Title: How to Crash a Wedding
Author: Lee O. Koh
Rating: K-T
Genre: Romance, Humor, Drama
Pairing(s): UxYxW, anti-UxY, anti-YxW, JxAxO, maybe more...suggest?
Summary: Yumi is getting married...wait, what? (This story is 10 years from the original show.)

Author's Note

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Hey, beautiful. Leaving you is the biggest mistake anyone could ever make. Funny thing is, I made that mistake.

"Ulrich. Stern. Where are you?"

I sat as still as possible; I could feel my college roommate, Matt's warm breath on my shoulder as we were crammed, quite uncomfortably, in our closet.

"Ulrich dear. Babyface, come out. Now."

Matt whispered into my ear, "Stay still. Maybe she'll leave." I nodded, a stiff, quick, silent nod.

"Ulrich, you asshole. I know you're here!" I heard loud stomps march toward our hiding spot, and saw a shadow in the space beneath the door.

"Brace yourself, bro."

The closet door flung open, and light poured in.

"Ulrich! You were hiding from me again! This is not funny! I am your girlfriend!" Emma, my wonderful girlfriend, shrieked, "Why didn't you answer your phone?"

"Because I was too busy dancing to the ring tone," I replied with the straightest face I could pull off. I heard a chuckle from the boy next to me, and Emma's attention turned to said boy.

"Matthew was with you?" I stayed quiet. "Why were you two hiding from me?"

Matt stood up, (I heard a crick from his leg). "Whew, my leg was startin' to fall asleep!" Then, he placed his hand on Emma's petite shoulder.

"Emma, you and I both know the answer."

"Actually, I don't. What are you saying behind my back?"

"Babe, we know that you're a lesbian."

"Excuse me?" Matt started to laugh.

"Oh, no! Just kiddin', just kiddin'!"

While they're bickering, I can probably escape...
I slowly changed my position to all-fours, and tried to crawl as quietly as I could.

"Just where do you think you're going?" I felt a hand, with extremely long and sharp nails, grasp the back of my shirt, and pull me up onto my feet. "Why can't you be a loyal, nice boyfriend?" I raised a brow at her comment, and I could see Matt in the background with his stupid mouth in an "O" shape, snickering.

"What do you mean?"

"What do you mean? What do you mean? Do you need an explanation?" I quietly nodded. She sighed, pushing her light brown hair away from her face. I noticed some tears in her blue eyes...

"Ulrich, I love you. You love me. But, you're becoming way too immature for a college student. Personally, I think it's because of your roommate."

"What do I have to do with thi-,"

"Shut up, Matthew Johnson. Ulrich, you hide from me every time I visit. You avoid my phone calls. You're not following me on Twitter. You never write on my wall on Facebook. You don't text back, but when you do, it's always a day late. You always roll your eyes at me. You refuse to hold hands. Whenever we're with a group of friends, you completely ignore me and talk to your other man-friends. You never call me pretty. We haven't had a date in a month. You don't give me cute nicknames. You don't let me kiss you. You always leave me heartbroken."

Too much tears. It's already too dramatic. I don't know what to do.

"But, I treat you so differently. I clean your dorm. I buy you gifts. I treat you dinner. I invite you to places. I'm always the first to text you. I think about you a lot. I hugged you and comforted you when your team lost the championship. I compliment you. Whenever people say bad things about you, I defend you. I say 'hi' to you whenever I see you. I smile at you. I don't flirt with other guys. I'm not overprotective when girls talk to you. I never hit you. I never ignore you. I love the way you look. I love the way you talk. I love the sound you make when you laugh. I love your personality. I love how you're so different from all the other boys.

"I fucking love you." Silence. She had tears running down her tan face, make-up smudged, lipstick dry.

"O-oh." That's all I could say. Emma hit her hand, which was clenched in a tight fist, hard against the closet door, making it shut loudly, and also making her knuckles bleed. Matt widened his eyes, "Emma!"

"I know I'm a bitch at times, but that's all because I love you! I want to be noticed by you! If you don't like me, then why the hell did you ask me out?"

"I like you. I just don't like...drama."


My cheek...

"If you've been cheating on me with some Asian girl, you could've just told me!"

"You've been cheatin' on Emma?"

I've been cheating on Emma? With an Asian girl? "What do you mean?"
An envelope was flung at me. I quietly opened it, and examined it. The first letter was read out loud from my lips.

"To Ulrich Stern.

From Yumi Ishiyama."


"It's been a long time since we've talked. It's almost like we've forgotten each other! Haha.
I miss you. So does everyone else! Remember...Kadic Academy? We were so young. And naïve!"

"Skip all that; you can read it later. Go to like, the last paragraph."

"Ulrich, before you read the next sheet in the envelope, (or if you already have-whatever.) I want to tell you that loved you. Not anymore. I'm sorry."


"Now, look at the next sheet."

I quietly picked up the next sheet, which was surprisingly hard. As my eyes scanned the paper, the horror soaked in as if I had just seen my grandmother nude.

You have been cordially invited to the wedding of
William Dunbar and Yumi Ishiyama.

"Her name is pronounced 'Yumi'."

"Oh, so you do know her!"

"She was a childhood friend."

"Well, guess what? Your 'childhood friend' is cheating on you! How does that feel?"

"Why were you looking through my mail?"

"Better question: Why were you cheating on me?"

"I'm not cheating on you." Emma laughs.

"Are you kidding me? This all makes sense! Of course you are cheating on me!"

"Emma, I dated her in high school. We broke up. We're done. We haven't had contact in about ten years."

"Stop lying to me!"

"I'm not lying! If I didn't want this drama, then I wouldn't do this!"

"Then stop lying and the drama will stop!"

"Emma. I love you."


"I hate you!" My ex-girlfriend stormed off, out of the room.

That bitch...

"Emma!" Matt glared at me, and ran to follow wherever the girl was going. I just sat there, thinking hard.

I don't like Emma.

Then who do I like?

No one.



Then, stop staring at the wedding invite.

I'm just suprised.

Stop crying.

I'm crying because my face hurts.

You are a Lyoko Warrior. Physical pain hurts less than emotional pain.

I love Yumi.

I know.

What do I do?

Go to her.


Go to her.


Go to her.

...I will.

The taxi ride was too long, plus there was heavy traffic. I wasn't going to make it in time. I'm already about five minutes late.

I thanked the driver, handed him money, and stepped out of the car.

"You're 'onna just leave? Where'ya goin'?"

"Somewhere special."

"I wish I had an 'brella fer you, son."

"It's alright, sir."

"Be safe, kid!"

"I know." I slammed the door shut and pulled up the hood of my jacket. I didn't care what others thought of me at that moment. I just ran. (Running in the rain was..soothing.) Checking my phone constantly, as the time changed very quickly.

Ten minutes late.

Sixteen minutes late.

Twenty-two minutes late.

Thirty-seven minutes late.

I'm here.

I stopped. This was the church, right? Well, what do I do?

Shit, I was wearing the most casual clothes; worse, they were drenched! And what was I going to say to everyone there?

You are going to get in there.

And without thinking, I charged in, past the lobby, into the halls, and into the biggest door I could find that said "Congratulations!". It was like a movie, everything was in slow motion. The moment was either against or for me. I decided it was against me, because I did the stupidest thing anyone could possibly imagine.


People's eyes were on me, familiar faces, people I didn't know. But, I didn't come here for nothing.
It was silent for a bit, until the bloody William spoke.

"What now, Ulrich? Can't you see we're kind of busy?" I watched Yumi say something, but I completely ignored her voice.

"Yumi! I want to- I mean, I need to tell you something!"

"Can't you tell her later?" This was my last chance. I've got to do everything.

"I need to tell her now!" I gave up my girlfriend for this! "Please.."
I have one chance.

Yumi and I walked outside the chapel. We argued loudly over thunder and lightning.
Our words were blurs, but my thoughts, were loud and clear. And somehow, my thoughts managed to take over my mouth.

"I love you!"

What the fuck did I just bring myself into?

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