"Always know, sometimes think it's me. But you know I know when it's a dream. I think a no I mean ERRRPKAY but it's all wrong. That is I think I disagreeeeeee!"

George kept singing. He swept the floor in front of Brian. Brian laughed evilly as he scribbled down his evil plans to get rid of Roger and win Freddie's heart. Why can't Fred see that he belongs to me? It's all because of 'Froggie!'

"Wow, was that Woody Woodpecker?" George asked.

"No, stupid shit, that was me!" Brian said. "Can't you differentiate my laugh and Woody's? Ugh."

George shook his head. "Errrpkay."

George cleaned the dusty cupboard and sang "Hey DUUUUUUDE! You were made to go out and get heeeerrr..."

Ha. Even Crazy George supports me, Brian thought. But I think he just mistook Roger for a woman.

"Where did Brian go?" asked Roger.

"Who cares about that asshole," said Freddie. "He must've gone out with that girl from The Pretenders."

"Chrissie, you mean?" asked Roger.

Freddie nodded. "Whatever her name is. Deaky!"

Deaky came in with his yo-yo, giggling.

"Don't tell me you just watched Plant Porn again," said Freddie. "I knew it. Deaky, put your yo-yo down. Robert and Jimmy are coming today. I heard that Rob's pissed 'cause Jonesy stole all of his lemons from his farm."

"What the hell is 'Plant Porn'?" asked Roger.

"It's a 3D animation about flowers reproduction made by Robert," said Freddie.

"Bestiality!" Roger shouted.

"Mr. Taylor," said George. "Someone called in this morning, looking for you. His name was...Steve...Steven...errrr-kay, I don't know."

Roger ignored George and ran straight for the balcony. He saw Mick throwing rocks at his window. He seemed really angry. "No one touches my Keef! You heard me? No one touches my Keeeeeef!"

Freddie ran out of the house and kicked Mick's ass. Mick ran away and Freddie looked above him—Roger was smiling at him.

"Oh, what light yonder breaks upon thy window," Freddie said with a Shakespearean, poetic touch.

Roger giggled. "You're the most romantic Romeo I'd ever seen."

"Jump. I'll catch you, if you dare."


"Jump. I promise I'll catch you and we can be together forever…"

"No, Freddie."

Freddie pouted, waiting to kiss his gay Juliet. "Come to me, my dear Roggie. We can be together forever. Jump. I'll catch you! Come on, dammit! Wow, I just ruined the whole romantic Shakespeare scene."

"Never mind," Roger said. He jumped off the balcony and landed safely in Freddie's arms. They kissed. Their lips touch each others' as the wind blew.

And Brian watched from the darkness as flames burned a piece of his heart. He stared coldly at the couple and locked the door. George was still sweeping the floor. Brian hissed at him and he slowly parted from his sight. Brian's tears fell from his eyes, sad as he was, he could only hope that he could find a way to get rid of Roger.

"One day, I will get my revenge. Let's just see who wins in the end, Roger Meddows Taylor."