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Sakura sighed as she looked at the clock next to her. It was six in the morning and she needed to get up for work. She didn't want to though. For some reason, her body felt heavy and her head felt like it was going to split. Sakura closed her eyes and enjoyed the cool feel of the silken sheets she was laying on. Just a few more minutes and she'd get up and shower for work. Sakura licked her lips and felt her back slowly relax and begin to cool. Maybe she should skip work today. "Get up."

Widening her eyes, Sakura sat up only to grasp her woozing head. When her eye vision was steady, Sakura looked around her room. "You should set up better traps. A genin could get past them."

Sakura knew that voice. "That's only because you're above average Sasuke, so don't compare your younger self to the genin much less who you are now."

"The traps are the main focus." reminded Sasuke. "Get up. Tsunade sent me here to wake you up. Don't waste my time any longer than needed."

Sakura decided to ignore the last comment. "Why did Tsunade send you to wake me up anyway?"

"Ah. She mentioned something about Monday."

Sakura nodded and lifted the sheets. Slowly, she got up and rummaged through her drawers for clothes. "Now it makes sense." Standing up straight, Sakura turned toward Sasuke. "I hate getting up on Mondays..." Sakura's voice trailed off when she noticed the slightly surprised expression on his face. "What? Something on my face."

"Hn." Sasuke then found the wall much more interesting. "Your pajama shorts are awfully...short."

Sakura looked down. Well, she supposed that was true but at least she didn't sleep in her underwear. Her shorts stopped mid-thigh and they were two or three inches shorter than her regular short. "If it bothers you then don't look."

"It's not the shorts that bother me,"

Sakura wanted to slap him. Then what right did he have to react so surprised? She was sure he must have seen much more skin than he was seeing on her.

"-it's the person wearing it." Sasuke's voice explained so softly that she barely heard it. Key word barely.

"Is there something wrong with me wearing short shorts?" asked Sakura as she crossed her arms in slight annoyance. What was up with him lately?


Sakura rolled her eyes and turned toward the bathroom. "I'm going to take a shower, so unless you have a problem with people taking a shower then wait in the living room."

Sakura entered the bathroom and locked it. She didn't want anyone stumbling in. Specifically Naruto. Stripping from her night wear, Sakura turned the shower up to cold. She needed a wake up call or she was going to fall asleep in the shower. Sakura stepped inside and quickly washed and conditioned her hair before doing everything else. Sakura stepped out of the shower and wiped the forming condensation off the mirror. She lazily brushed her hand along the scar on her shoulder. It had been quite some time since the day her family abandoned her after the death of her parents. Staring in the mirror, Sakura couldn't help but notice that she looked terrible despite having taken a shower. Grabbing a towel, Sakura wrapped it around her and walked out of the bathroom. Sakura took long strides toward her drawers and grabbed a bra and underwear. Changing into them, Sakura let the towel fall to the floor as she walked toward her closet. It wasn't as if someone was going to come in without knocking and if one did then she would at least be hiding her...goodies. Opening the modernized door, Sakura grabbed her coat, boots, and slipped on a black skirt that stopped above her knees, anything shorter and Tsunade would accuse her of trying to seduce the patients. Sakura closed the closet and side stepped to the other drawer near her closet. Sakura pulled out a casual red shirt with white sleeves. All the "commoner" clothing she owned was either casual or for festivities. Needless to say, party clothes weren't meant to be worn in hospitals. Sakura glanced at the clock and nearly choked on her own saliva. She was going to be late if she didn't hurry. Quickly putting on her white coat, Sakura rushed out the room and into the kitchen to make toast. Hastily, she put on her right boot and had just finished tightening the straps when the toaster went off making Sakura jump.

Sasuke was in the living room watching as Sakura dashed from her room to the small kitchen to make toast. He couldn't help but raise an eyebrow when she jumped. Was she this much of a hassle on Monday? She grabbed the toast, shoved it in her mouth, and hopped to the door as she but on her left boot. "Be zure du sut duh door!" mumbled Sakura through her toast as she exited the door. Thump! Sasuke heard her curse along with some scurrying of feet before the sound of running faded away.

Sasuke sat on her couch and looked around. She really needed to get a life.




Sakura rubbed her neck as she walked down the hallway of the hospital. It wasn't very fun to spend twelve hours in a hospital. Especially if you get a visit from your monthly friend. Sakura opened the door to a patient she was recently assigned to by Tsunade. Apparently, the patient requested for her and the words 'no second rates' happened to be the reason why. Sakura couldn't help but suck in a breath. Her handsomepatient turned toward her and smiled. "Ohayo, Haruno-san. I trust you are doing well?"

Pinching her arm, Sakura smiled and walked over to him. "I didn't know it was morning already. I'm doing relatively well. And yourself?" She had been here for more than twelve hours! Sakura wanted to punch herself. She really needed to get a life!

The man nodded at her first statement. "I'm a bit on the drowsy side but I'm sure that I'll manage. I am your new patient, Tamotsu."

Sakura nodded and made way for his chart. "Is there a specific reason for you choosing me as your doctor, if you don't mind my asking."

Tamotsu just smiled. "I wanted the best of the best. Naturally, I would choose the Hokage's apprentice."

Sakura forced a smile. She wasn't sure whether to feel flattered or embarrassed. "While I don't think my skills are quite as good as you make them seem, I'm honored that you think so." Sakura looked down at the chart. "Well you seem to have a fever, a swollen throat and neck, and diarrhea." Sakura looked up fast enough to see the slight flush on his cheeks and smirked. She got a self-conscious one huh? "Any other new symptoms I need to be aware of?"

Tamotsu's blush receded and he furrowed his brows in thought. "Well I've been feeling a bit nauseous and my...diarrhea comes out with blood sometimes."

Sakura frowned. "Have you been including enough fiber in your meals?"

He nodded vigorously. "I have a balanced diet! I have the best culinary chefs in Konoha though I keep hearing about this man whom makes the most delectable ramen. I'm surprised I have never heard of him."

Sakura halfheartedly laughed. "After I find out what the problem is, I'll let you know what's wrong then maybe you can try our famous ramen."

He only nodded and said his goodbye as Sakura exited the room. Calling for a few nurses, Sakura instructed them to take some of his blood so she could look at it later and take his temperature. She knew that he could just be coming down with the common cold and not eat enough fiber but she couldn't just assume that her assumptions are always right. After all, life is full of surprises.




"Go home!" every nurse within earshot heard the order and gulped. Simultaneously. Every one knew better than to check what had angered the very person they feared and respected. It was best not to face the source of the anger.

"I still have patients to attend to!" the nurses then frowned and sighed. Once again, simultaneously. They knew the other voice all too well. She was the only one who could compete with the Hokage. They heard the loud, rapid footstep descending the stairs in the back. It seemed as if they were going to fight while working hours.

Tsunade stepped out first and turned to block the way. "You have been here for over twenty-four hours! You would be of no use if there was an emergency."

"If I leave and there is an emergency then there might have been something I could have done." she retorted as she put her hands to her hips stubbornly.

Tsunade sighed. "Get some rest then if you want to be of some use. I don't want my best medic fainting. Please just do as I say Sakura!"

Sakura let her arms fall. "What of my patients Tsunade-sama?"

Tsunade shrugged. "I'll have Ino cover you. I've been lenient on her days off, so this is the least she can do."

Sakura nodded and nurses nodded along with her in agreement. They completely understood why she was sending her home early. The girl pushed herself to the point of breaking down. They took advantage of any chances they got to remind her to get some rest but she was always moving around from one place to the other. It was hard keeping track on her and still do their jobs.

Sakura turned toward them and raised an eyebrow. They all stopped nodding and turned their attention back to their patients. Sakura shook her head. The nurses of this hospital were so...chatty. "I'll be taking my leave Tsunade-shishou."

Tsunade slightly smiled and nodded. "I'm going to send someone over to make sure you rest. If you aren't then I assure you our next training session will have no breaks and will restrict you to three soldier pills." Tsunade's smile widened at the grim expression of her apprentice. "Have a good days rest."

Sakura nodded. Silently, Sakura walked slowly down the stairs that ran along the side of the hospital. She had hoped to stay in the hospital a little while longer before heading home to ensure the stability of her patients but now that she thought about it she couldn't help but agree with Tsunade. She was rather low on chakra and she couldn't afford to lose a life because of her recklessness. Sakura could feel her feet ache as she walked down the long staircase. Sakura nearly moaned at the thought of arriving home and rest. Her descent went from two at a time to prancing gracefully to a random step. No less than two minutes later and she had already reached the bottom. Sakura was happy that she didn't have to work for at least half a day but she still felt like she could do something. Tsunade was there so whatever happened will be under control. She was the Hokage after all.

Grabbing her keys, Sakura opened the door and gleefully toed off her shoes. "You take too long."

Sakura was almost done taking off her other shoe when she jumped and fell on her face. Hard.

She heard a sigh before her body was effortlessly picked up. Sakura looked up at the man carrying her. He looked down and frowned. Sakura couldn't help but feel offended. "What? You don't like what you see?" she couldn't help but sneer at him.

"I don't."


"You look like you just came back from a battle field." he shifted her in his arms so he could pick up a strand of hair. "Your hair is coated in blood. You're not bothered by it?"

Sakura looked at him curiously. "We're ninja. Blood should be a normal thing for all of us."

Sasuke's frown deepened. "Hn."

"Put me down." he lifted an eyebrow. Suspicion filled his eyes. "I'm going to take a shower."

He obliged.

Sakura couldn't help but shiver slightly at the way he watched her walk away. His eyes piercing her back as she moved out his line of sight. Of course, that wouldn't matter. He was an Uchiha. His bloodline allowed him to see the chakra coursing through her body. It would be easy for him to find her.

Sakura stepped into the shower and sighed at the feel of the scolding hot water. It was so much better when you could take a shower without knowing someone was in your living room. Sakura scrubbed her body with the new strawberry body wash she had just bought and sighed at the sweet smell. She frowned. It would be so much better if she didn't have to attend to a certain handso-... annoying someone. Sakura looked down and couldn't help but watch in fascination at how much blood was being washed off her body. Did she really have that covering her whole body? Good thing she only had surgeries during the night time otherwise she would have scared nearly all her patients half to death. Grabbing her shampoo, Sakura took a sniff and smiled before washing her hair. She wondered if Sasuke would like the smell.





Damn it...

Sakura didn't pay attention to the sound of rapid footsteps coming toward her. She could only lean against the shower wall as the shampoo suds were washed from her hair. She paid no attention to the sound of Sasuke's voice yelling or the banging of his fist demanding for her open the door. She could only raise her arms and wrap them around herself. Her widened eyes were filled with surprise.

She had fallen for Sasuke Uchiha...



Sakura looked down at the envelope in her hand. It was an invitation to a birthday party. Her little sister's birthday party. The elders had told her she was not allowed to contact them in any shape or form. She wasn't even allowed to heal her if she was the only medic in the hospital. They had arranged it so she couldn't even accidentally catch a glimpse of her. Her work days were longer and she rarely got any breaks.

Sakura felt numb and watched as her hands opened the envelope. She threw it away. The card inside of it was what had captured her attention. Sakura practically felt her heart jump up into her throat. The card was modeled after a medical kit. She still remembered her? Opening the card, Sakura wondered if it was okay to let her eyes drown in happiness.

Miss Sakura Haruno,

We are well aware of THE fact that you are forbidden to sEe our chiLD. Your littlE sisterR. We, on the other hand, wiSh to see you interact with her. It has been a very long time since you have seen each other. We wish that you are able to attenD. wON'T it be fun if we pull wool over tHeir eyes! She misses you dreAdfully. We all wish to meet you. You're little sister is neVEr lonely. We are consTantly telling Our boys to play nice. You KNOW now that your sister thinks of you by the card we've sent you. This one was chosen specifically for you.

Thank you for your time,

The Kuchiki Family

Sakura looked at the beautiful English writing in confusion. Why did she capitalize the letters or send her an invitation in English? Sakura closed the card and noticed the paper taped onto the back. Sakura recognized the slightly sloppy handwriting of her little sister and smiled. She was always sneaky.

Dear ane-chan.

Yuuki hopes you can come! Yuuki knows the old people don't want you to see Yuuki so she hopes that you can come anyway. They don't know anything about the love of sisters! Please come! I love you!

Sakura smiled. Yuuki had to grow out of referring herself to the third person. Her little sister was always an odd one but she loved her either way. But Sakura didn't know what to do. The Elders would surely catch wind of her little sister having a birthday party.

Sighing Sakura stood up and decided to ask a friend for help.




"You have to go!"

Sakura frowned as she covered her ears. "Ino, I don't want to go deaf !"

Ino sighed. "Forehead, my voice is perfection."

Sakura suddenly wondered why she chose Ino to ask for help. "Whatever floats your boat, pig."

As Ino pressed her arms against her chest to cross them, a few men in the coffee shop watched with interest. Sakura frowned. She really didn't need this right now. Sakura scooted in front of their view and looked at Ino expectantly. Ino sat there for a moment before looking up at Sakura deciding the play with the salt shaker in front of her. What a salt shaker was doing in a coffee shop neither of them would know. "So what's the other problem?"

Sakura looked down at her hands. "I...I'm...love" she mumbled.

Ino frowned. "Speak up."


Ino threw her arms up in the air. "Goodness Forehead, how am I supposed to help you if I don't know the problem? Speak up!"

"I said I think I'm in love!"

The coffee shop went silent as they all stared at the two girl who happened to be seated in the middle of the shop. Ino waited until they all turned around before responding. "That's great! What's the problem with that?"

"It's not my falling in love that's the problem Ino. It's who."

Ino leaned in. This was getting interesting. "And who may the lucky man be?"

Biting her lip, Sakura closed her eyes in slight disappointment. "Sasuke."

All was silent (not counting the chitter chatter of the other people who also occupied the room) and Sakura couldn't help but feel a bit nervous. Opening her eyes, Sakura looked up to see Ino drop her hair clip. This was bad. "Go out with Sai."


Ino sat back and looked at Sakura; her face giving away just how serious she was. "Go on a date with Sai. It's pretty obvious Sasuke isn't interested in anyone. You've already received enough rejection and heartbreak from him. You should just go for the next best thing."

Sakura nearly choked. "Next best thing? Ino, Sai isn't just some faded copy of the original. Sai is...Sai! He's one of a kind. It would be unfair-"

"You're missing the point, Forehead. I'm saying you should date guys like Sasuke and then switch to a less ...Sasuke type each time until you meet a nice guy."

"I... That's easier said than done. Besides, I said I think I'm in love."

Ino shrugged. "Better safe than sorry. If you don't want to go on a date with him then I suppose you won't mind me asking him?"

"Why did you tell me to ask him out in the first place then!"

Ino stared at her in mild annoyance. "'Cause you're my best friend. Duh! I swear. They call you a gifted medic!"

"Just- Whatever! The other problem is that I don't know what to do about Yuuki's birthday party. The Elders don't want me near her. Kami knows why!"

"But~?" asked Ino.

"But I don't want to disappoint them either! Her birthday is in a few weeks and I have no idea what to do."

"Chill, Forehead. We'll figure this out." Ino grabbed the card and furrowed her eyebrows at the writing. "I don't know whether to laugh at this lady's capitalization errors or at the cute way your little sister writes!"

Rolling her eyes at Ino's squeal, Sakura stared blankly at the people on the street that passed by the shop. Ino stared to ramble about the clothes she was going to wear on her planned date with Sai (which Sai wasn't even been aware of) and Sakura didn't bother to listen. Ino hadn't been much help after all. "Oi, Forehead!"

Surprised, Sakura turned toward Ino as she began shaking her head and pointed behind her. "Don't look, Forehead!"

"Look at what?" she stared at Ino curiously. She was normal a moment ago. What got her so riled up this time?


The corner of Sakura's eye caught the sight of a raven chicken. Or, to be more precise, a chicken's ass. Oh dear Kami.

"I told you not to look, Sakura!"

Upon hearing her name, the "chicken ass" turned toward their direction. He walked towards them. "What the hell, Pig! You didn't have to shout out my actual name!" hissed Sakura.

"It's your fault for getting me so worked up. I get the most delicious news about the guy you like-"

"Guy she likes?"

Sakura and Ino looked over Sakura's seat. The masculine form behind it seemed to demand what was going on. Damn Uchihas. "Y-yeah. From a civilian band. I don't remember his name but doesn't he have piercings?" Ino's nose scrunched.

There was no pretending in that facial expression. If there was anything Ino hated it was piercings. "He has piercing blue eyes Ino not piercings. Don't you listen to me when it comes to boys?"

Ino leaned back into her seat. "Not when it involves civilians."

Sakura frowned. "Well, anyway, is there something you need Sasuke?"


"Oh, okay." Sakura bit her lip and looked up at Sasuke. He seemed to expect her to say more. "How have you been?"


"Well, that's good." Sakura smiled halfheartedly. She didn't want to be the one making conversation when he was the one who came to them.

"Man it's that time already! Looks like I got to go! See you later Forehead!"

"Pig, I will roast you over a fire if you leave!"

Ino sat up before Sakura could grab a hold of her. "Bye~!"

"Wait Ino-Pig! Don't you dare leave me..." the coffee shop's door closed. "behind. Damn that Ino!"

Sasuke sat himself down and watched as Sakura fiddled with the salt shaker. He couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at it. What was that doing in a coffee shop. Soon, two waitresses came to their table. They were supposed to get there the moment Ino and herself sat down...an hour ago. "Irashaimase! What can we do for you today?"

Sasuke looked toward Sakura. "You know what it is. Order for the both of us." and with that Sasuke Uchiha was dead to the world.

Sakura turned around in time to see one of the waitresses ogling Sasuke's features. Sakura couldn't help but frown. It was never ceased to amaze her how quickly old fan-girls came running back to Sasuke.

Like your one to talk.

Damn it! She did not run towards him! If anything she tried to stay away from him.

Yeah, that's going along great for you.


"Water and a White Chocolate Mocha."

The waitress stopped her ogling and turned toward her. "Er.. sure."

Seconds after the waitresses left, Sasuke spoke up. "What's with the card. A party?"

Sakura, who was too busy trying to find out whether she was battling against her own mind, suddenly felt nervous. "Yes, it's a party I was invited to."

"Are your parent's aware that you're going to some guy's home for a party."

Sakura looked at him curiously. Did he really not know?

"It wouldn't really matter." Sasuke frowned. "Besides, it's my sister's birthday party."

"I thought you weren't allowed to have any interaction with her be it physically or not."

Sakura sighed. "I'm not but there's something about the invitation that makes me think that I can go."

"Let me see." before Sakura could protest, Sasuke had already swiped the card from her hand. Damn him for being so handso- er fast! She meant fast!

No sooner after Sasuke got the card, only the ogling waitress came back. This time with lip gloss and blush. Sakura couldn't help but feel jealous over how pretty she looked. Damn all the village girls having enough time to care for their skin. "Here's your water," the waitress handed a confused Sakura the water, "and your White Chocolate Mocha, hot stuff." and a suddenly irritated Sasuke the hot beverage.

Without a single word, Sasuke switched the beverages and ignored the waitress. "It's a code."

"Code? Is that your way of asking a girl on a date?" asked the waitress as she crept closer to Sasuke.

This time he only looked at her with the corner of his eye. "Leave. You've done your job."

The waitress frowned and left with the dignity she had left. "You didn't have to be so rude you know." chastised Sakura.

"I spare no time for women who waste their time on insignificant matters like flirting." replied Sasuke monotonously.

"Well aren't we being smart and pricky." Sasuke raised an eyebrow at her last few choice of words and grabbed a napkin.

"Do you have a pen with you?" perplexed, Sakura gave him a pen she kept in her medical bag. He then began to circle the capitalized letters. When he finished, he pointed the pen in her direction and looked up at her. "Do you understand what I'm trying to show you?"

Sakura, who watched his previous actions with interest, quickly caught on to what he meant. "It's a hidden message." Sasuke continued by writing down each capitalized letter onto the napkin. "What does it say?"

Sasuke put the pen down and read it aloud. " The Elders don't have to know."

Sakura let the message sink in. They didn't have to know? What did they mean by that? "What-"

"I assume they want you to go to your imouto-san's birthday party." answered Sasuke before she could even finish her question.

"I can't! The Elders-"

"It says here that they don't have to know. Go. She's your imouto. Are you honestly going to let her down by not going?"

Sakura looked at Sasuke incredulously. Was it just her or did she hear him ask that question a bit too bitterly? He got up and left the shop; leaving a confused Sakura looking down at her coffee in contemplation. Should she go? Should she risk what she has left for her little sister?

It was then that she knew what to do.

Who knew a human ice cube could make her seem like a stone sometimes.


It was the day of her sister's party.

Sakura decided that she would buy her sister a kimono. The material was professionally made and had cost her the money for her weekly groceries and a bonus from the hospital.

She could do without a few day of eating. Soldier pills would make a somewhat nutritional substitute.

Despite her running the hospital, Sakura didn't get paid enough for what she did. This was only because she wasn't as experienced as the senior staff was when it came to medicine. She was only 20 after all.

Sakura slipped on a high-collar, sleeveless, red dress with frills that ended just barely above her knees and a pair of black, one-inch high heels. Sakura couldn't help but play with her hair. It had grown quite a bit longer and was fairly close to below her shoulder blade's. Her bangs had slimmed and elongated; reaching the base of her neck. She hadn't seen herself this feminine in years. Although, she did look simple compared to every other female villager her age.

Sakura picked up her sister's present and made sure all her traps were set before locking the door and teleporting to her sister's home. She was surprised to see the woman who adopted her sister waiting for her. The woman smiled warmly and opened the door for her. Sakura walked in and was about to remove her shoes when she realized that the woman stopped her. "We're celebrating her birthday in the dining room. There are no windows so no one will see you. Please follow me."

Sakura followed the woman down the long hallways and couldn't help but admire the furniture that decorated the spacious hall. Her sister was being raised in the lap of luxury.

They soon stopped in front of a wooden door. The woman turned toward her with a smile. "I'm delighted that you could come to her birthday. She misses you with each passing minute."

"I'm sure she'll live a better life here than she could with me."

The woman smiled sadly. "Still a child yourself and yet you..." At Sakura's curious look, she shook her head and proceed to open the door.

"Ane!" Sakura felt the pressure of a small frame attach itself to her legs. Looking down, Sakura smiled warmly at the child latched on to her. "Yuuki knew you would make it!"

Peeling the small girl off of her, Sakura knelt down and hugged her sister. "Yuuki you're turning eight years old. You shouldn't talk in the third person."

The girl pouted and Sakura watched as her sister tight red curls spring. Noticing her older sister's staring, Yuuki smiled. "Ane can play with my hair now."

Sakura smiled at her younger sister. When they had lived together, she had made a habit of playing with her curls. Sakura was a bit surprised her little sister still remembered that. "I don't want to mess up your hair but do you think you can change into a present I got you?"

Sakura watched in amusement as her sisters face lit up with glee. Pulling out a box, Sakura untied the bow. Just as she was going to lift the top off, her little sister placed her small hand on hers. "Everyone! Come look at the present my Ane brought me!"

Suddenly surrounded by small children, Sakura laughed nervously. More than ten people were staring at her which meant more than 10 pairs of eyes which also meant more than 20 eyes. Needless to say, she was a bit nervous. Sakura lifted the top of the box and gingerly pulled out the kimono. It was a soft blue and had the design of snow falling onto a field of sakura trees. It was Sakura's way of saying she would be there for her. It was too cheesy for her taste but in this situation-

Yuuki's eyes sparkled and she smiled from ear to ear. Sakura smiled.

-it seemed right.


"So what was it like at your sister's birthday party?"

Sakura shot up out of her seat and looked down at Sasuke, who had fallen from her sudden reaction. "What are you doing in my office? I work here you know!"

Sasuke stood up and shot her a look. "Does that include sleeping on the job?"

Sakura gulped. Getting caught sleeping on the job was a no-no in the hospital. Especially when you run it. "What are you going to do? Tell on me?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow as Sakura shifted onto her right leg and crossed her arms. Was this her idea of being intimidating? Sasuke then looked at her face and finally saw why she scared many people in the village. It was her eyes. Those beautiful, emerald green eyes were now sharp and ready to kill.

Sasuke snorted. "As if I'd do something as childish as that."

"What do you want then?" Sakura began to rub her temples in annoyance and sat down. The migraine she had last night was coming back.

"I just asked you."

Just asked her? Just asked her about what?

She heard an annoyed sigh. "Your sister's birthday party."


"It went well."

Sasuke sat down in front of her. "What did you do?"

"Nothing really I just- WAIT! Why am I telling YOU? Why are you so interested in my life all of a sudden, huh?"

Slightly startled at her sudden change of attitude, Sasuke decided it was wise to watch his words. "Curiosity."

"That's not a very good reason!" The look on Sasuke's face said otherwise. "Okay, give me one good reason why I should even tell you about anything in my life."

Sasuke shrugged. "I'm bishie."

Sakura fell out of her chair. "Wha-? Do you even know what that is?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "No but I assume it's a good thing."


"The girls that whisper usually mention that word once or twice before ogling."

Sakura sat back on her chair. So Sasuke was aware of the ogling of other women? "Wait how did this conversation get from my sister's birthday party to you being bishie?"

Sasuke shrugged. "You were going to tell me what happened."

"Really? I'm sure that it was something else..."


Sakura could tell by his tone that he was getting impatient. "Don't get your panties in a bunch! I went to the party, gave her a present, had her try it on, talked to her, and left."

"Is there anything else?" Sasuke pressed.

"No." Sakura looked at Sasuke. Why was he so interested in her relationship to her younger sister? Unless... "Oh my God, you like little girls! Stay away from me!"

Sasuke scowled. "I do not like little girls, Sakura."

"You lived with Orochimaru for three years! I beg to differ." replied Sakura as she placed a hand on her waist and wagged her finger at him.

His scowl deepened. "I don't think accusing me of being a pedophile is going to get you anywhere, Sakura."

"Well unless you can prove me otherwise then I won't be responding to anything you say."

Sasuke sat up and walked over to her. Sakura, suddenly aware of the approaching ice cube, shrunk into her chair. "What are you doing?"

He raised an eyebrow. "I'm doing what you said. Proving you wrong."

Sakura knew that but what did it have to do with her? Sakura felt her chair creak from the pressure of Sasuke's arm as it moved her chair forward; leaving their faces only a few inches apart. Sakura looked Sasuke in the eyes curiously. What, in the name of all that was ninja, was he doing? Sasuke began to lean in closer to Sakura. Both of their lips were a few irritating inches apart. Sakura looked deeper into Sasuke's cool onyx eyes. They gave away nothing but a wave of calm overcame her and Sakura couldn't help but relax. Was Sasuke going to kiss her? Sakura willed her self not to blush. Sakura then became aware of something pressing against her. Sakura barely registered what it was.

They were most certainly not lips. Looking down, Sakura was embarrassed to see a calloused hand...

...groping her chest.

Astonished, Sakura looked toward the owner of said hand only to see him slightly smirk. "Little girls don't have what I'm looking for Sakura."

What. The. Fuck.

"What the fuck!" Removing his hand from her chest, Sasuke leaned back and glared at the soon to be victims who interrupted their moment.

"Chill four-eyes! Isn't it bad enough that healthy people have to hear you. We're in a hospital for goodness sake."

"Shut it Sharkface!" replied the angry redhead.

"Suigetsu right. We're in a hospital. We should be more respectful." agreed Jugo timidly.

Karin just glared at the two before turning back toward what had upset her earlier. "What's going on here?"

Her ruby red eyes landed on the pinkette in the chair. She was too confused to even reply. "That's none of your concern Karin."

She nearly shivered at the way Sasuke spoke her name but immediately frowned at how close he was to the pinkette. Sakura was it? "Hey, you in the chair. You're Sakura, right? The one who's letting us use that house."

Snapping out of her confusion, Sakura looked at the redhead. "Yes, I am. Karin was it?"

Karin nodded. She still remembered her name, huh? Smart girl. "What's going on here?"

Before she could even open her mouth, Sasuke spoke. "I told you it was none of your concern. Why are you here?"

Suigetsu spoke up this time. "I was just bored so, I came here wondering if princess was up for a date."

Sakura willed herself not to blush but was only somewhat successful considering the grin that grew on Suigetsu's face. Sasuke frowned. "As you can tell she's busy-"

"Actually I just about finished hours ago." Sakura replied. She had recovered from her previous shock. Somewhat.

Sasuke glanced down at Sakura and raised an eyebrow as he leaned back on her desk and crossed his arms. The look on his face practically screamed I- Will- Kill- People- In- Their- Sleep- If- You- Go. But then again she wasn't a mind reader or face reader in this case.

"Umm." Everyone turned toward the timid man who had wisely stayed at the sidelines of their conversation. "I... I was sent here by Hokage-sama to have a check up. Is it okay if I have it now."

Sakura stood up and nodded. "Why don't we all calm down, hmm? All of you can wait in the waiting room until I finish this check up."



Looking up, Sakura felt like an ant as Sasuke towered over her. "If he goes through an episode while your examining him then you won't be able to stop him."

Sakura frowned. "I'm a big girl now Sasuke. I don't need protection."

"I agree with Sasuke. He's the only one who can subdue Jugo without anyone getting hurt." agreed Suigetsu. Everyone looked at him incredulously. "What? I can be smart too ya' know!"

That's when Karin butted in. "We should probably go too. He'd have to be restrained when Sasuke works his magic."

And before she knew it, Sakura was being led away into the white, marble hallways of the hospital. Sakura searched for the owner of the arm that was dragging her and came to the realization that it was Sasuke. Without realizing it, Sakura eased her heels off the floor and began to walk. The hold on her arm loosened. That's when a thought occurred to her. "Do you even know where you're going?"

Suddenly they all stopped. Sakura almost wanted to laugh. The look on Sasuke's face was anything but pleased. Sakura then began to take the lead although Sasuke did not remove the hold he had of her arm. As soon as they reached a door Sakura was sure was vacant, Sakura turned toward all of them. "I know you all have your reasons to tag along but I can't compromise patient- doctor confidentiality. All of you will wait outside this door. That way you'll only be a door away from anything bad that may happen."

"Sakura" Sasuke started.

"No." Sakura growled in such a manner that even Sasuke leaned back slightly. Sakura looked toward the timid giant and smiled. "Now come this way Jugo and I'll try and make this quick."




Sasuke was leaning against a wall. Coincidentally, that wall was adjacent to the door. It's not that he cared if someone got hurt (like a certain pink haired kunoichi) it's just that he doesn't want Jugo's episodes to compromise his plan to escape. A plan he surprisingly did not want to follow through. Not that he had rekindled the relationships he previously had in Konoha. There were other reasons... he just didn't know them yet. Sasuke glanced forward and spotted Karin to his left sitting on the cushioned bench. She seemed to have a deep hatred for white, steel doors. That could probably be explained by the fact that Suigetsu was sitting on the floor directly in front of the steel door with his back to her.

Sasuke couldn't help but narrow his eyes at Suigetsu. He had grown used to his playful-yet dangerous- manner and he was certain that Sakura was not used to that type of person. Hopefully.

As if to stir him from his thoughts, Sasuke heard a loud clash and the sound of someone being thrown against a wall. Quickly, Sasuke pushed himself off the wall and opened the door forcing Suigetsu to fall back on to his behind from how fast he moved. Sasuke was just about to activate his Sharingan when he couldn't help but gap at the scene before him.

Some one whistled. "Wow! When princess said she she didn't need protection, she was right. Damn I wish I could bone her."

Sasuke almost didn't hear him but even then he wasn't paying attention to his words. All his attention was given to the small pink haired woman with a man nearly twice her size in a choke hold. She raised her hand and dragged two of her fingers against his arms and legs. Immediately after, his limbs stopped moving and she released him. Slipping her arms under both the back of his neck and under his knees, she lifted him up and looked over toward Sasuke and Suigetsu.

Sakura smirked and spoke as she went to set Jugo down on the hospital bed. "I wouldn't know about boning me but I can assure you I need no protection."


Sakura rubbed her chest. Even though Sasuke's groping incident happened the other day, she could still feel the pressure of Sasuke's fingers pressing against her breast. Sakura felt a slight chill shake her body. It wasn't good if she found groping a turn on (You couldn't really blame her really. Considering who did the groping).

Sakura turned her attention toward the papers that were scattered across her coffee table. It seemed her sick (attractive) patient's results were in and there were a few things that concerned her. Those on the other hand could be handled some other time considering that his health hasn't decreased in the slightest save for a nasty cough every now and then. There was a knock on her door.

Sakura turned to look at her clock. It was the middle of the night and, from what she could tell of the numerous thudding on her roof, it was also raining. She couldn't help but wonder who in the world would be at her doorstep this late on a rainy night.

Reaching out for a kunai she left on her coffee table, Sakura began to walk toward her door. There was another knock on her door this time louder and more dragged out. Squaring her shoulders, Sakura turned the knob and swung her door open making sure to keep her kunai in front of her.

Ino stood there shivering with blood shot eyes and looked like she was soaked to the bone. Slowly, Sakura stared at Ino incredulously as she slowly lowered her kunai. "I-Ino?"

Said blonde launched herself into Sakura's chest and began to sob in to the crook of her neck. Sakura quickly closed the door and stumbled back to retrieve the blanket she had on her couch. After wrapping it around Ino, Sakura set her on the couch. "Ino, what's wrong? What happened sweetie?"

Ino, whose hands were gripping Sakura's shirt while she sobbed on her chest, looked up with heartbroken eyes and whispered coarsely "I'm pregnant."

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