~~13 years before~

I stood in a surrounded by bodies, clutching the last teddy bear my daddy gave me, I know my body is covered with a dirty peace of fabric but I can't seem to find it in me to care. I'm 4 years old, yesterday was my birthday. Wasn't it? I can't seem to stop gazing at the bodies around me. So many men and women looking at me with dead eyes, I want to scream with fear. But I can't. I just stare at them while their blood socks into the ground. I can hear noises behind me, the sound of footsteps and squelching blood under feet.

They're heading for me.

But I still can't turn away from the ice cold gazes of the people around me. I can hear them now. But I still can't stop staring into the eyes of the people. Will they kill me? Will they take me away from this place of pain? I can sense movement around me.

I can see them.

Seven cloaked strangers moved gracefully in front of me, but cautiously, like I might attack them if they make a wrong move. Why? I want to speak. I want to run and cry in their arm but I'm rooted in place. They stopped just a few feet away, never taking their gaze from me. The three in the middle seemed to be the head of the group as the others had positioned themselves in a defence position so that if they were attacked they could still fight but the three would still be safe. The man in the centre took a couple of steps towards me and held out his hand.

"Come now my dear. Let's go." His voice is so pretty! It sounds so musical, so calming. I want to do what he's asking but I feel I can't. I don't know what to do! I've forgotten. I can't remember anything! I can't form words with my mouth and my eyes feel like there mirrors, seeing everything but at the same time not seeing a thing…I can't feel anything!

"Look at all this. What she can do. If we don't get her out of here and burn the remains soon it's going to turn ugly. Just grab her and let's go!" the man on the right hissed from behind. He sounded…hungry.

"I know what's going to happen, Caius! But I can't just grab her. She has to come on her own. She could kill us like these people in seconds if we make her weary of us! Taking her with us will be futile if she doesn't come on her own!" He hissed back at the man, Caius. Hearing that their intentions weren't to kill me was like a password to realise me from the clamp that held my body; I've finally got hold of myself.

"She's not going to just walk towards us Aro. Even if she is young, she will still be weary of us. It is in her nature. Look at herCaius."

"Yes. I see her Marcus! Do not presume that just because you see a bound between us and her that I will just accept her...!" Caius stopped mid-hiss as he stared at me in astonishment.

What's he looking at? Oh!

He's shocked that I lifted my hand as to take Aro's without being forced. They all looked amazed. Even the guards froze.


A gust of wind came from behind me and yanked away the cloth covering my blood drenched body.

"Do you smell that?" Aro sounded dazed

The smell of decomposing bodies was over ridden by the smell of…lilies? Roses?

What were flowers doing in the midst of death?

Where was it coming from?

When I looked at the Aro I felt a tingle go down my back, like a warning. But I couldn't place it. I have a feeling that they won't hurt me if I go with them. It was the only thing I know for a fact. The temptation to fall into the soothing darkness that fought to touch me is too much, I can't stay awake. I'm going too collapsed. I guess falling into the ice cold peace of Aro's arms won't be so bad. I think I could hear Aro whisper to me as the world grew silence "its ok now sweetie. I've got you, so sleep now" I think he kissed my forehead before there was nothing.