response of Gilda, Hitomi is thoughtful. All the problems that Zaibach faces always leaves her a little sad. Because she knew that people were suffering greatly and that there was no sign of prospects for the future. Since the new emperor was a former general she thought he could keep the people safe. But in addition to failing to maintain economic stability in the country, Kai had heard that the situation wasn't the best about people's safety. Robberies and kidnappings weren't matters very rare in these parts. She didn't want to judge so quickly without knowing about his problems but it was difficult to see how everyone around her were.

Gilda realizing that Hitomi was far away in thought and seeing the serious face of the girl decides to change the topic entirely.

"In a few days we will have a party, we always celebrate the end of the semester and we wish a prosperous future, with abundant crops and health for all."

"Huh?" Hitomi wasn't paying attention to Gilda and only looks at her stupidly.

"The summer festival is a very special moment for us. Because it's when we can relax and have fun. Everyone is very excited."

"Oh, that sounds great. But why are you talking about it?"

Gilda smiles and says: "As is also the time when young women choose their companions to celebrate the festival and where the various relationships are deepened."

Hitomi's eyes wided and she's about to say something but Gilda stops her.

"You can take the opportunity to relax, with all that is happening I think we all deserve a little bit of fun ." she wanted to stop the sad look of Hitomi. She knew that the girl has been missing her first love and probably her family too. She saw when the girl sighed and stared a little lost when she thought nobody was paying attention.

"Just don't take too long to choose your partner because you will lose all the good guys" says playing lively, giving her a wink.

"But I don't know anyone here, who I could call?"

"Don't be silly! A beautiful girl like you who would decline? And of course, you know, you met a very handsome boy yet ..." says leaving in the open the rest of the sentence.

"But I barely know him, I mean, I can't come out of nowhere and ask him!" says half embarrassed, she wasn't used to these customs of Gaea.

"Well, why not? Further, this is a good opportunity for you to know him." Says Gilda smiling.

"But ... but I'm not interested in him and he probably have someone with whom he wants to go." Says Hitomi as she looks away.

"And who told you that I was talking in this sense? You can go as friends or was you thinking of something different? Luka would surely accept."

"What would I accept?" Luka says smiling to see the ladies turning abruptly toward the sound of his voice.

Hitomi blushed and only look at the other way while Gilda greets him with a peck on the cheek.

"Hi Luka, I was just telling Yukari about the summer festival." Gilda says while giving Hitomi a wink.

"I will go to the kitchen to prepare lunch because in a little while guests will arrive hungry and impatients. Yukari don't forget to prepare the sign."

"Ok" said sheepishly while Luka approaches looking at her curiously.
He greets placing a kiss on her hand while gives her a happy smile. "Yukari,good afternoon, good to see you."

Hitomi a little more serenity because his quiet and easy way says:

"Hi Luka, it's good to see you too. You want something to drink?"

"Of course, a mug of wine please." He says while sitting in a chair, realizing that she hadn't moved and was looking at him oddly says: "Something wrong?"

"Have you eaten anything today?" A little embarrassed by the question he says: "Uh, well no, but how ..." Before he could finish she was across the room heading toward the kitchen.

At the entrance to the kitchen she says: "I'll fix you something to eat, I will be quickly." And with this she leaves letting a vaulted Luka.

In Fanelia ...

Van wakes humorous and willing, the treaty was signed with Asturia and everything was running smoothly. Everything but his anxiety that wouldn't let he sleep in peace without a dream about a woman with green eyes and charming smile.
With all procedures in progress he could go tomorrow and nothing would prevent him to go this time.
Walking by the halls of his palace he sees Allen distracted looking at his garden.

"I didn't know you were so close to flowers, Allen." Says with a mischievous look.

Allen was distracted and doesn't perceive the tone of fun used by the King and says:

"Good afternoon Van, said something?"

"No, absolutely nothing. Do you know, if you want you can take some seedings, it won't bother me. But honestly I never would have guessed that you liked flowers that much." Said amused while watching the knight frown to just give a sly smile.

"Well, I have always liked flowers. Though the ones that I like bloom more beautifully in the balls than in gardens."

Van rolls his eyes while he continues. "And what reason is for thus good mood? It has nothing to do with some rose, that has green eyes and a friendly smile?" This time who frowned was Van, even though many years have passed he didn't feel completely comfortable hearing Allen talking about Hitomi however he suspected that he wouldn't feel comfortable with any other man talking about her.

"How are the preparations?" Seeing that the king changed the subject completely and was without much humor to be trifled he answers: "Everything is going as planned, we can leave tomorrow without further delay."

"Great, see you at lunch."

And with that Allen is left alone and returns to stare into the garden but without actually see it because his thoughts were with Celena. From the morning when he received a message of his housekeeper saying that Celena was having a crisis he couldn't stop worrying, every time she had a crisis she was vulnerable. He didn't like to see his sister that way but those were side effects of treatment that she had over the years to suppress Dilandau and he wouldn't risk for him to appear again.
Although he knew that was more difficult for Celena than for him but he thought it was the best for her. He always did what he thought was the best for her and hoped that these attacks would cease as once was promised by the monks who treated her.
Sighing he turned around and went to Gaddess, although he wouldn't t admit but he too was looking forward for the trip. He wondered how Hitomi would be after so long, if he would recognize her , if something had changed in the shy young woman whom he had proposed marriage. And after remembering that he chuckles.

In Zaibach ...

Hitomi drinks her tea calmly while watch Luka eat the food she brought from the kitchen. As there wasn't much left of the breakfast that they took earlier, she made an omelet with spices, brought bread, fruit, cake and coffee. This wasn't much, but in these hard times and considering the situation you could say they had a good table. After thinking that she sighs.

"Sorry, I'm not the best view now." He said awkwardly.

Hitomi looks at him confused and then she add hastily: "Oh no, not that! I was just thinking about how I don't have much to offer you."

"You're offering me a lot, you still bothered to cook for me and I'm grateful."

"Ah, that was nothing , don'y worry." She said shyly.

"But I'm still confused on how you knew that I hadn't eaten." said while he continued to eat.

"That was easy, you look a little tired so I thought that you probably have woken up early and haven't had time to eat anything because what ever you work with." "I know, why I did this a lot before coming here."

Raising his eyebrows by the piece of additional information he received, says: "It seems certain, since you lived in an orphanage, you should have helped take care of the children."

Hitomi looks at him for some time, smiles and nods to confirm what he said but internally she would like to be able to tell him, no that she wasn't even in Gaea a few days ago.

"And about my work, well ... you can say that I do one thing here and there. But what took the morning was the news I received."

"News?" Hitomi said interested.

"You know how things are tight these days but you know why?"

Hitomi shakes her head in denial and remains attentive to the conversation.

"Wizards are looking for a girl, the seer of the war. You have heard of it, no?"

She nods unable to speak because her heart was racing thousand miles and she was afraid to appear to be too much nervous.

"I don't know why but they go searching across the capital, they seem to be sure that she is here. But they keep secret of this matter, only a few know about it. What we saw yesterday were the soldiers of the personal guard of Geneus. But I am saying this to you for you be careful, you're new here and rumors run. Even being Gilda's niece one of these basta... these sorcerers may want to see you. "

At this point Hitomi was scared, nervous and looking at the girl's condition Luka continues. "But I want you to know that you're not alone, if you have any problems talk to me. I won't let anything bad happen to you."

Hitomi saw the serious expression and the promise behind the words then she smiles and thanks.

"Sorry, didn't want to ruin your afternoon."

"No problem, you were worried about me, right? So you came here, no?"

"Well, you helped me yesterday, the least I could do was come" Said Luka embarrassed by the look she gave him. She had beautiful eyes so clear and he didn't know what to think.
Luka who had stopped eating and picked Hitomi's hand by pure instinct, awkwardly loose her and continues eating as she returns to her tea and they stay in a pleasant silence.
Extraneous to Kai who's watching from a distance.

In a ship near Zaibach ...

"My lord, all guymelfes and the soldiers are ready and in position."

"Good job, annihilate this wreck of the country and take what belongs to me."

"Roger, Emperor."

And with that the image of their emperor vanish and he goes towards his soldiers. Today he would annihilate any force in Zaibach that could confront them as well as assimilate this country. It wasn't much in his opinion but to have more land and slaves was always good. And so his laugh sounds was heard as he walked the halls, I can't wait to crush them!

On the evening of the day ...

Luka was having a meeting with his men at his home. Although workers that accumulated information and helped the group were many, only those closest to him and whom he trusted with his life knew he was the leader and occasionally strategic meetings occurred in his house. They were a well-formed rebel group, other insurgent groups were scattered in other areas of Zaibach but most people didn't fully trust each other. He was fortunate to have and be able to call them friends and comrades in struggle, for that group was strengthened by confidence. Over the years he saw many groups dissolved by intrigue and false accusations, the emperor used t spys to sow discord and used the main revolutionary as example for the population but that hasn't stopped him and many others to form alliances. Every day more people came together and formed small groups and those groups that Luka used to get information. Separated they couldn't do much but together they would change the country, they could return Zaibach to its former glory and his people didn't have to suffer the wounds of a war that many never wanted.

"So what do you think is going on here?" Luka said looking around and he didn't like much to see faces tense and thoughtful.

"I'll be honest, I don't know what's going on. There is a large drive by west of the capital, it's as if we were going to war or something." Said Jin, who was in charge of information in the area 4 of Zaibach.

The capital of Zaibach was divided into 4 parts, after the war the country was no longer the powerfull and industrial. The life outside the capital was essentially rural. The limited resources of these people were used to the capital where the emperor resides. To facilitate the sharing of information and the actions, the group divided the capital in four directions. In zone 1 (the north side of Zaibach) would be charged Hiro and Sano, Zone 3 (south side) Luka would be responsible and he ironically also lived in this area along with the castle of the emperor. In Zone 2 (east side) Seji and in Zone 4 (west side)Jin and Gimmel.

"There is also a suspect drive to the north" said Hiro.

"This is all very strange, I don't think that has to do with the woman seer. At first, the guards searched all looking for something but after some time they began to stand in specific places. At the beginning I thought it was because they were losing interest but ... "said Seiji.

"But? Just say it,man!" Sano says impatiently.

"BUT that wouldn't be so strange if they weren't capturing some people and doing interrogations." Said Seiji giving a disgusted look at Sano.

"Several people were questioned in my area and strangely not a word on soothsayers and the likes, it's like they totally forgot about it. What makes things more strange, if she wasn't so important then for what they made such fuss? "said rubbing his chin and giving a frustrated sigh.

Luka who was attentive to their conversation had an unpleasant thought and makes a face.

"You know what's going on, huh?" says Guimmel.

"I'm not sure yet but it's likely that our wily emperor knows that we will be attacked or something. But what can they want with us? I don't know any country that's so offended by Zaibach or willing to take us, especially now when the country is deeply in debt. It makes no sense. " Luka says leaning forward in his chair, his elbows on his leg and hands under the chin.

Nothing good can come of this, it's clear that there are two forces moving here. One is the sorcerers, these bastards can't do anything more than hinder, the other is a force that moves subtly but what for? An invasion? Very unlikely, what would benefit them?

"And the seer? Where's she in all this? I understand the interest of the wizards but the emperor?" Hiro snorted at the end of his comment.

"Hiro is right, I doubt that war-idiot has concerns about views and much less if it comes from a woman. He's very proud of his skills for that." Sano says frowning, crossing his arms and leaning by the fireplace.

"Maybe it has everything to do with her." Says Luka and stood up starting to walk from one side to the other with hands joined behind his body. At this point everyone looked at their leader hoping he continues his reasoning.

"Say, soon! Don't do riddles!" Sano says with his usual lack of patience.

"The wizards want the seer that is clear but who ordered it? Obviously there's someone behind it and that someone may be trying to invade the country." He said stopping the walk and looking at everyone around.

"All this for a woman?" Sano said with disbelief and getting a disapproving look of Luka.

"Look, it isn't because she's woman, it's just that ... well ..." Sano says trying to fix what he said.

"This time I have to agree with Sano" says Jin giving an apologetic look when Sano looked at him frowning.

"I know it sounds absurd but think with me. The emperor had obviously not doing these searches but I don't believe that he is so blind to not know about them then he must think this is another silly wizard stuff. Therefore, this order comes from a high sorcerer which is probably Geneus. But if he's being used by someone else? and now that someone decided to take in this country? Without the wizards to oppose him and with only this blind-worthless bastard of emperor in the way, what he has to fear? what would someone have to fear from us if not for those bastards? "

"It makes sense but I still think it's a lot of work to capture a single person." Seiji says, after a time.

"This is the part where I confess I don't understand. And what is more disturbing, why anyone would have that much work to invade Zaibach?" Says Luka trying to figure out what the possible interest of someone for a bankrupt country.

When suddenly they hear an explosion and a lot of screaming.

Meanwhile a little far away ...

Hitomi, Gilda and Kai were working as usual. The tavern had a good flow and the night appeared to be another one of those quiet nights and without confusion. Which is interrupted by a loud explosion that makes the whole place shake, followed by cries of panic and horror. Everyone shocked and frightened run out of the tavern to see what was happening.

The first things they see is a Gyumelef destroying homes, trampling people. In the distance houses were being burned, war cries and horror spread as everyone runs to their homes, to their families to help while others run aimlessly in despair.

"But why? What is happening? I don't ..." Hitomi says taken by the shock of the scene before her.

"Let's get out of here now! Kai!" Says Gilda, grabbing Hitomi hard by the arm with the horror she feels.

Kai was with his sword unsheathed and was directing the women towards where the horses were.

Hitomi amid her stupor didn't realized when she was thrown into a wagon. While moved, Gilda helped others who were fleeing to rise in the buggy and in less than 30 minutes it was full of children and adults.

"I haven't, I should have seen it, why? why?" Hitomi muttered through tears. Gilda seeing that tries to calm the girl holding her and saying words of comfort.
Hitomi suddenly begins to have flashes of her dream, what she saw. It was then when she knew, she couldn't go. She had dreamed with it though she couldn't recall much but she had a certainty that she couldn't explain where it came from. But she knew she couldn't get away with the others. She must be crazy as it seemed.

With that in mind, Hitomi turns away from Gilda and looks well in her eyes grabbing her forearms and says, "I must go! Thank you!" And with that she jumps the buggy and runs toward the chaos that had become the city.
Gilda watches as she walks away, telling Kai to let go. While everyone is shocked by her attitude. Gilda cry knowing that she might not see the girl again and knows that for some reason Hitomi should be there. The look she received from Hitomi was one of determination and certainty as if she could stop what was happening. If she could have grabbed the girl and not let her go but if she did it she knew that not only was she doubting Hitomi but also destroying the girl. Gilda blames herself for not doing anything. But how can you let someone you like run towards his death? How?

"What the fuck I'm tired of it!" Gilda says and also jumps the buggy, Kai saw it and urges his horse to turn around while every one in the buggy are looking all frightened for the madness that has gripped them.

"Don't stop me, Kai. I'm going after her, I'm tired of it! I won't leave anyone behind!" She says as she runs towards the city.

"I won't stop you. Mount, it will be faster this way." Says Kai smiling. He always admired the strength and determination of Gilda and if he was to die he wouldn't want anyone else to be at his side.
Gilda looks at him with tears still in her eyes. And then they both go in the direction that Hitomi went, prepared to face together the hell that became the capital.

Hitomi was running frantically at first and didn't know the right direction but every time she approached she let her instincts guide . As the night she saved Luka, she wouldn't argue, nor would be thinking a lot about what to do. Her best choice was to follow this course, this feeling that moved her. That made her leave the safety of the arms of Gilda to a burning hell.
Taking a sheet of a clothesline, she plunges it into the first barrel of water and wrap it in her body to protect from smoke that has spread across the street from the fires of the houses. The place looked like a horror movie, several times she's discussed with Yukari about how the protagonists of the films were stupid to stay in a scary place, coming into dark places and with little access instead of running to the safety of their homes or to seek help. And this time, she was doing the same, going through back alleys full of smoke and hot where she couldn't see far ahead. Amid the screams and sounds of swords clashing, it was very real to be a movie and more dangerous. In the back of her mind, she knew she was risking a lot for being there but she didn't want to turn away from everything and go hide in a corner. Although it would seem foolish, in a part of her she felt comfortable in her soul. Hitomi felt that she could do something to help and she wanted to. She would do anything to help, after the time that she lived with these people she learned to like them. No one deserved to go through that, they suffered the consequences of the war even after this years and now they should suffer more?

After the resounding sound Luka and the others ran out of the house and they were faced with the destruction without size. And they thought that someone was invading? Annihilation was more likely than invasion. Gyumelfes and soldiers scattered, in the distance a Gyumelef crushing a house and sounds of battle ever closer to where they were. Without losing more time, Luka went to his men:
"Gather every man, each arm that can lift a sword. And defend each of your areas, Seiji warn the rebels in their area. You know the type of formation to follow. We can't let them take the city! Now, go! "

And so every one went in one direction, he hoped Rakuto could hold as much as possible of the invaders until he returned with reinforcements.

"Hold on tight! The Gyumelfes are already here! Don't let any of these bastards get out alive!" Rakuto said. He's the captain of the guard of the castle and a commander of Zaibach troops.

"Captain, they are many. We can't stop them." Said a bloodied soldier.

"Don't give up, we still have the help of the rebels. They will come for sure!" He said and he was waiting for help that he knew would come from Luka, although their friendship was secret he had full confidence in his friend.
It didn't take long to hear the cries of war and a march toward them. Looking through the bodies and smoke he spot his friend leading a mass of men, all the villagers and civilians wielding their swords, ready to defend his home.
Taking a new breath, he forgot his own wounds and also joined the battle cries and determination of these men with the hope of saving his country.

Hitmoi was running when she heard screams and a sinister laugh. She had just gone through a destroyed house, then turned slowly trying not to make noise when she saw that a woman was being attacked. An enemy soldier had torn the woman's clothes as he kissed and licked her body. The woman cried and screamed for help and the man with a cruel attitude just laughed of the poor girl.

Looking around she searched for some kind of weapon and she saw the leg of a chair. And trying to make the least noise as possible in order to not draw attention to herself she hold up the wood and crushed the man's head, he fell unconscious. Barely breathing, the woman pushed the man's body in disgust while Hitomi helped her stand.

"Here, use this" Hitomi said taking the sheet from her body and giving it to the girl.

"O-Thank you" said to the lovely and kind woman who saved her. She had bright green eyes and to her she was an angel in the middle of hell.

Struggling to breathe and blink several times because the smoke she had inhaled until she get there, Hitomi looked at the woman semi naked on her side who shivered and was wrapping herself with a sheet.

"You'll be fine, she that alley there? Follow it and don't look back, you'll be fine." Hitomi said as the girl's eyes filled with unshed tears. Hitomi was trying to give some sort of comfort and hope for her stop shakes and leave the further ado Hitomi encouraged the woman to move and with one last look and thank she saw how the girl had disappeared into the smoke. Back to where she had stopped running she continued to help those who she find on the way. For all the moments that followed Hitomi guided people through the smoke, helped pull people from the rubble. She did everything she could, as she went towards the castle, Hitomi knew she should get there only she doesn't know what to do next.

"Luka, thank goodness you came," said Rakuto dropping his enemy.

"Of course I came as if I was to lose such a party!"

"Do you think we'll succeed? We are holding up well but they are in greater numbers." Rakuto said when they had a momentary pause.

"We have to achieve and succeed!" Luka said and turns over to face his enemies.

Rakuto thought he would like to have as much confidence as his friend but had serious doubts whether they would be victorious, being honest he didn't know if he would be still alive at the end of that night.

As she approach the castle Hitomi saw some soldiers facing a Guylmelef enemy apparently Zaibach doesn't have enough Guymelefs, if it had any. Hitomi doubted that any country would like to see Zaibach with military strength though years have passed more and more she saw how the anger and hurt loomed over the country. And watched in horror as the Guymelef lifted his foot to stomp on the soldiers.

"NO!" She screamed in vain and was rewarded only by the hysterical laughter of the pilot and the noise of crushed bodies.
Looking around, she could only see destruction. Screams of pain, the sound of swords, blood, bodies and a cruel laughter. She didn't want it, she couldn't bear it. And was when she heard someone in her mind says: You can change that ... You, child, has the power to do so ...

She looked quickly from side to side, to know where the voice came but it came from her mind. Or maybe of her ring that was glowing a pale pink and had a throbbing sensation in her hand. She wanted to change all that, she wanted to save people. But do I really can?

"Believe in yourself, make your choice. Do not be afraid."

In her mind was forming images, showing Guymelfs destroyed, soldiers retreating from the city. A light appeared and took the Gyumelfs that were hidden using invisibility cloaks. A fortress in the distance receded. People were saved.

Returning to herself, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes and thought with all her forces: I want this future! That this attackers be banished to a place where one can stop them.

She thought of her friends Allen, Dryden, Merle, Millerna, Child, Gaddis, Van ... Van, if he were here...I wish I could count on the strength of all...

At that moment her ring shone and three lights engulfed the Gyumelfs hidden and they disappeared, leaving all the enemies present shocked and disoriented.
Hitomi seeing that her vision was becoming reality, decided to believe with the same strength and determination when she jumped from the cart. She closed her eyes and concentrated on Gyumelfs who were still scattered in the city, saw in her mind the image of them perfectly. She imagined the screws out of his knees, his arms falling, and breaking connections and every time in the city a Guymelef was destroyed without apparent reason.
Finally feeling exhausted she open her eyes and she doesn't see any more Gyumelf. She feels happy and faints.

Luka and Rakuto were at a bad time, they were surrounded and the situation wasn't favorable to them when a invisible Guymelef appears.

"Shit! " Luka said angry, the bastards seemed really happy looking at the only two surviving members.

"I think this is the end my friend, at least we tried." Rakuto said, thinking that it would be the end.

When suddenly the Gyumelf was swallowed by a blinding light and disappeared. Shock was in the face of all the soldiers and Rakuto and Luka seized the opportunity and invested with full force on their enemies, if fate had provided another chance for them they wouldn't squander this opportunity.
Something similar happened with Jin, Gimmel,Hiro, Sano. And all were seized to advance on the enemy with renewed vigor. The fight became balanced, fairer. Man against man, with his skills and not a massacre.

Gilda called desperate for Hitomi and she couldn't believe in her eyes. How everything she knew had been destroyed in minutes and there was so much blood and death. She could hardly believe that a few hours before the place was peaceful, with people complaining about the extortionate prices of things. And Hitomi in the midst of this despair. She didn't find her girl anywhere. Only now she realized the size of the affection she had for the girl, she knew she liked her but with the familiarly she was conquered by the tenderness and sweetness of the girl and it didn't help to think in her niece that she had lost. Gilda didn't want to lose another child.

In the chaos following they find themselves in the direction of the castle and Kai was the one who saw Hitomi.

"Look, there she is." He said while holding the shoulders of Gilda and pointed to where Hitomi was.

"Oh, thank the gods!" said relieved, when she noticed the odd position that Hitomi was in. She had her eyes closed, one arm outstretched toward the city. She seemed quiet, with her hair blowing because of a ghostly wind and smoke around her, she seemed a figure from another world. Suddenly a light came out of her hand, causing her body to be engulfed by a bright light and with an ethereal air. Her hair was the most impressive, instead of black that she always used it was gold, her hair lit up when the light emitted by her hand spread across her body. The image of a goddess, a fallen angel. Her thoughts were interrupted when three pillars of light appeared around the city. She and Kai continued to look astonished to everything that was happening. When the pillars were gone everything seemed to happen in slow motion.
Their eyes returned to Hitomi, who had opened hers. Her hair was black again,she looked the same as always. The image of a few seconds ago seemed an hallucination of them and only when she fainted they woke of their shock.

"Yukari!" Gilda and Kai said in unison, running toward her.

At the end of the nightmare, the invaders were defeated. With their Gyumelfs destroyed and troops scattered, They had no option except to withdraw. The commander of troops in the fortress that Hitomi had seen in her vision growled angry orders of withdrawal. Not believing in a country as poor as this had managed to win. The worst apart was how he could explain for his emperor that he had lose.
Far away, in distant countries, three pillars of light appeared in the middle of the citys and the chaos settled where Gyumelfs appeared. Everyone instantly reminding of the war.

In Austuria ...

Dryden, Millerna, Mahad and some of the royal advisers were having dinner when a loud crash like a burst and screams interrupt their meal.

"But what's going on?" Dryden says already rising.

Millerna was already embracing Mahad to calm him. When someone opens the doors of the hall. "Sorry to interrupt your dinner my king, my queen," says the messenger making a breathless reverence. "But a Gyumelf has just appeared in the middle of the city, our guards have been stopping him."

"Good job, tell to capture the pilot alive." "If possible." Completed quickly and with that the guard left in a hurry.

"Damn, what's going on? Why the invisibility cloak doesn't work?" says the pilot frantically while trying frustratingly trigger the mechanism.
And before he could do something he was surrounded by guards and Austuria Guymelfs.

In Freid ...

Chid was working, solving routine problems. Reading and signing petitions dealt with his counselor when they heard an explosion followed by a major tremor. All papers were scattered, the pots broken, all became a mess. And amid all the mess, several guards rushed in when the earthquake stopped and announced what had happened.

With the explosion a great number of monks were killed and many others were injured because a temple had also been affected.

"Now that I got to this point, I will fight. I will destroy at least some of them, they will never interrogate me!" with his last breath he destroys some temples before being surrounded by guards and Gyumelfs and he activates the self-destruction. Exploding and causing some guards and pilot to fly around him.

In Fanelia ...

Van was having his last meeting before traveling and he was in good spirits. Allen and all of the Crusade were ready. All were caught by surprise when a beam of light appeared just in front of the castle.
For a moment Allen was happy, thinking it was Hitomi. But almost immediately realized his mistake. It was a Guymelef and before the pilot thought of doing something, Allen was already running toward Crusade where Scheherazade was stored.

"It can't be, of all places, here? Cursed dragon! At least I will take you with me!" says the pilot as he runs to the castle, only to be prevented by Allen Schezar.

You all must be thinking: Hitomi is an adult so for Gilda calls her child and girl? It's because in her eyes like she has the same age that her niece she will always be a child.

And about the picture that gave me the ideia to write this fic, I don't know if I will ever put it here but I will try. This history is growing alone.. It's too odd when I say this? But it's the truth!

And again I will say, bear with me if I have make some or too much mispelling, ok?