Title: How to Crash a Wedding
Author: Lee O. Koh
Rating: K-T
Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama
Pairing(s): UxYxW, anti-UxY, anti-YxW, JxAxO
Summary: Yumi is getting married...wait, what? (This story is 10 years from the original show.)!

Disclaimer: I don't own Code Lyoko. :O

My whole teenage life, I've chased after you. But, now, it's time to move on.

This didn't feel right.
I just couldn't say 'no', couldn't I?
Yumi Ishiyama, one of the toughest women in the world, was weak at love.

But, did I love him?
Yes, I do.
Then, why am I feeling like this?

I hesitated, thinking of a reason to answer that question. Why am I feeling like this?

"Yumi?" I looked up.

"Aelita?" I was attacked by arms, hugs, and pink hair.

"I haven't seen you in such a long time! Wow, Yumi, you look so beautiful! You are drop-dead gorgeous!"

"Thank you, Aelita. I wouldn't call myself 'drop-dead gorgeous', but, thank you," I told her. Aelita, herself, looked amazing. She wore a formal, red dress, that went down to her shin. The dress complimented her body and face. She had kept the same short hairstyle, but I could tell, just barely, that she had extensions on.

Then, behind her was the guy you just couldn't bring yourself to hate.

Odd Della-Robia.
He was wearing...a tuxedo. Odd Della-Robia was wearing a tuxedo. He looked out of place in it, yet, he looked somewhat "cool" in it. His hair was tied in a low pony-tail, in a very formal looking way. He looked very professional.

"Yeah, Yumi, you are stun-ning! If you weren't getting married, I would be ALL over you!"

...How was I supposed to take that? Glancing around, I felt relieved as I wasn't the only one giving Odd weird looks.

"Haha...J-just...kidding.." We all burst out laughing. But of course, one laugh outstood all of the other laughs.

And of course,
that was Belpois' laugh. Jeremy Belpois.

The young Einstein was wearing a tuxedo, as well. His usual messy, curly hair was slicked back, probably with gel, for it was shining. He didn't have glasses on, which was probably only for my wedding, because Jeremy seemed like the type to prefer glasses over contacts. But, overall, he looked...genius.

"Congratulations, Yumi. Dunbar sure is a lucky guy to have you," he beamed at me.

"Haha, thanks."

"Yeah, remember when we were still in Lyoko? And he was all posessed and stuff?" Odd stuck his arms out, pretending he had a sword. "I am XANA-William! I will hit you with this giant sword! Oh no! It's too heavy! Nevermind, I'm not strong enough! Evil, ugly monsters..attack that cool, hot cat-man named Odd for me!"

Aelita and I giggled, while Jeremy shook his head.

"You haven't change one bit, Odd."

"I will take that as a compliment." Then, it was silent. The four of us stared at eachother, not knowing what to say. That was when I realized, that my favorite out of the Lyoko warriors, wasn't there.

Ulrich Stern.

I'm pretty sure I sent him an invite.
I'm pretty sure it was the right adress.

Then where was he?

"So..." Aelita, Jeremy, and Odd looked at me. "Is...Is he here?"

They looked at eachother with worried faces, and I felt like I knew the answer already.

"Sorry, but, he..he just refused to come," Aelita said, her eyes not meeting mine.

Odd looked away when he spoke. "Y'know, it kind of broke him when he found out you were getting married. He was in love with you, and all that..."

And I was in love with him...

They looked at me, nervous expressions painted on their faces.

I was going to tell them, it was okay, that I didn't mind. But all that came out was:

"Oh. Okay."

And silence followed.


"So, uhm, we better get to our seats now! Good luck with the wedding!" Jeremy congratulated me, awkwardly, and hurried off. Odd followed after him, waving to me, and Aelita gave me a quick hug, told me "not to trip on my dress", and ran to catch up with the two men. I sighed.

This wedding felt incomplete.

No, I won't complain. Even if Ulrich isn't here.

"Ms. Ishiya- I mean, Mrs. Dunbar, get ready!" A woman grabbed my arm, and pulled me infront of a big set of double-doors. Then, some other women fixed my make-up and hair, and finally, put on my veil.
Afterward, my father came up to me, (I could tell he had been crying) and he linked our arms together.

"My baby's growing up!" I smiled at him.

Soon, the double-doors in front of us opened, and my father walked me up to my future husband.
In the audience, I recognized familiar faces from Kadic.
There was Sissi, who I had, suprisingly, become best friends with.
Principal Delmas was sitting next to Sissi, but I really don't remember inviting him.
Herb and Nicholas, also, and I don't remember inviting them, either.
Then, Theo, who was a very good friend of William and I.
Emily was there, as well.
So was Milli and Tamiya, both hard to recognize.
And of course, Odd (with Kiwi on his lap), Aelita (who was starting to cry, happily, I hope), and Jeremy(giving me thumbs-ups), all who were sitting near the front.

My family was hysterical.

My dad, trying to keep a well-face, while trying not to cry.
My mom, beaming at me, who had already ruined her make-up with all the tears.
My brother, Hiroki, laughing loudly at our parents, who was trying to hide the sobs underneath the laughter.
And our almost-brother, Johnny, who was Hiroki's best friend, who was...I really don't know what he was doing.

But, I just smiled at them, and hopelessly searched the crowd for Ulrich, until I stood next to William, and my dad left my side.

Then, the priest starting to talk.

William seemed comfortable, while I was stiff.

No, no, this doesn't feel right at all.






Why am I feeling like this?

William poked me.

"Relax, we're just getting married," he joked. I grinned at him.

Then, he mouthed, "I love you."

"I love you, too."

Ulrich isn't here.

He'll never come.

So I have to set these feelings away.

And give my love to William Dunbar.

"Do you, William Dunbar, take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?"

"Yes! Of course, I do!" I chuckled, at his enthusiasm.

"And do you, Yumi Ishiyama, take this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?"

Of course I can't say 'no'. So, au revoir, Ulrich.


"WAIT!" I turn around, to see the one and only:

Ulrich Stern.

"What now, Ulrich? Can't you see we're kind of busy?" I heard William say.

"Yeah, Ulrich, I'm getting married," I told him, but I still didn't take my eyes off of him.

"Yumi! I want to- I mean, I need to tell you something!"

He looked desperate.

But...I'm happy. He came, to see me..

"Can't you tell her later?"

"No, I need to.. I need to tell her now!"

He was soaked with water... I had no idea it was raining outside.


I sighed, and looked at William. He nodded, and nudged me towards Ulrich.
After Ulrich and I were outside, in the rain, we began to talk (or shout, due to the rain's volume).

"Yumi! Please don't marry Dunbar!"

"That's not for you to choose, Ulrich!"

"But, I'm begging you! I ran this whole way to tell you!"

He ran?

"To tell me to cancel a thirty-thousand dollar wedding?" I screeched.

"Yumi, don't take it the wrong way!"

"Then, which way do you want me to take it?"

"Yumi, just... I wanted to tell you that I.." I raised an eyebrow.

"That you what, Ulrich?"

"That I ..."

"I can't hear you, Stern!"

Why come running to me today, out of all days?

"Yumi, I love you!"

I froze.

He stared.

The rain stopped.

I was feeling like that, because I was in love with Ulrich this whole time.

But, still, there were times to move on...


why did you have to tell me this now?

Author's Note


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