This is my first attempt at an Inuyasha fanfic. It's mainly based of the episode "The Man Who Fell in Love with Kagome". Not really word for word, but a rough outline. This is really short, and I wrote it pretty fast. Un-beta'd because I haven't posted anything in awhile, but I'll beta it eventually. Thanks :D

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The large bird wavered in the air under the extra weight of another passenger. It flew dangerously close to a jagged cliff before using all of its strength the fly higher. The passenger squirmed in the bird's sharp talons, yelling down in the direction of a large cat. The bird was taking the dog earred creature to its feeding ground.

Inuyasha hadn't planned on sacrificing himself for Kagome, but here he was. The ugly bird had a suprisingly tight grip and he was finding it hard to get out. Miroku ,the bastard monk, flew further away with Sango and Shippo. He was expecting to arrive at Kouga's den, but the more the bird flapped its wings, Inuyasha began to worry. Perhaps Miroku was wrong, and these things weren't allies with the wolves.

"Come back Miroku! FIGHT LIKE A MAN!" Inuyasha yelled towards Kirara.

Then he was falling through the air and into a pile of bones. They were the bones of wolves. Of Kouga's pack. Miroku had been wrong. Inuyasha's mouth twitched; he had been right. The thought brightened his mood slightly, but the bones made him think of Kagome. Inuyasha let out a huff of frustration and felt his white hair fall in his face. Kirara was now a dot in the sky, flying in the direction of the den.

He was so close to finding Kagome, his only hope of finding the Shikon Jewel Shards. It had been a major set back when that damned wolf had taken her. And as much he hated to admit it, he was worried sick. Kouga was Inuyasha's barbaric enemy. So many disturbing thoughts crossed his mind whenever he thought of Kagome. Who knew what Kouga had done to her? Shippo had been there too, but what could the little thing do against the wolves?

Inuyasha took a deep breath and stood up. It was obvious Miroku wasn't coming back, and it wouldn't be any help if the white haired demon just sat like a lost puppy. He coruched down low, baring his sharp fangs. With as much muscle he could muster, Inuyasha launched himself up the side of the rocks. He sprang from cliff top to cliff top, keeping his eyes on the look out for Kagome.

Blood spattered over Kouga and Inuyasha, who still held his sword high over his head. The wolf had sat there pretty quitely, clutching his injured arm. Pride swelled in Inuyasha's chest. He had taken out the Bird Of Paradise in one clean swing. Kouga was not all he had boasted about; he hadn't been able to take the bird out himself.

Kagome rushed over to them. Inuyasha lifted his head a little, readying himself for her praise. Instead, Kagome ran to Kouga, hugging him tightly to her chest. She gasped as she caught sight of his bloodied arm and squeezed him tighter.

Inuyasha's knuckles turned white. His mind shifted toward Kouga's words: " I'M IN LOVE WITH YOU, KAGOME!" he had yelled with passion. Inuyasha still had no idea what happened in the den, but this had turned to acid in his stomach. Kagome loves him back, he thought, its over.

"Get up Kouga! I'm taking you out next!" Inuyasha shouted.

"Inuyasha, stop it! He's hurt! Can't you see?'' Kagome said as she held him.

Kouga attempted to get up and fight, but she held him down. This angered Inuyasha even more and he charged.


Inuyasha felt himself slammed onto the dirt. He protrested and yelled, but it was no use.

He knew Kagome would never love him the way he loved her.

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