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Chapter 1 - Bellatrix

"Where is it?" Daisy grumbled as she searched though her room.

The room was a complete mess. Various items of clothing and books were scattered across the floor. The mess didn't bother Daisy though. It wasn't as if she was sticking around. She had already made plans to meet up with Ellie.

It wouldn't be long before Death Eater found her if she stayed.

Ellie was going to help Daisy. She always did and she always knew what had to be done.

The Order of the Phoenix will help her, she reminder herself. She had joined the order alongside her best friend two years ago. They had to protect her. She was a muggleborn and a friend.

It had been 6 months since Daisy said goodbye to MI9.

But it wasn't just the job she had left it had been her friends as well. Daisy hadn't spoken with Blane, Rose and Lenny for months.

It had been a year and a half since she had sent foot in Hogwarts castle.

Daisy rumpled though her bag. It was only one small purse but thankfully Hermione had taught Daisy how to add an undetectable expected charm. She had parked her wand, a few spell books, a pair of share clothes and the invisibility clock she had made when she was thirteen. The invisibility clock was nothing compared to the one that Harry owned but it worked for what she needed. She had also added the charmed coin Hermione had given her in her third year while she was part of DA. For some reason she felt as if she would need it in the future yet she could explain why.

Suddenly the door of her door busted open and slammed against the wall. Daisy spun around and turned to face a witch.

The witch entered the room. She was tall. Her long tangled hair was black and her eyes dark. She wore tight fitting clothing made from black leather. She was Bellatrix Lestrange.

'Well we meet again, Miller' Bellatrix snarled at her.

Daisy felt her blood run cold as she backed up against the wall. She slipped her purse into her pocket and hopping Bellatrix hasn't seen it. But she knew she was going to wish she was dead after Bellatrix was finished with her.

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