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Kara robotically placed hot plates of food in front of a group of hungry drunken customers at the dinky little diner/bar late into the night. The 'Hells Bells' diner was unfortunately open 24/7, and Kara had grudgingly been working there for about a month now. Her escape plan didn't go as well as she had thought it would, having to work off her car bill in the impound, which was about 800 bucks. Not to mention her motel bill, what was suppose to be a one or two night stay there turned into a month long rental. One good thing about being dead is you don't need to eat, therefore you don't need food money. Kara grinned slightly at the food while loosing her train of thought.

"Hey Miss, can I get a refill on my beer?" One of the drunken men at the table asked her, lifting up his empty glass. Kara eyed his drunken heated face, how many beers has this guy had? As if sensing her unease, the man smiled sweetly at her through his drunken haze.

"Did you help make this? This food looks mighty tasty, ma'am." He said out of kindness, maybe even a little flirty for his old age. But Kara had gone white, all humor gone as her smile fadded.


Your mine, Tasty….

Her mind recoiled in horror at the memory of Peloquin calling her by that name, it was a trigger for her. Kara closed her eyes and shook her head as if shaking off the memories, they were pretty painful and freaking out at work at 2 in the morning around all these drunks was probably not the greatest idea. She had only been here a month, but she felt like they all thought she was a little off her rocker since she began this job.

"Everything good ma'am?" The drunken man waved his empty glass at her again as if to remind her to fill it, only looking slightly concerned. She had to snap the fuck out of it! No more thinking about any of that crap, she had a new life now!

"Yeah, yeah, its all good in the neighborhood!" She laughed it off with a very fake laugh while grabbing his glass. Walk it off girl!

Around an hour or two later Kara escaped to take the trash to the dumpster behind the diner for one of her few smoke breaks, just glad to get away. Luckily most of the costumers had left, the diner was pretty empty for it being around three in the morning. She didn't know why, but that trigger made her very uneasy and paranoid, as if just thinking about Peloquin would make him magically appear.

She took a long drag of her cigarette, her mind was racing. She thought about Peloquin every second of the day, none of it was good thoughts, but for some reason that trigger word opened the floodgate to all her memories. This was not where she thought she would be when she escaped that hell. Literally she was only a few small miles from where Midian was, Kara really didn't make it that far, and it had been a month already. It was almost as if she couldn't leave, things really didn't seem to be going her way ever since she had gotten out of there. It was as if there was an unseen force pulling her back to the graveyard, back to the Nightbreed, back to him.

"No…" She said out loud to herself in the dark, taking another drag of her cigarette. Get your mind out of the gutter.

There was no way in hell she would ever go back to that, even if there was some magical pull calling her back.

'You are dead, remember that. You don't belong in this world with the naturals' Her dark little inner voice was cooing to her.

The voice had a point. She didn't know how much longer she could keep up the night shifts, what if they made her take a morning shift? She couldn't be around these normal humans, sooner or later something was going to happen that would expose her to the world. And expose the Nightbreed…

Kara pushed the thought aside, if she wanted to get exposed she would of told that sheriff asshole everything about Midian. Something stopped her though, even though she wanted Peloquin hunted down and shot, there were still innocent lives there that didn't deserve that. I didn't deserve any of that…She bitterly thought.

Her train of thought was derailed as she focused on one of the bushes, she swore to god she had just saw a pair of glowing bright green eyes. Theres no way…

Kara moved closer to get a better look, but there was nothing there. She inwardly sighed and shut her eyes closed. She needed a damn break, seven days a week of working and half a day on Sunday was no way to live. But she needed the money, her car was her one ticket out of here. Maybe all this working was too much for her, getting to her head.

Shaking her head at her own paranoia, Kara threw her bud on the ground and popped another cigarette in her mouth.

As she reached her pocket fishing for her lighter, there was a 'click' sound to her right making her jump. Her eyes snapped to her right, she saw a small flame coming from a lighter being held up to her. At first her eyes had to adjust to who was holding the lighter, for a brief second she hopefully thought it was one of the cooks coming out to join her, but that was not the case.

Kara froze once her eyes adjusted, fear gripping her very soul. The cigarette that was in her mouth fell to the floor as her mouth dropped open in shock. Peloquin sneered at her in the dim lighting, his red skin was illuminating, his eyes blazing. Oh Fuck.

They both stood there, staring at each other, neither one moving an inch. Kara started shaking, her mind started racing as adrenaline ran through her veins. She couldn't speak, her voice was lost.

Peloquin chuckled as he bent down to pick up her cigarette, it was a very dark sound. Instead of handing it back to her, he popped it into his mouth instead and lit it. Part of her wanted to slam her knee into his groin, but she was frozen solid in place. Its been a month, one whole fucking month she hasn't seen or sensed this asshole. Why did it take him so long to come after her? And he knew she was here, that was the scary part.

She thought about this moment ever since she escaped, imagining what she would do and say to this monster when she saw him again. There was so many things she was prepared to say to him, spit in his face, maybe stab him. But nothing would come out of her mouth, her knees were weak and shaky, she really didn't think she would be this way when she finally came face to face with him again, she was paralyzed from fear.

Kara watched in utter fright as Peloquin took a long smooth drag of the cigarette, never taking his burning green gaze off of her. Everything was telling her to run.

"Miss me?" Peloquin purred out, blowing smoke in her face in the process. She flinched, her brain scrambled as she tried to process an answer. Her mouth opened, but no words came out. She closed her mouth shut, tears forming in her eyes.

He took another long drag, eyeing her while blowing it in her face again. Kara's head started to tingle, her blood was trying to pump back into her heart. She defiantly knew that look, and it wasn't a good one.

Before she could think of what to do or what to say, Peloquin took a bold step towards her, his hand reaching out.

Her veins kick started back to life with adrenaline, she swiftly swatted his hand away and took a few steps back toward the back door. Her brows narrowed as a stray tear fell down her cheek, her eyes glaring bloody murder at him.

"Don't you fucking TOUCH me!" She hissed at him, she was gonna go primal on his ass.

Peloquin was shocked, the look on his face said it all. Kara took this opportunity to bravely continue, what was he expecting?

"Why are you fucking here?" She spat after a slight pause, trying to gauge his reaction. She had to be careful, she was at work still. Oh god she was still at work!

Peloquin's shocked look slowly melted into a mean sneer as he took another drag of his cig, was he stalling? Finally he spoke.

"I came to check on my pet." He simply stated, cool and smooth like while blowing more smoke in her face. What the fuck did that mean?

"Im not your fucking pet." Kara bravely whispered out, her fire disappearing with an uneasy thought of him stalking her this whole time. That wasn't possible, was it?

He eyed her, anger flashed in his eyes for a split second as he finished the cigarette. When their eyes met again his anger was replaced with something else, doubt maybe?

"Your soul is bound to me, you are mine Kara, you always will be." He breathed out. His voice sounded soft, like he was saying a love poem to her, possessively.

Kara snorted, brushing it off like everything that happened was just a drunken one night stand. "What are you going to do, drag me back to hell? No one owns me, especially not a fucking devil like you." She spat at him, desperately trying to get her flare back.

"Ive had plenty of opportunities to 'drag you back to hell' Kara. I wanted to see what you would do after leaving. I thought you would of gotten farther then this…" He gestured to the 'Hells Bells' diner sign glowing above them. She winced as hurt pricked her pride. He was right, she really didn't get too far did she. But something he said seemed to of made her mind race again.

"What do you mean you had plenty of opportunities?" She nervously blurted out. Had he been stalking her this whole time? If he knew she worked here then he probably knew where she was staying as well….She didn't want to hear his answer.

Peloquin grinned from ear to ear, his pointy white teeth gleaming in the dark.

"You look so peaceful when you sleep, so…Natural. Surrounded by your human comforts…" His gaze was piercing through her like a hot knife as his grin got bigger. There, she had her answer.

"You've been spying on me this whole time?" She whispered, her voice left her. Panic was starting to build up in her, she should run inside where it was maybe not crowded, but safe at least.

He slowly nodded, never taking his eyes off of her. "I have to keep whats mine safe, even if she's confused on where her loyalties lay." His voice dripped with venom, but his eyes softened along with his tone at his next statement. "Besides, I've-" He paused for a second, as if trying to think of the word he was going to say, "I've…missed you…" He croaked out. His eyes flashed with confusion for a brief moment. Did he really just say that?

She shook her head, denying what he said to her. "Peloquin…" Kara's voice broke, she started to tear up, her throat swelling with unwanted emotion. Not now, this is COMPLETELY not happening right now.

Instead of facing her horrible truth to never getting away from him, she turned her heel and walked back into the diner, slamming the back door shut behind her making sure to lock it.

Kara breathed hard, hyperventilated just a little. She leaned her forehead on the cold steel door, thankful to the gods for a few seconds alone to herself.

"Hey girl, you just got a customer at the bar!" Her head snapped to the cook behind the counter, almost forgetting there were people around her.

She nervously glanced at the door, expecting Peloquin to burst through and rampage on everyone there. But nothing happened, thank god. Kara straightened up, clearing her throat as she brushed her tears away.

"Everything ok?" The old cook questioned her, she was sure she looked like shit. Kara plastered on a fake reassuring smile, nodding slightly. It seemed to of worked, the cook smiled back at her and continued his mindless task.

Inwardly she was freaking the fuck out, how was everyone so calm? There was a demon from hell stalking the place, and they want her to pour some drunk dude a beer?

Stop it, keep your shit together. She inwardly told herself. You got this girl.

Plastering a customers-only smile on her face, she sauntered over to the bar, noticing how empty the diner looked. Paranoia was still running strong through her, she was on edge and everything looked suspicious to her. Her eyes fearfully scanned every corner of the diner before setting her eyes on the only costumer at the bar. She walked right up to the rain coated hunched over figure. For a horrible fleeting moment she envisioned Peloquin rearing his head at her with a wickedly evil grin and blood on his lips.

Kara blinked her eyes, getting rid of her horrid vision, and got her notepad and pen out.

"Hello Sir, what can I get for you?" She nervously asked, her eyes boring down on the hunched figure.

"…mm..Ashhhhbur…" The figure stirred, slurring his words.

"What did you say Sir?…" Kara was very high strung at this point. She licked her lips nervously, her muscles getting tense, this was turning into a scary night.

The head of the figure lifted from the table, it was a pale, wide eyed, very drunk man. Kara's eyes darted to the white collar on his neck, what was a priest doing here in the middle of the night drinking?

"Ashhhhburry….Rever..end..end. Reverend Aaaashberry." The man blinked and drunkenly tried to put his hand out for her to shake, but nearly fell forward instead.

"Oh! Whoa now, lets get you back on the stool there Reverend." Kara pulled him up and back onto the stool, man he reeked of booze! All he did was smile at her and gave her a thank you nod. She sighed as she got out her pen and paper again.

"Ok, what can I get for you Reverend?" She focused on the blank lined paper as she waited for his drunken reply. Honestly, she hated working the night shift, so many drunks to deal with in the late hours.

"A beer…" He trailed off, looking down at the table as if he was ashamed to be drinking. Honestly, Kara wouldn't of approved either…if it wasn't for her being a sinful creature herself. She shrugged it off and gave him a warning glare.

"How about a mixed drink?" She cooly asked. If he was as drunk as she thought he was, he wouldn't think twice about what she gave him.

He eagerly nodded at her and watched as she went behind the counter to pour him a drink. Of orange juice. And only orange juice. Lets see if this plastered priest could tell she was pulling a fast one on him. Truth be told though, she felt slightly calm with him here, still unnerved, but calm.

Reverend Ashberry eagerly took the OJ and gulped it down, his eyes were on her with a strange glazed look to them. Kara smiled at him. He didn't suspect a thing! She pulled this trick before, giving virgin drinks to the stammering drunks that walked in on her shift. Her only hope was he didn't drive here.

"Would you like anything else? Like some food?" She piped, hoping he was there for at least some freaking food instead of drinking more.

"Your…t-that woman." The Reverend spoke quietly to her, drunkenly sounding concerned. "The one, the one that disappeared at-at Midian!" He slurred his words slightly. Kara gripped her notepad tight, cautious of what he was going to say next.

"It craves you…the evil…t-the demon, you belong to it…" He looked at her dead on, his holy fear clear in his eyes.

Kara gaped at him, shocked. She defiantly wasn't expecting him to say something like that. What the hell did he mean? She belonged to evil? Who the hell did this guy think he was coming in here, insulting her, drunk off his holy ass.

Anger started to build up in her as her eyes narrowed disapprovingly at him. "What do you mean by that shit?" She snapped at him. She belonged to nobody.

His eyes widened in alarm at the realization of what he said to her.

"I-Im sorry-" His drunken apology was cut short by the door chiming. They both turned their heads in the direction of the entrance.

For another fearful moment Kara thought it was once again Peloquin coming into the diner. But to her relief and slight annoyance, it was the Police Chief whats-his-face. She nodded at him, feeling slightly unnerved by his presence.

"Fuckin' Ashberry! You god damn drunk!" Cheif Eigerman bellowed out, swiftly walking over to the drunk Reverend sitting on the stool.

"You piece of shit! Driving drunk and nearly knocking over mailboxes!" His beady little eyes squinted behind his glasses at Kara, glaring at her.

She raised her hands in defense, "Hey all he ordered was orange juice officer."

It was the truth, even though he asked for a beer.

Eigerman's eyes darted from Kara's to the Reverend's. "Is that true priest?" He spat out.

Reverend Ashberry hid his eyes from the officer, looking at his glass not saying a word. Kara felt a slight ping of pitty for him. The chief was being a dick anyway. Kara decided to put her two cents in where it didn't belong.

"He's not hurting anybody…" She trailed off.

Officer Eigerman turned his gaze back to Kara, looking her up and down.

"You still staying in town, honey? Get enough money for that hunk of junk yet?" He sneered at her. She hated sneering, she got that enough from Peloquin, and she hated being called 'honey' even more. And the fact he's the asshole who put her car in impound in the first place also pissed her off.

Kara blinked at him and gave him her fake customer face as she spoke, "Oh you know, 800 bucks is pretty steep for me, you know how it goes. I'll definitely be leaving soon." Like tomorrow probably, if she had enough for her motel rent. Maybe if she skipped out on paying rent…

"Well, lets get you in the drunk tank Reverend, church is tomorrow!" Officer Eigerman completely ignored her response, focusing on taking in the poor priest. Kara glared at him, what a fucking asshole!

She waved sulkily at the priest as he's shoved off by Office Asshole, he only gave her a strange look as he disappeared out the door. What was that shit about? Kara exhaled loudly, not feeling as safe with a holy man not here anymore. This has been a fucked up day, and she really needed to get back to her motel room. The sun was coming out soon, and she needed to figure out what the fuck she was going to do. Luckily her shift was almost up, she didn't know if she could handle anymore drunks tonight. Or priest, or cops, or for that matter Demons either. She inwardly shuddered.

Kara flopped onto her creaky messy motel bed, laying her arms over her eyes and sighing loudly. What a night! What a fucked up, scary ass night. Not to mention she barely had gotten any tips tonight, a bonus to the shittyness.

Her eyes flew open the moment she heard a 'click' of a lighter coming from the other side of the pitch black room. She was solid as stone as she gazed wide eyed at Peloquin lighting his cigarette, his skin glowing eerily red in the dim light, but his eyes were burning into hers. Kara felt like her throat was cut from fear, she suppressed a scream as the lighter went out, hearing Peloquin take a puff of the cigarette and exhale it back out, making her smell a whiff of tobacco.

They sat in silence for a few agonizing seconds, she felt like it was an eternity. He didn't say a single word, but sat there smoking his cigarette, eerily quiet. Kara prayed she didn't have the be the first one to speak, but it looked like she had to. Mustering up a little but of courage, Kara spoke out into the darkness.

"What do you want, Peloquin?" She barely whispered, fear clenching her throat again at the sound of his name on her breath. Oh this was so so SO bad.

He just sat there, enhailing another whiff of the cig. She watched horrified at the glowing embers as they burned a yellow tint. He said nothing, making tingles of panic roll up her spine, he was too quiet. It felt like she could feel his eyes roaming her, staying silent while taking another puff. This was agonizing, what was she going to do? Run for it? And go where? For a moment Officer Eigerman flashed in her mind, what if she told him about the Nightbreed? Panic was now running free in her mind as crazy scenario's popped up left and right in her imagination.

It took him a minute to answer her, mulling over the right words to say to her as he puffed on the cigarette again. Finally he spoke, his voice low and deep as his glowing eyes bore into her.

"I want you to come back with me, to Midian…Tasty." Her stomach dropped to her feet at the pet name 'Tasty', she hoped to never hear that word from his mouth ever again. He blew out more smoke, making its way over to her. She was silent, trying to process what he said while waving the smoke away from her face.

"You-you can't be serious…" She nervously laughed, not believing for one second that he actually thought he could just show up in her motel room telling her to come back after a month, from stalking her probably every day. What a joke.

"What, you really miss me that much? You sick fuck…" Her fire was coming back as her anger started to rise, how dare he. She sat up a little more on the bed, all thoughts of comfort after work gone.

"How dare you come here, trying to squirm your way back. After ruining my life wasn't enough! Now you can't leave me the fuck alone?" She spat at him, anger rising more.

The fire in her veins went right the fuck out the moment Peloquin rose from the chair, cigarette still lit in his mouth. He was right in front of her face in a flash, startling her, his cigarette had ashed on her shoulder in the process. She could see his piercing glowing gaze clearly now, it froze her to the spot. She gaped open mouthed at him, eyes wide with fear.

"You belong in Midian, Kara." He hissed her name menacingly. His eyes burning into her soul with his glare.

"You belong to me." And with that statement, he crushed his mouth onto her unwilling one, grabbing ahold of her head.

Her arms automatically flung out, pushing him away with all her might, panic turning into hysteria as she muffled a cry. He kept his grip firm on her head, pulling her twords him more, smashing her body into his. Oh god she didn't want this, she really really didn't want this! Her hysterical mind flashed a memory of a bat she had by the bedside table. She had it since her first tip from the diner, taking no chances. It was there for this exact reason.

Quickly she pulled her squished hand away from Peloquin's chest, and rummaged for the hidden bat, knocking the phone and a glass cup over while trying. He didn't seem to notice at all, instead he took it as an opportunity to try and tear her diner shirt off. But before he could succeed, she gripped the wooden taped handle of the bat and lifted over her head, bringing it smashing down with as much force as she could muster.

The wooden bat slammed the top of Peloquin's head, making him release Kara, howling and roaring in pain. Her heart hammered in her chest, or maybe it was imaginary, as she clutched the bat as if she was about to bat at a game. Thank god for softball. She only had a few seconds to either run for it or smash his head in again, so she picked number two.

Pulling with full force again, she swung the bat hard, hitting Peloquin on his side, maybe breaking a rib or two. He roared and grabbed ahold of the top of the bat, yanking it from Kara's hands. He was still so much stronger then her, she didn't seem to have a chance in hell!

Peloquin roared as he threw the bat at her direction, she quickly rolled off the bed, narrowly missing the bat by an inch. What now? Her mind raced as she darted from the floor, getting her hand on the door handle to the outside.

She looked over just in time to see Peloquin back-hand her hard, knocking the shit out of her. She was pulled back by the force, falling backward to the floor and landing on it hard. She felt her lip bust open as blood trickled down her chin. Her vision was getting darker as she tried to glance up at Peloquin's looming form. She can't black out now! Her mind was screaming to stay conscious, who knows what the fuck would happen if she passed out.

"Time to go home, Tasty." Peloquin's eerie voice echoed, she no longer could see him, or anything, as her vision faded completely.


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