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Upper levels (Ahsoka's pov)

Barriss and I were in the upper levels as we were told that super battle droids came into the ship. "Looks likes the separatist are behind this attack" said Barriss as we made our way towards the elevator to make sure the enemy didn't come to the bridge.

"We should contact the others and check if they can handle it" before I could contact the boys something came out from the floor panels. They were five commando droids and they began to shoot at us. Barriss and I blocked their blasters as they charged at us still blasting. They climbed the walls and then two came behind me and tried to hit me. The other two did the same but Barriss was able to block their attack. One of the commando droid's attack was block but the other ducked and swipe kick me knocking me down to the floor. Barriss was tackled back and they began to punch her in the gut causing her to lose her lightsaber. The other pinned me down and tried to kill me but the other clones shot it taking its head off. I kicked the droid off and as the other one was distracted with the clone I grabbed my lightsaber and cut the droid in half. I force pushed the other droids off Barriss giving her time to grab her lightsaber and we began to fight them together.

What we didn't see is that one of the commando droids came out from behind the clone and killed him. It then made its way towards the bridge. We destroyed the last two droids and chased the droid before it could reach the bridge.

Cargo bay (Zach's pov)

Michael and I were in the cargo bay as the clones came in and got ready for the droids arrival. We were told that there were still some super battle droids around and were heading towards the cargo room. "All right men get behind the crates and keep a look out" ordered Michael as the clones got behind the crates to get a better defense when the separatist come in.

"Might as well tell them to stick back and let us do all the work" I said doing some stretches as I was getting ready for the droids.

"Can't hog all the fun to ourselves Zach, we should give the men something to shoot at for what those tinnies did to their brothers" said Michael as he removed his robe and folded it.

"Sir here they come" said one of the clones as the doors blasted open. Michael and I got out our lightsabers and activated them. Soon the droids came in and began to shoot at us while we reflected the blasts back to some and block the rest. The clones behind us opened fired on the droids taking some out.

One of the droids shot off a rocket launcher at the clones killing some almost destroying the cargo as well. Michael and I knew we had to push the enemy back before they did for damage. We used the force push to back the droids back out the door. "Stay with the cargo no matter what" I ordered the remaining clones as Michael and I charged out the door to take out the remaining droids.

Michael and I came out the room and began to take the enemy out. Michael deflected the blasters while I sliced the droids in half. The droids didn't seem to be putting up much of a fight in fact they look like they weren't even trying to kill us. Michael saw this too and decided to try something. He deactivated his lightsaber and the droids stopped firing. Zach and I saw that they seemed to have orders not to kill us.

We smiled and then charged at the droids destroying the rest with our lightsabers as the ones in the back did open fire but we saw they weren't trying like the ones in the front. We got to the last few droids and used the force push to throw the droids back towards the wall and he sliced them before they had a chance to respond.

"Well that's the last of them. Though I wish we kept one alive to find out why they didn't try to kill us" said Michael as he deactivated his lightsaber.

"I don't know maybe we can try and hack into the ones we didn't slice and find out" I said looking around for a droid we didn't slice in pieces.

"We could check back inside and find out" said Michael. "Better yet let's go see if Ahsoka and Barriss areā€¦" I stopped Michael when I lifted my hand. "What's wrong?" asked Michael.

"I don't know I just get this feeling that something isn't right" I said sensing something was wrong.

I looked around and noticed something on the upper corners of the wall. They looked to be a black color box. I looked around and saw more across from it then behind us and back to the door. I then began to think of what those were till I realized what they were. "Michael get out it's a [scream]" suddenly the boxes shot out electricity at us and began to shock us.

The shock was so painful as it brought us down to our knees. It hurt as the electricity kept on pouring in sending the electricity all over our bodies. I looked over and saw Michael was losing consciousness as was I. Finally the boxes stopped and we fell to the ground. I could smell some smoke coming off our bodies and could still feel a bit of the electricity still pouring in us. I looked over the corner and saw two figures coming towards us. I couldn't see who it was because my vision was still a bit blurry. But I did hear just a bit that some of the clones came out of the room but they were shot down.

I turned over and saw one of the figures grabbed Michael's hands and handcuffed them from behind. I felt the same when the other figure grabbed my hands and handcuffed me from behind as well. I couldn't hear what they were saying but all I did know is that this day has gone from bad to worse.

Bridge (Ahsoka's pov)

We got caught up with the commando droid as it was trying to get in the bridge. We used the force to stop it but it turned around and opened fired at us. Both Barriss and I blocked the blasters but soon it charged at us and climbed up the wall. Barriss and I ducked a mid air kick from the droid. But it landed behind us and swift kick our legs causing us to fall. It then grabbed us by the neck and held us up high choking us. Barriss and I tried to break free but it's tight grip kept us from escaping. One of the clones came up and shot the droid but missed its head. Once the droid lost it's grip on us we grabbed our lightsabers and cut off its arms then slicing it in half. Me cutting the upper body and Barriss from the waste below.

"Good work Ahsoka" said Barriss. Before I said anything to Barriss I felt a sharp pain go through my heart. I sensed something was wrong. I wasn't hurt but I could sense someone was.

"That's the last of the droids up in this level sir" said the clone as he approached us.

"Good to hear, what about below? What did commander Michael and Zachary say?" asked Barriss.

"Actually sir we lost contact a few minutes ago. They informed us that they pushed the enemy back but then the troops down said they heard some screams that sounded like Commander Michael and Zachary. So they went to check it out and then nothing. We lost contact there" said the clone.

Hearing the clone say that Michael was screaming made me run towards the elevator towards the lower level of the ship. Barriss ran behind me asking me what was wrong. I didn't respond to her because when the clone told me what happened I knew why I felt that sharp pain a minute ago. Michael was in trouble and I could feel his pain. When I got in the elevator I pressed the button frantically trying to get it to go down. Barriss got in just before the door closed out of breath as she was trying to catch up to me.

"Ahsoka what's wrong? Why did you take off like that?" asked Barriss.

"Michael and Zach are in trouble I can sense it" I said trying to remain calm. I felt worried that something happened to Michael.

"I'm sure their fine" said Barriss trying to reassure me the boys were okay. But I knew they weren't, I could sense something was wrong and when the elevator opened I ran out of the elevator trying to find Michael. We passed by the halls and saw some dead clones and droids till we got to where the enemy boarded. What I saw made my heart race even faster. Cad Bane and Aurra Sing had two droids carry Michael and Zach on their shoulders into the ship.

I activated my lightsaber and charged at them. Bane and Aurra saw me so they opened fire. I block the blasters but one did hit me in the shoulder. Bane went in but Aura threw something at me. A detonator was thrown towards me. Barriss grabbed me and threw us both in the room next to us closing it behind us before the detonator went off.

Once it was clear I got up quickly trying to get to Michael but it was too late. The airlock was closed and the ship separated from ours. I looked out and saw the enemy leaving taking my friend Zach and the man I love Michael away. I ran towards the bridge but was stopped by Barriss. "Ahsoka wait" said Barriss as I turned around to face her.

"They took them Barriss. They took Zach and Michael, we need to follow them right now" I said.

"I know Ahsoka, but we can't go after them. The ship's engines were damage and we are in no position to go after them. We need to wait for Master Mundi to come for us and we we'll need to inform the council in order for us to get them" said Barriss as she tried to keep Ahsoka from leaving off.

I knew that would take too long which meant the bounty hunters would be too far away for us to find them in time. But I knew if I continued acting differently Barriss would suspect something. So for now I would listen to her. "Fine but let's hurry up and contact them while we wait for Master Mundi to pick us up" I said as we headed to the bridge. Michael be safe, I'll come for you when I can.

(Michael's pov)

My eyes were closed, I tried to open them but for some reason my eyes do not open. I try to move my body but it too also did not respond. I still had though my senses and I tell I was on the floor by the cold metal my face was on. Last thing I remembered was Zach saying something about a trap then I felt a bolt of electricity going through my body shocking it and then seeing nothing but darkness as I blacked out. Finally I was able to open my eyes, they were blurry yes but it was better than seeing nothing but darkness. I looked over and saw someone else in front of me. It took a while but soon I was able to see who it was. It was Zach and he looked like he was also unconscious. That or he was sleeping, I couldn't tell since he was drooling and it did sound like he was asleep by the way he was snoring.

I tried to move my hands but I felt somekind of restraints on my wrists. I looked over and saw that Zach had somekind of handcuffs on his wrists which meant I had the same as well. I tried to sense for any presents using the force but for some reason I couldn't. This lead me to believe who ever captured us was someone who used force cuffs to prevent us from using the force. Which also meant they took out lightsabers as well leaving us with no weapons and defenseless. "Zach...Zach wake up" I whispered trying to wake Zach up. Zach just muttered something and didn't wake up. I moved my body closer to Zach till I was face to face. I moved my head back then head butted Zach till he woke up.

"Ow damn it what was that for?" said Zach as he looked around and noticed where we were. "Um where are we? And why are my hands tied?...Where's my lightsaber" said Zach trying to look for his lightsaber.

"I don't know but whoever kidnapped us is probably the same one who took mine as well" I said as I used Zach to sit up while he did the same as well. "I don't suppose you have any ideas on who would want to kidnap us?" I asked.

"Nope probably a lousy pirate or bounty hunter. I am going with bounty hunter since I heard we as jedis are worth a million credits" said Zach as he looked around our surroundings.

"True, plus whoever it is must be working for the separatist as well in order to get those super battle droids" I said just as we felt the ship shake a bit then it stopped. "Sounds like we won't have to wait long to find out who took us" I said as two super battle droids came in and picked us up. Holding us high by the shoulders when two figures came in. One a woman I didn't recognized the other I knew.

"Well we meet again huh boy?" said Cad Bane as he entered the room with Aurra Sing by his side.

"Cad Bane we meet again indeed. Come here uncuffed my hands so I can show you how much I miss you" I said wanting so badly to beat up Bane.

Aurra approached me and began to scan me. "So this is the boy that gave you so much trouble huh Bane?" said Aurra as he looked back at Bane then back to me. "You don't look so tough but you do look cute" whispered Aurra into my ear.

I she hitting on me? I thought thinking was this bounty hunter hitting on me. The thought of her hitting on me made me feel a little sick in my stomach.

"That's enough Aurra we have a job to complete remember?" said Bane keeping Aurra from getting any funny ideas and reminding her of their job.

"And what kind of job is that Kane was it?" said Zach.

"It's Bane, Cad Bane boy" said Bane as he turned to Zach.

"Right Chad Kane right got it" said Zach who I noticed what he was trying to do.

"It's Cad Bane" said Bane as he sounded a bit mad.

"Right Shaq Ba..." Bane pressed something on his wrist gauntlet and soon we felt jolts of electricity go through our bodies as we screamed from the pain. Then Bane pressed something on his gauntlet again this time stopping the electricity.

We groaned a bit from the pain and we looked up at Bane and Aurra who seemed to have enjoyed what happened. "Damn Shane can't even take a joke" said Zach.

Bane didn't say a word he and Aurra walked out the room with the droids carrying us as they followed Bane and Aurra.

We soon made our way out the ship and down the ramp where we saw some battle droids waiting for us. Zach and I soon knew where we were. Which made this day from worst to terrible as we soon realized we landed on a separatist ship. As we made it down we saw one of the droids with a briefcase. Once the super battle droids walked alongside the droids with us the battle droid handed Bane the briefcase. "There you go Mr. Cad Bane sir four million credits" said the battle droid.

Bane looked over it making sure it was all there and to make sure there were no traps or bombs in it. Once he knew it was good he gave it to Aurra as she examined the money as well. "Tell your boss it was a pleasure doing business with him" said Bane as he and Aurra made their ways back to the ship. "Oh yes one more thing here" said Bane as he handed the droid Zach and my lightsaber before leaving.

The battle droids set us down as we regained the feelings on our legs allowing us to stand. "You two follow me now" said the battle droid as we followed it. Not like we didn't have much of a choice since we were stilled cuffed and they had our weapons.

As we walked towards where this droid was leading us Zach and I looked around the ship noticing something. "You sensed it too?" asked Zach.

"Yep I cannot use the force but I can still sense the force. I don't know who this is but it feels like it's someone who is a user of the dark side" I said sensing the darkness coming from the ship.

"Must be who we think it is. If so then Michael we will need to be careful around him. If he's anything like our master has told us about the sith then he will try to twist with our minds and mess with us. In order to have us turn to the dark side" said Zach as he told me something I already knew.

"I know and don't worry I will not let him influence got a plan on us getting out?" I said wondering if Zach had an idea on how to get out.

"Working on it but one part of it does require me to do something stupid which if it works will help for my second part of the plan" said Zach as took something out of his fingers and handed it to me.

"Will this require you to do what you always do and will lead us to get hurt in the end?" I asked guessing what Zach had in mind.

"Probably if you follow me lead" said Zach.

"Fine, I won't like it but if it's the only way then so be it" I said deciding to go with the plan on whatever it was.

We soon arrived to where the elevator took us and we stepped out to entered the bridge of the ship. Where we met the leader of the separatist and the evil sith lord Count Dooku. The droids stopped us and we stood before the sith lord who approached us with something up his sleeve or cloak. "Welcome gentlemen I have been expecting you for some time now. Allow me to introduce myself I am Count Dooku" said Dooku as he introduced himself to us.

"Your Dooku? Huh I was expecting someone more younger and better looking. Not old, wrinkly, and ugly" said Zach as I had a smirk on my face by what he said. As for Dooku he didn't seem pleased by what he heard but he didn't let it bother him.

"You must be Zachary then, my assassin Assajj Ventress told me about you. I guess she was right, you are an immature little brat" said Dooku as he approached Zach trying to intimidate him. Which failed because Zach just smiled.

"Aww did Ventress also tell you that I whipped her pale skin looking butt? Also word of advice next time you pick someone to come after me. Make sure the chick doesn't look like a dude" said Zach as he leaned forward and whispered to Dooku.

"I would figure Master Secura's teachings would make you a more respectful student and less of a child" said Dooku as he turned away from Zach and walked near me.

"She tried but I showed her that you don't have to be serious all the time to be a jedi. Just be yourself and you'll do fine. But I guess you know all about that don't you Dooku? Since you showed your true self by betraying everyone in the jedi and joined the dark side serving a coward of a master like yours" said Zach as he turned his head to Dooku who had his back to Zach till he faced me.

Dooku looked at me trying to read my thoughts which look like it wasn't working. "And you must be Obi wan Kenobi's padawan Michael? I have to admit when I send Grievous after you I never thought you would be able to injure him much less incapacitate him the way you did. I am glad Kenobi's training has helped you win" said Dooku.

"Master Kenobi taught me well much more than your coward of a master has for you. While there is a war going on you and him hide in the shadows like cowards who run and hide from a fight" I said showing Dooku I wasn't intimidated. "You sith think with all of this power you have you can boss people around with fear. But when someone comes along who is more powerful than you. What do you sith do? Your run and hide like the cowards that you are."

Dooku and I stared down and he looked like he wanted to hurt me. But all he did was take one more look at me before turning his back on me. "You two don't know anything about the sith. What we can offer you two is much more than what the jedi can offer. Power, control, and freedom to do what you want" said Dooku as the droid that had our lightsabers gave him our weapons and he looked over them before placing them on his belt. "Join me and together we will bring the republic down and the jedi will crumble."

"Dooku we know all about the sith and we know what you offer is all a bunch of crap. The sith offer no freedom and no peace. So why don't you take your offer, shine it up, turn it sideways, and stick it up all the way up your ugly wrinkly old sith ass" said Zach as he refused Dooku's offer.

"Same here we will never join the sith no matter what you do to us you old fart" I said not taking Dooku's offer.

Dooku looked at us and we could tell he was angry. "So be it" said Dooku as he pulled his cloak back and soon the droids backed away from us. We guessed what he was going to do next so we braced ourselves. Dooku lifted his arm and pointed his hand at us. Then he shot at us with force lightning. He yelled in pain as we felt once again the pain of the electricity going through our body. Zach and I got on our knees as he continued now with both hands shocking us both. Zach and I tried to stop screaming but it was no use as we yelled from the pain we were feeling.

Ahsoka's (pov)

Barriss and I were in the command bridge talking with Master Skywalker, Kenobi, Windu, and Yoda. Master Mundi's ship was able to get to us as we delivered the supplies to him and went to the bridge to explain what happened. Once we finished explaining we waited to hear what our masters would say.

"This isn't good, if the bounty hunters had separatist droids helping them. Then there is no doubt Count Dooku was behind this kidnapping" said Obi wan.

"But why would he kidnap them both? What would Dooku gain for taking Michael and Zachary?" asked Anakin wondering why Dooku would take the boys.

"Unsure we are why both have been taken. Trouble this is for Dooku to have both young men. Trouble for us if he turns them to the dark side" said Master Yoda.

"He won't, I know Michael he won't turn to the dark side" said Obi wan who was sure Michael wouldn't turn.

"If they do refuse he would most likely kill them if they refuse" said Anakin.

"Which is why we need to find them soon before he tries to harm them. Masters how long will it take for you to arrive so we can go looking for them?" I asked hoping we get to the part on how we find the guys and save them.

The jedi masters Windu and Yoda looked at each other till Master Windu responded. "We're not" said Master Windu.

"What?" Anakin, Obi wan, and I said in unison.

"We don't know where Dooku took them or even if they did take them to Dooku. We can't afford to waste our resources looking for two padawans" said Windu.

"They're not two padawans they're one of us. Michael and Zach have fought for the republic and the jedi council for months now risking their butts for us. And now when they need our help we're just going to abandon them?" I said. I couldn't believe at what I heard Windu say. He was willing to let Michael and Zach die even after all the good they did for us.

"Master I agree with my padawan. Michael and Zach have proven themselves time over time. If you would allow me I will go to look for them by taking one ship" said Anakin volunteering to look for Michael and Zach.

"I'm sorry Skywalker but that won't be possible. There is an attack on Mygeeto and we need you and Master Kenobi to go" said Master Windu.

"Master Windu please let Barriss and I go then. We're done with the mission so we can go look for them" I said wanting to go find Michael.

"Too dangerous for two padawans to go. Sorry padawan Tano but agree with Windu I do. Look for them we will in time, for now assist Master Skywalker and Kenobi you will" said Master Yoda.

"But what about Michael and Zach? Are we really going to leave them behind" asked Barriss.

"For now yes" said Master Windu in a cold tone.

"But Master-" before I could finish Master Skywalker cut me off.

"That's enough Ahsoka, for now let's try to complete this mission, once we're done we will go looking for the boys" said Anakin.

I wanted to say no but I knew if I continued it would turn out bad for me. So I kept my mouth shut and nodded. Once the communication was off I began to walk away. Barriss felt something wrong so she stopped me. "Ahsoka I know you want to help Michael but you need to be patient. We will find them but for now we need to focus on the mission" said Barriss.

"They're our friends Barriss don't you care about them? Let alone worry about them?" I asked.

"They are my friends and I am worried. But you must know we cannot form attachments. Even if they're our friends we can't Ahsoka" said Barriss.

"Maybe for you but I am not going to let them die" I said as I turned away from Barriss. "Michael saved my life twice and I saved his once. I owe him so now I am going to return that favor by saving him."

"Ahsoka you heard the masters they said we cannot go after them it's too dangerous" said Barriss.

"I don't care Barriss I am going. You can tell them what I am going to do and I'll accept my punishment later" I said as I walked out the of the bridge and headed off to the flight deck.

Barriss stood in the room surprised by what Ahsoka said and shocked that she was going to find Michael and Zach despite what the masters said. Barriss stood there thinking of what she should do. She could tell on her friend and inform the council. Or keep her mouth shut and don't say a word...Or as Zach would say option number three. Barriss thought as she looked back at the door trying to make her choice.

I got to the flight deck and saw a transport ship nearby. I got to the ship and saw it was empty. I sat on the cockpit and prepared the ship for takeoff till someone came behind me. "Ahsoka wait" I looked and saw it was Barriss as she climbed up the ramp of the ship.

"I'm not going to stay Barriss and I am not going to let you stop me either" I said as I got the ships power up and was about to close the ramp when I felt Barriss's hand stop me.

"I know" said Barriss as she pressed the button and closed the ramp. "So I figure I go with you to make sure you don't get killed on this mission. And if anyone asks you forced me to come" said Barriss as she got her seatbelt strapped in.

I smiled and was happy that Barriss was going to help me on this mission. "Thank you Barriss" I said thanking Barriss.

"Your welcome now then shall we go rescue our friends?" said Barriss. She didn't have to tell me twice I began to fly the ship out of the flight deck and out of the ship. "How are we going to find the boys anyways?" asked Barriss.

I then took out something from my pocket and handed it to Barriss. "It's a tracker, Michael gave me this small chip we would place in our belt buckle so we can keep track on where the other is" I said explaining to Barriss about the tracker. "We used it after our mission when we got lost in the asteroid belt. Michael made it so in case we can't sense the other with the force we can use that to find the other. And it get's great long distant reception."

Barriss turned it on and soon it gave an exact location on where Michael was. "It works impressive" said Barriss.

"Great now let's get going" I said as we I punched in the coordinance and the ship went into hyperspace.

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