Happy Birthday Mary: The Preview

Alison, why did you kill your older sister Mary?

Because he said it was the right thing to do.

Who said that Alison?


Your toy rabbit?

Yes, he tells me all sorts of things.

What exactly does he tell you Alison?

He told me to stick the knife in the back of her head, and that we were never really sisters.

What was she then Alison?

The family favorite. The girl who got whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it. She had the clothes, the friends, the life. But there is one thing she never had in her life that I have today.

Which is what Alison?

Louis of course.

Have you and Louis ever had your differences Alison?

Why would we have? Louis is a good master! He is my friend! My only friend! He is never wrong!

Please calm down Alison!-

-You see doctor, there's a difference between being a confused little girl and a cold hearted killer and dear doctor I believe I am neither of those.

Then what do you believe you are Alison?

The next heir to the throne of course. Louis says I'm almost ready for my Coronation as princess.

Princess of what exactly Alison?

Princess of hell.

Sweet dreams doctor dearest. Wish my big sister a happy birthday for me.

So did you guys like it? I really hope it was good because I kinda rushed writing it. If you guys liked this I'll write a full story, just REVIEW! Also I may change Louis the Rabbit to Chucky the killer doll. You guys tell me what you want and REVIEW!