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Rescuing and Escaping

Separatist ship (Michael's pov)

I had my eyes closed but I could feel like I was being dragged. I looked up and saw Zach and I were being dragged by two battle droids, my guess was probably to our cells. Both Zach and I were tired and we're in pain by our little 'talk' with Count Dooku. Count Dooku had electrocuted us for thirty minutes stopping for two minutes each time to allow us to catch our breaths before resuming. His attack wasn't strong enough to kill us but just enough for us to get hurt. When Dooku finished he asked us again if we would join him. We refused so he continued until we lost consciences.

I opened my eyes and saw we were being dragged somewhere. Didn't know where but as long as we weren't getting shocked I didn't care. We soon arrived to our cell where the droids left us on the floor before locking the door leaving us alone. I turn my head to Zach who still had his eyes close. "Zach you awake?" I asked as I tried to sit up but my body was too tired for it.

"Have been since Dooku ordered them to take us to our cell. How you holding up?" asked Zach as he rolled over to his side.

"My body is tired and in pain. But other than that I am okay" I said as I struggled to get up. "That force lightning was indeed different than the one Master Ziva used on us."

"Yeah well I think she was going easy on us. But still easy or not it indeed helped us withstand that lightning for as long as we could" said Zach. "I guess her teachings on showing us to withstand pain from lightning really helped."

"I agree it helped us though I wish sometimes she taught us in a different way" I said as I finally sat up. I was about to fall back when I felt someone's hand stopping me.

"Aren't you done yet?" asked Zach as he was already standing behind me holding me up with one hand while the other had his cuffs.

Master Ziva had taught us on how to escape from handcuffs or any kind of restrains in case we ever got caught. Zach was a master at doing this but me I always had a little trouble when dealing with escaping.

"Not my fault you had master doing this" I said as I finally got the cuffs off. "There got it off" I said tossing the cuffs to the floor.

"Good now then let's assess the situation. We are stuck on a separatist ship with thousands of battle droids, armed with blasters that will kill us, also stuck on a ship with a creepy old man who takes orders from another creepy old man, we are also probably light-years away from a nearby republic planet for us to escape to, and even if we escape, get to a ship, and fly off their ship's tractor beam will pulls us back in or their turrets will blow us up if we try to fly out of here" said Zach as he explained our situation. "Anything else?"

"No I think you got it all. Well it seems we are in deep trouble huh?" I said in a calm tone.

"Yep we are and I doubt the jedi would come for us if Windu tells them not to" said Zach who also seemed calm as well.

"That's right…..so what's the plan?" I asked rubbing my wrists.

"I got three in mind, the first one I don't think would work since we they didn't see us eat, the second one could work but I want to save it for later, so that leaves us with the third idea" said Zach as he looked around the room.

"Is your idea going to involve us using these cuffs?" I said as I picked up the cuffs.

"Maybe" said Zach as I saw the mischievous look on his face.

"[Sigh] All right let's do it then" I said thinking we might as well get the plan over with.

Hyperspace (Ahsoka's pov)

We we're still an hour away from reaching where the boys were. I decided while we waited I would put something in the ship to help us get in without any problems. Barriss came over and saw me putting a box shape device in the ship's engines.

"Ahsoka what are you doing?" asked Barriss curious on what her friend was doing.

"Just attaching this is a small little device Zach made to help ships like this one from being detected and can camouflage the ship preventing the enemy from seeing us" I said as I attached the device to the ship.

"Impressive that Zach made this. Usually he would have trouble on how to fly a ship than make something like this" said Barriss as she examined the small device.

"Weird huh? Anyways the camouflage won't last long. Since it's small it will give us at least five to seven minutes so once we activate it we must find the landing platform quickly and get inside. But it will recharge only taking a minute for it to work again" I said as I finished attaching the device and climbed back up.

"So Ahsoka what's the plan then?" asked Barriss as we headed back to the cockpit. "You really think we'll just fly right in the enemy ship, go through an army of thousands of battle droids, free the boys, and fly out of there without being caught?"

"Well when you say it like that it does sound impossible. But if I learned anything from Master Skywalker is that nothing is impossible" I said. "Plus I do have a plan."

"Really and what's that?" asked Barriss wondering what the plan was.

"I am still working on it but trust me I do have a plan" I said. In truth I didn't have a plan but I needed to make it look like I did have one so Barriss wouldn't worry. My original plan was to use the same trick my master used during the Malevolence battle. We would fly near the ship and dock to the air lock. Hopefully the enemy won't detect us thanks to the device.

Barriss looked over at me as I was lying back on my chair trying to think of what our next move would be. "Ahsoka is there something you aren't telling me?" asked Barriss.

"What do you mean?" I asked wondering what Barriss was talking about.

"I mean when you heard Michael was captured you jumped the gun and tried to save him, where you nearly got killed trying, and now your disobeying the masters to go and bring him back" said Barriss. "Ahsoka tell me the truth, you know the masters will not like this and you will get in big trouble."

"Barriss he's my friend I can't just leave him behind. Not even Zach, and he annoying. We don't leave anyone of us behind" I said as I tried to lie to Barriss but I saw it didn't work.

"Ahsoka you're lying, tell me the truth now" said Barriss. I could tell she was serious about this and I knew she wouldn't stop.

I sighed and knew that I couldn't keep lying to her. I knew I had to tell her the truth and hope she will not overreact. "Okay just promise me you won't say a word to anyone. Not to your master, the other jedi, or anyone else."

"Ahsoka I give you my word I won't just please tell me" said Barriss.

"Fine here goes [breathing in and out] okay the thing is Michael and I…are in love" I said telling Barriss the truth.

Barriss looked surprise and I could sense she was shock by what I said. "You-you're in love?" asked Barriss.

"Yes we have been together for a week now and we are in love" I said as I waited to hear what Barriss had to say.

"Ahsoka I can't believe it, why? You know it's against the code and you know jedis can't form attachments because it would lead them to the dark side" said Barriss who seemed angry that her friend broke the jedi code.

"I know that Barriss, but we have never let our feelings for each other change us. We're not attached to each other. We're in love that's different isn't it?" I asked trying to explain to Barriss that Michael and I weren't attached to each other.

"Ahsoka you're letting your love cloud your mind. You almost got killed trying to save Michael and you're disobeying the masters by leaving. I care about them too but I think you shouldn't give up everything you worked for trying to risk saving Michael and Zach" said Barriss.

"Maybe your right, but answer me this question first. Why didn't you tell the masters? Why didn't you try and stop me from leaving?" I asked.

"I didn't tell them because I didn't want you to get in trouble. And I didn't try to stop you because "before Barriss could respond I interrupted her.

"You're lying Barriss. You wanted to come because you do care about them and I can see it in your eyes" I said to Barriss. "Michael and my love have never clouded us on our missions even when we're far away from each other. Just like Zach's feelings for you have never clouded his actions" I said when I shut my mouth with my hands by what I said.

"What did you say? Zach has feelings for me?" asked Barriss surprised by what Ahsoka said.

I turned away from Barriss and lowered my head. When Zach found out about us, Michael told me about how Zach liked Barriss. The same way Michael felt for me. But Zach could never tell Barriss because unlike me, she was strict and listened to the rules. Zach felt that despite how he feels he doubts Barriss would ever fall for him.

"Yes it's true, he does like you Barriss. But he knows you wouldn't feel the same so he kept it to himself. Yet despite that he still risked his life to save you from Ventress and has supported you as well" I said.

Barriss didn't say anything. She looked away from me as she began to think of all the times Zach has been there for her in these last few months and how he risked his life for her.

"If you don't want to save him for all that he has done for you then fine I'll stop the ship and drop you off a nearby republic base" I said as I prepared to drop us out of hyperspace. "You can go ahead and even tell the council about Michael and me, I don't care Barriss. I'm sure Zach will even understand why you didn't come to help him either."

Before I could stop the ship Barriss stopped me. "Wait…I'm sorry Ahsoka your right. I may not love Zach the way you and Michael seem to do. But I do owe him for everything he has done for me."

Barriss removed her hand from mine and sat back down on her chair. I looked over towards her and I could see she was serious. "Thank you Barriss for doing this" I said. Barriss nodded as we continued heading towards where Michael and Zach were.

Barriss in her mind was still thinking about what Ahsoka had told her about Zach having feelings towards Barriss. She has wondered why Zach acted strangely towards her when they first met and one time when she was healing his ribs from a separatist attack.

Zach had saved Barriss from a commando droid when her lightsaber was down. Zach got injured his ribs from the droid but destroyed it in the end. Barriss had asked Zach to remove his shirt so she could heal his ribs better. When he did she could sense he was feeling embarrassed and felt something else that made Barriss couldn't describe what it was.

Now hearing Ahsoka tell her that Zach liked her maybe more than like. She now knows what that feeling was and why Zach felt that way towards her. When Barriss was thinking about what Ahsoka told her she began to feel something. Something that made her insides feel funny, but good as well. Barriss wondered what this feeling was and what it could be. Barriss soon began to think about this feeling more and more till she realized that this feeling could be what she thought it could be. This is not good, I can't feel this way. I'm a jedi and I must obey the rules.

"We're closing in on the location let's get everything ready" I said as we were closing in on the coordinates. Barriss snapped out of her thoughts and refocused on the mission and would think about this later.

Holding cell (Zach's pov)

Outside the holding cell where Michael and Zach were, two battle droids stood outside guarding the door and making sure the prisoners didn't escape. Suddenly they heard some noises around the room. It sounded like an argument going on in the room. "Should we check out what is going on?" asked one of the droids.

"Count Dooku ordered us just to be on guard not babysitting those two" said the other droid.

Soon they began to heard ruckus in the room and a loud crash. "Uh should we check on them now?" asked the droid.

"I guess so" said the other droid as it opened the door and the other droid went in. "Hey what are you two do...hey what the" as soon as the door closed there was a bunch of noises and crashes in the room. Which involved some loud screams. Then suddenly the noises stopped. After a few minutes the door opened again and out came Michael and Zach. In their hands was the droid blasters.

"Well that was easy" I said as I examined the blaster.

"Yeah nice job with the whole snapping the droids head off" said Michael as he complimented what I did.

"Thanks you also did a good job with knocking that droids head off with the cuffs" I said as Michael grabbed the handcuffs and put them in his pockets. "You realize we're not going to need them anymore right?"

"True but you never know when we might need them. Now comes the next hard part of your plan. Getting our lightsabers back and getting off this ship" said Michael as he checked his blaster and tried to get a grip on his blaster.

"That will be difficult but luckily I got a plan for that but we will need to go to the engine room for it to work" I said as I told him what our next move was.

"Soooo you know where the engine room is then?" asked Michael.

"Sure I do it's...um well it could be...maybe it's...no I don't" I said admitting I didn't know where the engine room was.

"[Sigh] Follow me I know where to go" said Michael as he began to lead us to the engine room.

(Ahsoka's pov)

We came out of hyperspace where we saw the separatist ship and where the tracker was leading us to. I activated the device that Zach gave me to prevent the separatist from detecting us and the camouflage so we could sneak by without being seen. I flew the ship towards the separatist ship. Once we were close I did a quick spin where the top of the ship landed on the separatist ship's airlock. Once we opened the airlock Barriss was lecturing me on how that spinning is not flying.

"Relax Barriss it may not be flying but as my master told me it's a neat trick.

"Well I wish you would warned me next time you do that" said Barriss who didn't like the trick her friend did.

"Sorry but hey we made it inside right and with no trouble?" I said but as the doors opened we saw two battle droids waiting there. We activated our lightsabers and destroyed the droids. We then used the force to put them in the airlock to prevent any droids finding the destroyed droids. "See no trouble?"

Barriss rolled her eyes and we made our way into the ship. We looked around the halls and tried to sense for Michael and Zach's present. When we carefully walked down the halls we saw no droids around but sensed something else that wasn't Michael or Zach. A dark present that neither Barriss nor I have ever sensed before. "Ahsoka you feel that?" asked Barriss.

"Yes I do, there is someone else on this ship that is someone who uses the dark side" I said sensing the dark side of the force onboard the ship.

"This is bad, this isn't Ventress which means that the one onboard this ship was" Barriss and I knew who it was as did I. "We need to find the boys and get out of here quickly before they find out we're here."

I nodded and we headed down the halls to try and find where Michael and Zach are. We assume they must be in the holding cells which means their somewhere in the lower level of the ships. As we headed down to the lower levels we heard some footsteps heading our way. We decided we would use the droids to take us to the holding cells if not we would take them out. We took out our lightsabers and got ready. When we heard the footsteps were close we activated our lightsabers and came running out the corner till we stop when we saw who it was.

"Michael?" I said as I saw it was Michael and Zach holding blaster guns at us.

"Ahsoka?" said Michael surprise to see us.

We lowered our weapons as did we. "What are you two doing here?" asked Zach.

"We came here to rescue you guys" said Barriss.

Michael and Zach looked at each other and seemed confuse by what we said. "What?" I asked wondering why they had those look on their faces.

"Well we assume that when we got caught that the jedi wouldn't come for us" said Michael who explained why they had the look.

"Why wouldn't we come for you two?" I asked.

"Well I guess we assumed that council members like Windu wouldn't waste their time looking for two padawans with the war going on" said Zach.

Barriss and I looked at each other and knew the boys were right. Michael saw the look I had and knew what it meant. "They don't know you two came from us do they?"

"No they don't but it doesn't matter. We found you now we need to get out of here before we get caught" I said glad we found the boys and were going to leave soon.

"We can't leave Dooku has our lightsabers and we need to get them back" said Michael as he explained why we couldn't leave yet.

"Wait Count Dooku is on the ship?" said Barriss shock to hear who was on the ship.

"Yeah and before you say anything about us not facing him don't bother. He has our lightsabers and we need to get them back" said Zach.

"We will get you another lightsaber. It's not worth throwing your life over just for your lightsabers" said Barriss.

"They're not just any lightsabers Barriss. It's the crystals inside that are important. Master Ziva gave them to us years ago, they're the only things we have to remember her by and we're not going to leave them with someone like Dooku" said Michael as he told us why they needed to get their lightsabers back.

I knew that Michael and Zach cared for their master. She took care of them when their parents died and looked out for them. I knew they weren't going to leave without the one thing they have to remember their master. "Fine so what's the plan?" I asked receiving a look of surprise from Barriss.

"Well Zach thinks we should take out the engines and power of the ship then fight Dooku for our lightsabers. But since your here you two should go and take out the power while we confront the old man ourselves" said Michael as he explained to us their plan.

"I think you two should wait for us so we can fight Dooku all together" I said thinking four on one would be safer.

"We'll be fine we just need to weaken him long enough for us to get our lightsabers back. We'll be fine Ahsoka trust us" said Michael.

"All right just please be careful" I said knowing Michael would be careful.

"You two sure you want to do this?" asked Barriss who seemed unsure if the boys would be all right.

"Trust us Barriss we will be fine now let's get going" said Zach as Michael and him were going to take off.

Before Michael and Zach left I stopped Michael and kissed him on the cheek. Michael was surprise by what I did in front of Barriss till she leaned in and gave me a hug. "Don't worry Barriss knows and she won't say a word" I said telling Michael that Barriss knew about me and him. Michael looked over to Barriss who turned her head from us when we kissed. I turned him back to me and kissed him again. "I love you be careful."

Michael smiled and kissed me back. "I love you too and I will come back I promise" said Michael as he and Zach took off to the bridge while Barriss and I headed to the engine room walking.

Barriss looked back at the boys then back forward. She lowered her head before saying something. "How does it feel?" asked Barriss.

"How does what feel?" I asked.

"You know, being in love and being with someone?" asked Barriss who seemed embarrass asking me these questions.

I smiled and could tell Barriss was feeling embarrass. "It feels amazing and I feel happy. Granted I do worry about him when he does stunts like this. But I trust him knowing he will come back to me in one piece."

"How do you know Ahsoka he will come back alive?" asked Barriss as she was now facing me.

"Faith, I have faith in him and I know he will come back to me alive. Just trust in them Barriss, because without faith then there is no hope" I said as we continued walking.

Barriss turned from me and began to think about what I said hard. Could the rules be wrong, no they can't be and yet I don't sense anything wrong with Ahsoka and Michael. They do seem happy...could I feel that way with someone? Barriss thought as she went over these thoughts till Ahsoka snapped her out of her thoughts.

"Barriss focus I think we should find the elevator and head down to the engine room" I said snapping Barriss out of her thoughts.

"Right lead the way" said Barriss as I led towards the engine room.

Hallway (Michael's pov)

Zach and I found a small room when we saw a few battle droids nearby. When we entered the room we found where they kept the droidekas. I wanted to destroy them before they activated but Zach came up with a different idea. He decided to try and hack into the droids system and reprogram them. Something that would take hours to reprogram them all but for Zach he just needed a few minutes. Of course he needed to concentrate and not be bothered.

When we came into the room I told him that Barriss knew about me and Ahsoka when she told her. I didn't think Barriss was ready to know about Ahsoka and me. But if Ahsoka told her for a reason then I should trust her. I peaked outside the door and saw that the battle droids were still there. It look like they were just talking which was good for us meaning they don't know we escaped and that the girls were here as well.

"Are they still there?" asked Zach as he was close on finishing.

"Yeah but it looks like they won't be there long. How you doing so far?" I asked closing the door quietly.

"Almost done just need to finish with these two" said Zach as he continued with his work. "By the way you sure it was a wise idea for Ahsoka to tell Barriss about you two?"

"I don't know, but if she did it for a reason then I trust in her reason. Besides from the looks of things Barriss won't say a word to anyone" I said trusting Ahsoka for what she did.

"I'm glad Barriss knows now I won't be the only one who has to lie to keep you two a secret. Though by the end of all of this it won't matter since when we get back the jedi council will be pissed with them" said Zach as he finished with the droids.

"True but if they either punish them or expel them. Then they will have to deal with us first" I said walking over to Zach. "Now then what are we going to do with these droids?"

"Gave them their orders now let's go" said Zach as he walked over to the door and saw the droids were gone. We got out of the room and headed to the bridge.


Count Dooku was in the command bridge looking out the view port. He sensed something was off and knew what it was. "Commander" said Dooku as one of the droids came to him. "I want you to leave the room and send our men to the engine room" said Dooku as he ordered his droids to leave the room.

"Are you sure sir?" asked the battle droid.

"Yes now go" said Dooku as the battle droids left the room leaving Dooku alone. Dooku removed his cloak and sat down on the chair as if he was waiting for someone.

Engine room (Barriss's pov)

Ahsoka and I found the way to the engine room. We were able to dodge the droids from catching us as we found the path to the engine room. We saw there was no guards around which gave us a chance to get inside when Ahsoka stopped me. "What's wrong?" I asked.

"This is too easy, this is just like what Grievous did to try and trap Michael" said Ahsoka as she remembered what happened last time she got captured by Grievous.

"So if this is a trap then that means Dooku knows we're here then" I said realizing what Ahsoka meant.

"We need to contact them and warned them" said Ahsoka as we were about to contact Michael and Zach when we heard some noises behind us. They were super battle droids and they were heading our way opening fire on us. Ahsoka and I activated our lightsabers and began to deflect their blasters. The droids began to push us back towards the engine room. Once we were inside more droids came in making this fight difficult for us to win. We were able to reflect their attacks back at them and take some out but there was too many of them. One got by and Ahsoka in the shoulder, I went over to protect her but soon we were surrounded as eight droidekas came in and surrounded us.

One of the droids came forward with their weapons locked on us. "Surrender jedi" said the droid.

Ahsoka and I knew Dooku planned to use us as bargaining against our masters. We knew we would not let that happen, but before we could respond the droidekas activated their shields and turned around towards the battle droids and opened fired on the battle droids. Ahsoka and I were shocked by what we saw but didn't have time to think about it. We activated our lightsabers and joined the droidekas and pushed back the droids.

Bridge (Michael's pov)

Zach and I to the elevator as we were heading up to the bridge. Zach and I knew we wouldn't be able to beat Dooku individually. But we did need to see if we could find a weakness at him by fighting him one on one before we fought him together. Zach and I arrived and the doors opened. When we went in we saw Dooku looking out the view port with no droids around. We guessed he knew we were coming and knew our blasters would be useless against him so we tossed them back to the elevator and closed it.

"I have been expecting you two" said Dooku as he turned towards us.

"You knew we would get out didn't you?" said Zach.

"After your performance against my assassin and General Grievous. I knew you two would escape, especially if you had some help" said Dooku.

"What are you talking about?" I asked wondering what Dooku had up on his sleeve.

"I know your little friends are here on the ship and are in the engine room trying to take out the power. But what your friends don't know is that I have my battle droids waiting for them" said Dooku as he explained us that he knew about Ahsoka and Barriss were here on the ship. "At the moment your friends are being captured and will be brought to me. If you pledge your loyalty to me they will be spared."

"First of all we got out on our own without our friends. Second you really think we didn't know what you had planned for us?" said Zach as he and I weren't worried about the girls. "See we knew you would try something like that which is why before we left our friends we ran into small room with several droidekas. And let's just say they no longer work for you Dooku."

"Zach here reprogrammed the droids and are now assisting our friends while we deal with you" I said as Dooku didn't seem pleased that his plan backfired on him. "So now here are your choices old man you give us back our lightsabers and we won't have to kill you. Or we kill you and take them back ourselves."

"Wouldn't mind the second option really. Killing you would make this war come to an end much sooner. Killing your master would end it all if you tell us who he is" said Zach.

"How about my option. Where I kill you both and then your little friends" said Dooku as he threw our lightsabers at us and activated his. "Now then let's begin."

"Hmmm now that we have them we could just run out of here. But that is not the jedi way and is sure not our way" said Zach as we both activated our lightsabers. "I'll go first then you" said Zach as he volunteered to go first then let me go next.

"Right be careful" I said as I walked near Dooku and got into fighting position. Master Kenobi had told me about Dooku's fighting skills and what to expect from him.

Dooku had one hand behind his back while the other had his lightsaber ready as he approached me. I waited for Dooku to make his move and kept my guard up for whatever he had plan for me. Dooku made the first move by swinging his lightsaber towards me. I blocked his attack then moved in for an attack but he blocked it. I tried several hard strikes then twirled for a another strike but Dooku blocked that attack too before pushing me off. I backed away not wanting to go in for another attack and risk getting hurt. I waited for a bit before moving in again, I tried several strikes trying to hit Dooku from all different sides then going in for a direct strike but Dooku blocked all of them. He then began to go on the offensive by going for some hard strikes from all sides. I managed to block them all but when I ducked his last strike he was able to cut a bit of my shirt. I turned to him and saw the confident look on his face.

Damn he's good. I should be more careful when I block his moves otherwise it would end badly for me. I thought as I was going in to continue when Zach called out for me.

"Yo Michael tag me in it's my turn" said Zach as he lend out his hand wanting me to tag him in. I turned off my lightsaber and tagged him in. Which was fine with me, this would give me a chance to see what Zach may have found to use against Dooku. "All right old man round two you ready for this?"

Dooku didn't say a word as Zach lifted one of the seats nearby with the force and threw it at Dooku who stopped it and tossed it aside. But when he did Zach appeared in front of him and tried to hit Dooku with a saber strike. Dooku jumped out of the way before the saber hit him. When he did Zach elbowed Dooku in the face and then tried to hit him with another saber strike but Dooku blocked it and force pushed him back. Zach then came back with some hard strikes at Dooku who blocked them. Zach continued with the assault as he continued with his attack till both Dooku and Zach's lightsabers clashed with each other and both were trying to push the other back. Dooku moved the sabers to the side as Zach kicked him in the gut then grabbed Dooku and threw him. As Zach charged at him Dooku used his force lightning at him sending Zach back towards the wall. Dooku got up while I went to Zach to make sure he was okay.

"You okay man?" I asked as I helped Zach up.

"Yeah I'm okay that hurt a bit" said Zach as he got up. "Damn I almost had him."

"Yep, now what's our next move should I go next?" I asked.

"Nah you know what let's just go in together and kill him before this turns bad for us" said Zach. I agreed with him and we both activated our lightsabers.

Dooku saw that the two boys were going to fight him together. "You two think the both of you fighting me together will be enough to defeat me?" said Dooku as he didn't seemed worried.

"Let's find out then old man" I said as Zach and I got ready to make our move against Dooku.

Engine room (Ahsoka's pov)

Barriss and I were holding our own against the battle droids thanks to the droidekas that came to help us. Barriss and I didn't know why the droidekas were helping us but I would have to guess that it had something to do with what Zach and Michael did. While the droidekas took care of the battle droids Barriss and I worked on taking out the power of the ship. Barriss worked on taking out the power when I was receiving a message from my communicator. "Ahsoka where are you?" It was Anakin and he didn't sound happy.

"Um Master hi we had just finished delivering the supplies and we were heading towards where you guys are like you said" I said trying my best to not let Master Skywalker know where we were.

"You're lying snips now tell me where are you?" asked Anakin in a serious tone.

I sighed and knew I might as well tell him. "Okay well I decided to go after Michael and Zach."

"And Barriss agreed to go with you on this mission?" said Anakin keeping his calm.

"No I didn't tell her where we were going till we got to where Michael and Zach are. I'm sorry master I know I shouldn't have disobeyed the council but I couldn't just let Michael and Zach be left behind" I said trying to keep Barriss out of trouble and explained to Master Skywalker why I disobeyed him and the council.

"[Sigh] Ahsoka I am disappointed in you, but I know you are doing what you think is right by trying to help the boys" said Anakin. "If you had just wait we would have gone together to free them."

"But the mission would have taken long and Michael and Zach would have been killed by Dooku" I said.

"I didn't say you and I would go. I meant you and Master Secura would have gone to try and get them back" said Anakin.

"Wait Master Secura?" asked Barriss as she overheard what Anakin said.

"Master Secura finished her mission early and found out what happened. She volunteered to go after the boys and I convinced the council to send you and Barriss to help her" said Anakin as he told us about Master Secura.

I mentally slapped myself for what Anakin told me. "Great thanks for telling me that master. So when is she suppose to get here?" I asked.

"Well she told me she was a few minutes away so I suggest if you found the boys to get out of there right now" said Anakin.

"Right thanks masters" I said as I turned off my communicator and went to help Barriss take out the power.

"I guess next time you'll learn to wait before doing something like this again?" asked Barriss.

"Yes yes I will wait next time now are you going to keep lecturing me or help me destroy this thing?" I said as Barriss and I destroyed the engines and knocked out the power. "Now then let's get out of here and find the boys" I said as we ran out the room with the droidekas behind us.

Bridge (Michael's pov)

Zach and I were still fighting Dooku as we both came in from different sides trying to beat Dooku. We noticed the power was out which meant the girls finished their part of the mission which meant we needed to end this soon as well. So far he has been able to withstand both of our attacks and has been able to hold his own. I came in trying to his him low while Zach hit him high but Dooku just blocked our attacks and has been able to keep us apart. He kicked Zach away and then tried to take me out with some hard strikes. Then when Zach tried to get involved he would take me out then refocus on Zach blocking his attacks. Finally we both got back on the offensive as we both brought down our sabers as he blocked them as all our sabers clashed. Our strength was pushing Dooku down on his one knee. Dooku moved our sabers away and forced pushed us off.

Dooku got up and hit us both with his force lightning. Zach and I screamed in pain as he continued to hit us with some more lightning. "You two should have taken my offer while you had the chance" said Dooku as he continued with the lightning. "Now you will die just like your little friends will when I am through with them."

Hearing what Dooku said about what he would do Ahsoka and Barriss gave me and Zach the strength to withstand the force lightning as we got up slowly. Dooku surprise to see us standing put some more power into his force lightning causing more pain to us. But we didn't care we weren't going to let him hurt Ahsoka and Barriss. We both concentrated as best we could trying to block out the pain and we gathered the force around us. Trying to build up as much as we could before we use it. Dooku saw this and tried to stop us but by then it was too late. Zach and I unleashed a massive force repulse sending the count towards the controls panels knocking him out. The rest of the room was destroyed as well. Chairs were flown away in pieces, the control panels were in ruins, and the windows looked like they were close on breaking.

Zach and I fell on one knee tired by what we did. "Wow that was [panting] interesting huh?" asked Zach.

"Yeah it was" I said as I struggled to get up. I used the wall behind me to get up and I helped Zach up. We walked over and saw Dooku unconscious.

"You know we could always toss Dooku through the window and walk away. One less sith lord to deal with" said Zach as I turned to him with a look of 'are you serious'. "I'm kidding sheesh no one can take a joke in this galaxy" said Zach.

I leaned forward and grabbed his lightsaber. "Well we could just take his lightsaber just like he took ours. If he wants it back he'll know where to find us" I said as I put the lightsaber on my belt.

"That's fine too oh but first" said Zach as he grabbed his handcuffs and then mine from my pocket and decided to cuff Dooku. He cuffed Dooku's hands and feet together. "There now we can go" said Zach as we headed out the door.

"You know we should have taken him with us so we could end this war" I suggested.

"Maybe but with all the droids running around I don't think we would be able to drag his fat old ass out of here" I said as we walked into the elevator and headed down to meet the girls.

As we came down the elevator and looked for the girls. We turned a corner and found them. "There you two are how did it go?" asked Zach.

Before they responded Ahsoka ran up to me and gave me a a huge hug. I tried my best not to groan since I was still hurting from my fight against Dooku. Ahsoka saw this and let go of the hug. "Sorry you okay?" asked Ahsoka.

"I'm fine just go easy" I said as I gave her a hug and kissed her.

"All right just glad to see your okay" said Ahsoka as she returned the hug and kiss.

Zach and Barriss stood across from them as they hugged. "Um excuse me you two mind doing that after we leave?" said Zach.

Ahsoka and I let go and knew Zach was right. "Right so um let's get out of here" I said as we headed towards the airlock till we noticed the droidekas behind us were still following us.

"Um Zach what are you going to do with them?" asked Barriss.

"Oh well I was thinking we could keep them. Come on please I'll keep them clean and make sure they don't try to kill any of us" said Zach as he pleaded for us to take the droids. I looked at the girls and they nodded.

"Fine but your cleaning up after their messes now let's go" I said as we ran towards the airlock.


Count Dooku woke up sore in the head. He tried to get up but saw his hands and legs were tied up. One of the droids came in and saw the Count on the floor. "Uh sure you need some help?" asked the droid. Dooku gave him a long cold stare which meant for the droid yes. The droid released the restraints and Dooku got up. "Uh sure we've noticed that a republic cruiser just came out of hyper space" said the droid.

Dooku looked out the view port and saw a republic cruiser heading towards his ship. "Prepare my ship and launched all fighters" said Dooku.

"Uh sure the hanger doors are closed and the power us out so we can't launched any of the fighters" said the droid.

Dooku growled and decided to leave when he noticed his lightsaber missing. He then realized that the boys took his weapon. "Next time I meet those two I will kill them" muttered Dooku as he left the room and headed down to the hanger to escape. Even if it meant he would force the doors open and fly out of the ship.

Republic Cruiser (Michael's pov)

We we're in the republic cruiser with Master Secura on the bridge as we explained what happened onboard the ship. We were able to get to the airlock and Ahsoka flew us out away from the ship. Once we landed we found out that a separatist solar ship got out which meant Dooku escaped. Once we got to the bridge Master Secura welcomed us back and went to check on Zach to make sure he was okay. Once she was done she turned to Ahsoka and Barriss and wasn't pleased to find out what they did. Zach and I were able to convince her that it wasn't their faults and that she shouldn't be mad at them for wanting to help us.

Although Master Secura was not pleased to hear what the girls did. We were able to convince her not to be mad at them. Even though she wasn't mad at them she knew Master Skywalker would like to have a word with Ahsoka. But after we gave our report to the jedi council. It was a good thing Anakin didn't tell the council members that Ahsoka and Barriss disobeyed their orders and so did Master Secura. Otherwise they would have been in bigger trouble.

Once we finished telling the council members what happened we waited to hear their response. "Impressive we are with your skills young ones. To be able to defeat Dooku no easy task for padawans to do" said Master Yoda.

"Indeed we're impress that you two held your own against him. And also have been able to refuse the temptations of the dark side" said Obi wan who seemed proud of Zach and me.

"I am also impress by what you two did. Dooku's skills would have overpowered any jedi including padawans" said Windu who was impressed that Zach and me were able to beat Dooku. "I suppose I was wrong about you two. You indeed have proven that despite who your master was you were able to withstand the dark side and come back alive."

"Thank you Masters so what now?" asked Zach wondering what will happen next.

"We have been thinking about it for a while now since you arrived. Your force, lightsabers, and other skills have proven to be on the level of a jedi knight maybe even a master" said Master Secura.

"But we needed to wait till we knew you two have proven to us you would not fall down the same path as your master. But after defeating Ventress, Grievous, and Dooku without falling down the dark side path" said Master Windu as he paused for a moment. "We have decided to give you two a chance to take the trials to become jedi knights."

Zach and I looked at each other surprise but happy by what we heard. "Wait your serious about this?" I asked thinking this was not real.

"Oh it's real congratulations you two. You've earned it" said Anakin as he congratulated us.

I turned to Ahsoka who was happy by what we were given but I also sensed a bit of sadness. I knew why, her friend Barriss was going to take her trials that would make her a knight. And now seeing Zach and me become knights as well. I could tell she was sadden that she wasn't going to be knighted. I turned back to the council and knew what I needed to do. "Masters I appreciate this honor but if it's okay with you may I wait a while till I can take the trials?" I asked.

The masters, Anakin, and Zach looked surprised by what I said. "And why is that padawan Michael?" asked Master Plo Koon.

"I don't know but I feel that I am still not ready to become a knight. I may proven to you my skills are ready to be a knight. But a part of me still thinks I need to learn more before I can become one" I said as I explained to the council why I didn't want to be a knight yet. "If it's okay with you I wish to still learn some more before I take the trails."

The council members looked at each other surprise to hear someone not wanting to be knighted because they feel they're not ready. "Understand we do young one. When you're ready take the trials you will" said Master Yoda.

"Thank you masters" I said bowing my head to the masters.

"And what about you young Zachary are you going to wait like Michael will?" asked Master Shaak Ti.

"Well I do want to take the trials but I still think there are a few things I need to learn before I take them. If it's okay with the council and you Master Secura?" asked Zach as he turned to his master.

"Of course, to take the trials you must know you're ready to take them. If you feel you're not then we will allow you time before you can take them" said Master Secura.

"Very well then if there is nothing else we will conclude this meeting then" said Master Windu as the transmission to the jedi council was turned off leaving only Anakin and Obi wan left.

"Ahsoka I will see you in a bit to discuss your punishment" said Anakin as he reminded Ahsoka that she was still in trouble for disobeying orders.

"Right see you in a bit master" said Ahsoka half hoping Anakin did forget.

"Michael I will see you in back in the temple" said Obi wan.

"Of course see you then master" I said as both Anakin and Obi wan disappeared.

"You four get some rest you have had a long day and I think a little rest will do you for some good" said Master Secura as she send us all to our rooms for some rests.

Once we left the bridge and headed to our room Ahsoka grabbed me by my wrist and led me to her room. "Anxious aren't we?" I said playfully as Ahsoka had a smirk on her face and kissed me.

"Be quiet I was worried about you through this mission" said Ahsoka.

"Okay right sorry for making you worried" I said apologizing to Ahsoka for making her worry.

"Excuse me you two do realize we're still here right?" said Zach as he and Barriss stood in front of us.

"Oh right sorry...so um Barriss you're not going to tell anyone about this right?" I asked as I turned to Barriss.

"I won't as long as you two be careful and don't let your love lead you down the dark path" said Barriss as she seemed okay with Ahsoka and me being together.

"Yes ma'am" I said as I saluted to Barriss.

"Come on Michael we have a few hours of alone time before I have to head back with Master Skywalker. And I don't want to waste another moment" said Ahsoka as she grabbed my wrist and lead me to her room leaving Barriss and Zach alone.

"Wow those two are a bunch of regular teenage kids huh?" said as he turned to Barriss. "I wouldn't be surprised if those two go..." Barriss grabbed Zach by the shirt and pulled him in for a kiss. Zach was shock by what Barriss was doing but didn't resist. Once Barriss lets Zach go she looked at him with the surprise look on his face. "Um what just happened?"

"Just wanted to see something" said Barriss as she blushed slightly by what she did.

"And what did you see?" asked Zach.

"I finally see what Ahsoka meant and how she feels with Michael. I feel the same with you Zach" said Barriss as she pulled Zach to her room and closed the door. "I do like you but I am worried that these feelings will lead me to the dark side. I don't know maybe this is a bad id..." Zach pulled Barriss in and kissed her silencing her.

Once he pulled away the two stood there close to each other. "I love you Barriss and I promise you what you feel will not lead you down the dark path" said Zach.

Barriss smiled and kissed Zach again this time Zach returned the kiss and this lead to the two towards Barriss's bed where the two didn't break the kiss.

(Ahsoka's pov)

Michael and I were in our room and we're about to kiss when we heard something out the door. We opened it slightly and saw Barriss kissing Zach. That surprised Michael and me but we kept quiet not wanting to ruin this moment. Barriss then led Zach to her room where she locked it. But even so we could sense Barriss was finally opening up to Zach and telling him she likes him.

"Damn I never thought Zach would actually get Barriss this quickly in three months" said Michael surprised by what we saw.

"Me neither but in a way I am glad he did. I hope those two will be happy with each other" I said smiling and happy that Barriss has someone like I do.

"Let's just hope so. Now then where we're we?" said Michael as he turned to me and we began to kiss. We kept kissing till we got to the bed, Michael and I removed our shoes and got on the bed to continue. Michael was on the bottom and I was on the top kissing. I had my hands go through his hair while his hand stroke my lekku softly. I loved this feeling Michael was giving me. It felt amazing and I didn't want it to end.

We broke the kiss and I got off him by sliding to the side where he had his hand around me and I had my head on his chest. "I missed you" said Michael.

"I missed you too. I was afraid I was going to lose you Michael when they took you" I said remembering how I felt when I found out they took Michael.

"I'm sorry for making you worry like that. I promise it won't happen again" said Michael as he continued to stroke my lekku. "I'm glad you did come for us, just be careful next time. If the council found out what you did they might expel you."

"I don't care Michael. I would go through anything to get you back just like I know you would do the same for me" I said.

"I would go through hell and back for you. But we need to be careful not to let our feelings for each other cloud our duties" said Michael. "I love you Ahsoka so much, but I don't want you to be expelled and make you throw away all that you worked so hard to achieve for me."

"I know Michael, but if we ever come to that choice where I have to be with you or the jedis...then I will go with what my heart wants and that's be with the man I love. I love you Michael no matter what" I said as I brought Michael's head close for a passionate kiss. "It's probably going to be a while when we get back to the jedi temple before we can do this again" I said.

"Maybe but for now let's not worry about that. Let's just enjoy our time together and we'll worry about that in the future" said Michael as he brought me in close and I placed my hand over his chest for a hug.

I didn't say anything more. I kept quiet and enjoyed this time Michael and I had. I am glad he came back to me and glad he came back to me alive. I don't know what will lie ahead for us in the future but as long as we're together I don't care. For now I will close my eyes and enjoy the time I have with the man I love. As I close my eyes and allowed myself to drift off to sleep with my love Michael.

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