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It was suppose to be just a nice little get away to finish her project, nice and relaxing, away from the city and away from her college. Kara bitterly laughed as she ran through the gravestones, holding onto her bleeding arm while running for dear life. She turned the corner and kneeled by a weeping angel statue, looking out over the hedge to see where her assailant was at. It was pitch black out, so there was no way she could see as cold sweat rolled down her face. She leaned back slowly on the stone statue, trying to calm her erratic breathing as to not make too much noise. How did it come to this? How did a relaxing time turn into something out of a nightmare? She closed her eyes and remembered how this nightmare stared...

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - a day earlier - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Karoline Stevens looked dull-fully ahead of her while her teacher went on and on about stuff they already covered the last semester. It sucked when there was a substitute teacher, especially in college. What a waste of money, an entire class spent on things they already knew. Kara chewed on her pencil to pass the time, she might as well go through her homework for her next class, photography.

She was doing her final project for her Masters Degree in Photography, which was more grim then most of her classmates projects. Her project was of tombstones, and not the normal boring kind, the giant Arch Angel 6-foot-tall kind. Unfortunately all the graveyards in this town just had normal boring headstones. Kara needed something more then that, something thats eye popping and unearthly beautiful, she searched around the town for something, anything, but no one had any clue.

Luckily one of her classmates had an Uncle who did graveyard pictures like her, and heard of a place not too far away called 'Midian'. He said a lot of weird stories were going around about that place, something about criminals and homeless people talk about it as if the place forgives your sins. But Kara didn't really care about that, she only cared about the 'wondrous gravestones like you've never seen before' for her project. She was planning on leaving for Midian tonight since it was a friday, stop at a motel overnight, and in the early morning stop by the graveyard and take a full days worth of pictures while the light was still good.

Grabbing her directions she looked them over, apparently Midian wasn't an actual town but a graveyard that was as big as a town, it was located by some place call Sherrinick, which was about a 4 hour drive from the city in the middle of nowhere. She glanced back up at the substitute teacher and waited patiently for the class to be over.

Finally it was time for her Photography class, all that was going on was the class talking about the developments in their final projects, but she had to tell the teacher in private about her trip to her photos, maybe she could get extra credit. She waited patiently as all the students went out of the classroom, and finally went up to the teacher. She nervously played with her dark brown hair as she approached him, the red highlights in her hair shining in the light. "Professor?" She shyly asked. He turned and looked at her with his green eyes, smiling sweetly. He was one of the few handsome teachers there.

"Yes Miss Stevens?" His tone was calm and tired sounding.

"I just wanted to, you know...Inform you that Im going to Midian tonight to get my pictures done, ill be there the whole weekend." She waited for him to answer, her brown eyes bright with hope of some form of approval. She really needed the extra credit.

"Oh wow, so your really doing it then? Good for you, I cant wait for the finished project. Good luck." He lightly rubbed her arm as he straightened his glasses.

Kara's smile slightly faded as the sting of let down hit her. She turned to walk off, saying one last thing before she went. "So I don't get extra credit for going 4 hours out of the way to practically another state to get my photos then?"

His smile faded a little as well as he answered her, "Well it depends on the depth of the photos, if there worthy of a high grade then yes you will get the extra credit." With that she walked off, just a bit pissed.

Hours had passed as she was on her way to Midian, driving steadily on the road sipping on coffee. Finally she had made it to a crappy little motel on the side of the highway, the lady at the front desk seemed a bit trashy. Her short skirt was high up on her and she was smoking and eating a twinky at the same time. Kara tried her best to look polite, but even the lady gave her the same look she was probably giving her, the 'look what the cat dragged in' kind of look. Kara really didn't think her look was that weird, her long sleeved shirt was red and black striped and her blue jeans had one or two rips in them but other then that she looked fine. Yeah so her hair had a few red streaks in it but hell, it was the look. She gave herself a look-over then ignored the woman, writing down her name in the registry.

"I need a room for the night please." Kara politely said to the woman. She only sighed, put out her cigarette, and gave her a room key. Kara mumbled her thanks and got out of there.

It was the early morning now, and Kara packed up her camera and rolls of film she was going to use. She made sure she had her lights for the camera for the night time pictures. And off she went, to Midian.

Really it wasn't that long of a drive from the motel to the graveyard, which was convenient.

"Oh my god..." Kara gasped as she looked at the cemetery. It had walls, actual concrete walls surrounding the place! The fence was huge and there wasn't a sole in sight, it looked as if the place had been abandoned for years. She lit a cigarette and put the pack in her breast pocket for later.

She slowly walked into the graveyard, the gate squeaked loudly as she opened it. This place really was as big as a town! There were so many gravestones and statues and tombs! Tombs? No graveyard in America had tombs that she heard of. Why hadn't this place been more well known? It was amazing! Kara surprised her joy as she wondered through the place, "Time to get to work! Where the hell do I start?"

In the shadows of an old tomb lay glowing eyes watching her every move, whispering.

It was now getting dark out, she had been there for a good 8 hours now, almost using up her film. She lightly dusted off the statue of a devil with wings, turning her light on it for a better picture. "Thats better..." She said to herself.

Kara took a few more pictures of the statue from different angles, getting behind it and crouching down. But she heard a noise from behind her, it sounded like a twig breaking. She quickly turned but didn't see anything there, so she shook it off and went back to work.

Only the noises got louder, and closer. Finally she started to get an uncomfterable feeling as if someone was behind her, the darker it got, the stronger it became. She made sure to stay by her lights, checking behind her every few minutes. It got to the point where she was really starting to get creeped out, so she decided to finish it up and slowly and carefully took her lenses off her camera, crouching to the ground so she could put it in the case.

"Well look at this...A Natural." A very strange deep voice said from behind her. She froze dead in her place, too afraid to move. Was this some backwater redneck out drinking late at night? She kept her ground, not daring to turn around and face the person yet.

"Meat..." That was a bit odd. Who says that when addressing someone? Kara finally turned her head, not getting off the ground just yet.

But what she saw scared the living shit out of her.

She gasped loudly, too shocked to even scream as she lost her balance and fell to the ground, dropping her 400 dollar camera. What was standing before her was no man, but a monster. A red skinned reptilian looking man stood before her, his eyes were a sinister dark green and he had strange snake-like dreadlocks. His teeth were white and very sharp looking as he grinned at her.

Kara tried her best to crawl away from this thing, but he quickly moved forward and grabbed onto her leg. This time she let out a yell and tried to kick him, but he grabbed both of her legs and pulled her to him.

"OH MY GOD WHAT ARE YOU! WHAT DO YOU WANT!" She screamed at it, never taking her eyes off of him in pure horror.

He only let out a cruel laugh as he kneeled down ontop of her, en-caging her to the ground. "You smell nice, you must taste nice as well." His strange deep voice said to her as he leaned down and sniffed her neck, to which she closed her eyes and started to shake violently from fear.

"What is a nice tasty thing like you doing out here this late a night? Don't you know monsters come out at night?" He said while breathing in her scent. She couldn't reply, she was too scared.

"Well, lets see if you taste as good as you smell!" The monster opened his mouth, but before he could take a chunk out of her neck Kara struggled out of his grip and almost got halfway out from under him. She was a little too slow as his teeth sank into the side of her right arm instead.

She let out a yelp of pain and kicked his face in one quick move, getting off the ground as fast as possible and ran like hell. She could hear a loud roar come from behind her as she ran even faster ahead of her, not really sure where she was going and eventually became lost in the maze of Midian.

And now here she was, bleeding, alone, and scared shitless. It would of helped if she knew where she was going, but it was pitch black outside and her comprehension was clouded by fear. As she sat there breathing deeply thinking about her next plan of action, a thought struck her.

'my camera!' Her mind screamed at her. She could just find her car and get the fuck out of there, but...her camera. It was all way too expensive to just leave there on the ground, just the camera was 400 bucks, each individual lenses were at lease the same amount each! And all her equipment! That camera was her life! And her project final was in it...She had to make a run for it and grab it, then find the car.

But what if she just...came back later for it? It seemed like this monster didn't come out in the daytime, so she might have a chance. But...then there was the possibility of that monster taking it or something...she couldn't risk it.

Her thoughts were interrupted by a very sinister high pitched laughter that came from the right of her. Two more voices could be heard, giggle and laughing.

Fuck the camera and get the hell out of there!

Kara stood up and turned to the left of the statue she was hiding behind as fast as she possibly could, only to run head on into the red skinned monster.

"Oh shit..." She whispered, trying to back away from him. He had somehow changed from a moment ago, his face looked more...shark like. It was hard to explain, way more sinister looking.

He quickly tried to grab ahold of her arm, but she slipped out of his grip mostly due to her sweating 50 gallons in the last 5 minutes. The monster gave out a loud roar as she bolted the other way, still not totally sure where she was going. The headstones were finally starting to look familiar to her as she ran on. Yes! She knew where she was! It was just a straight shot to her car from here!

The blissful feeling of hope filled her as she put all her strength into her legs to run faster, keep going, not stopping till she got to the car!

But something caught her left foot, and she felt her body stiffen as she slowly fell to the ground, waiting for the impact of the dirt.

It wasn't dirt that hit her face, but something much more solid. Thats when white hot pain shot through her entire body, and she couldn't seem to move her body off the ground. Her head lay tilted just a little on something...the whole world was on its side...and there was blood...so much blood under her. And then her vision faded.

Peloquin stopped his running pursuit as he saw the limp body of his dinner-to-be. He slowly walked over to her, examining the reason why she was on the ground and not screaming. In fact, she wasn't really breathing either. He stood infront of Kara's body and noticed her leg was wrapped in her camera strap, her broken camera laying by her, entangled in the strap still.

It looked like she had tripped and cracked her head on the tombstone. Peloquin touched his fingers to the bloody tombstone and brought them to his lips, licking them. He closed his eyes and shivered with delight of the taste.

He picked up the lifeless body and walked deeper into the graveyard, right into an tomb where he disappeared.

Kara gasped awake to a lot of commotion going on, which confused her-wasn't she just in a deserted graveyard? "WHAT THE FUCK!" She screamed out as she wildly looked around like a mad woman. She was in some kind of cave, everything was lit with candles and there were drawings all over the walls, but what was even more disturbing was the old man standing over her with his hand over her heart, it looked like it was glowing with white light.

"Who-who are you? Where am I?" She demanded.

"The test is complete..." The man straightened up and she was able to see what he really looked like. He was old, his hair and his beard were long, and it eyes were pure black. He had strange cuts on both his cheeks that looked like they were bleeding, but the real reason was, why was his hand on her chest?

"I am Lylesburg, leader of the Nightbreed. And you are in the real Midian." Kara glanced around the room quickly to gather her surroundings, there were other people with them. More monsters, each one more terrifying then the last. Her heart started racing...or...it would if she could feel it.

What a strange feeling. Her heart wasn't beating.

Her hands flew to her chest to double check, and there was no pump in her chest. She glanced up at the old man, terror in her eyes. "What happen to me?...Am I dead?" The man only nodded his head slowly at her. "Then...is this hell?"

"This place has many names, but it is not hell. This is a sanctuary for us, and for you now." He calmly said, watching her.

She got up off the floor and took another glance around the room. "This is underground! Are we under the cemetery? Is this where you live?" Wow she could take some amazing pictures down here. But then the disturbing thought of 'why were monsters living here' still remained.

But the air in the room changed as the old man put his hand on her shoulder. "Peloquin found you above, your blood as been spilt on Midian soil, he brought you to me to help you, and so I have. You are now Nightbreed. But a price must be payed for this."

"A price? What price? What are you talking about, who the hell is Peloquin?" She looked back at the old man, removing his hand from her shoulder.

"Peloquin has saved your life, he is owed something in return, that is the law. As you do not have anything to give, your life belongs to him." That was the dumbest law she had ever heard of. So she gathered that 1: being chased by a monster which resulted in your death, 2: the monster that pretty much killed you took you home to be brought back to life, 3: in either option you have absolutely no choice in anything, and yet your now forced to 'belong' to someone...and 4: what the HELL was a Nightbreed? Was that what these monsters were?

"I don't belong to anyone, what the hell are you talking about?" She screamed out.

"It is the law. You are Nightbreed now, you cannot go back to the Naturals world, therefore you must obey the laws." The old man said very sternly. She was backed up into a wall, literally.

Kara looked up straight ahead of her, she saw movement within the crowd, and there he was, the monster that attacked her! He was standing by an overgrown porcupine lady, holding her shoulder. He was grinning at her as their eyes met, now that she was actually able to see him he looked like an asshole.

"...you!" She hissed out, "YOUR THE ONE THAT ATTACKED ME!" She historically pointed her finger directly at him.

The old man looked over at him, "Is this true Peloquin? Did you break the law?"

A very cold look was thrown her way as he calmly explained to the elder his story. "I was out taking a stroll, I thought I heard a stray dog and thought it would make a good meal. But the dog was this girl, so I tried to run her out of the place. I lost track of her, and when I found her again she was..."

Pure rage filled Kara that moment, "YOU FUCKING LIER! YOU TRIED TO EAT ME!" She screeched out. Whispers and murmurs were heard all around.

This 'Peloquin' fellow smiled at her, something about his eyes made her not feel right. "Prove it." He very calmly said. She glared at him as she lifted her torn sleeve up to reveal...absolutely nothing. There was no bite mark, no nothing! Her shirt had a small hole in it, but other then that she was fine. What the hell?

"It...It was right there! Look you can see where the shirt was torn!" Kara desperately looked at everyone, someone had to believe her!

"...You were just delirious, I suppose. Peloquin saved you, you should be grateful." Lylesburg gave her a stern look as everyone started to walk out of the room one by one.

Finally it was just Kara and Peloquin that were in the room. The air in the room was stiff with tension as he looked at her with his strange dark green eyes. She tried to hold her ground and look as threatening as she could, but it probably failed horribly.

"So...Your Peloquin." She almost whispered. His eyes seemed like they were laughing at her as he grinned at her. He looked so evil, she shivered slightly at his gaze.

"And you belong to me." His deep voice purred.

"I don't belong to anyone you fucking overgrown lizard! Im getting the hell out of here before you try to eat me again!" She gave him one last look as she ran off down the strange long hallway, praying he wouldn't follow her.

She passed rooms filled with strange and frightening monsters, but by this point she was over the shock of it all. She was always able to adapt quickly.

Finally she made it to at least some kind of window, it was high up on the wall and very small, like a drainage hole on the side of a road. She could see the light of morning on the tombstones outside and sighed with relief. For a second she thought Peloquin was going to come after her, but she guessed he was just...tired?

But who cared, she could get the hell out of there finally. Kara lifted herself up to the window and stuck her hand out into the light, trying to grab hold of something so she could pull herself up, only her arm really started to hurt, then burn really badly. She glanced over and gasped as she saw smoke coming out of her arm as if it was on fire. "What the fuck!" She whispered as she pulled her arm back. That really REALLY hurt! And her arm had traces of...ash on it? Ash?

Kara only rubbed her arm of the ash as she looked up at the light coming from the small window. Was she really stuck here? Could she really not go out in the sunlight? And if sunlight hurt her, maybe even leaving Midian would hurt her too.

Hands grabbed the side of her and spun her around, she was face to face with Peloquin and he had a very hard to read look in his eyes.

"Well, now you know you cant leave." His eerie deep voice hit her like a ton of bricks.

"And what, belong to you? Pff." She squirmed out of his grip and left the little area, not really sure where she was going or what she was doing. All she knew was tears were rolling down her eyes and she needed to smoke. Peloquin only watched her leave, not following her.

She passed more and more monsters, this whole place really was like an underground town. There were bridges leading to other levels, and all the 'living quarters' were small with no doors, it was all like a giant maze, tunnels leading to more tunnels. Finally she stopped somewhere where there was a little fountain made of rocks, it was in a stoney shadowy corner between two hut houses.

"God...fucking dammit." She sighed as she lit a cigarette and sat down on the fountain. All she wanted to do was finish her final project, was that so much to ask? Now shes stuck here in this hell, she was dead, and she burned in the sunlight. Wonder if she drank blood too...

But her thought was interrupted as Peloquin appeared on the other side of the fountain, leaning against the wall. His arms were folded as he gave her a cloudy look.

Kara in-hailed her cigarette and kept it between her lips as she said to him, "What the fuck do you want? I need some god damn time to myself..." She got up off the fountain and began to walk off, until Peloquin grabbed a hold of her and pushed her to the wall in one swift move, she didn't yell but only glared at him-her cig still dangling from her lips.

Peloquin let out a small growl as he leaned in closer to her. "Your life is mine now, tasty." His face was now barley an inch away from hers, she couldn't back up at all so she only started wide eyed at him as he put his lips over her lit cigarette and swallowed it. Kara had a disgusted look on her as he blew smoke in her face as he said "Your mine completely. I can do anything I want with you."

This didn't look good.

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