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Past explanation and future choices

Ahsoka's pov

I soon began to regain consciousness as I opened my eyes slowly. As soon as I opened them I saw that I was in somekind of small room. As I tried to sit up I noticed that I was laying on a bed with a blanket covering me. As I got up I felt a small pain from my shoulders. I looked over and saw that they were patched up. I then remembered how I got hurt, damn monkeys she thought. I then remembered that something hard hit me from behind knocking me out. I would have to assume whoever knocked me out was also the one who brought me here, wherever here was. As I tried to sit up I noticed that my lightsaber was missing.

"Looking for this?" said a voice nearby. I looked over and saw someone sitting across the room in the dark corner sitting on a chair. I saw that in his hand was my lightsaber as he dangled it infront of me.

I stared at whoever it was sitting across from me and kept my guard up not knowing if this guy was the enemy or not.

He seemed to notice this and stepped out of the shadows slowly. To my surprise he looked to be around my age. His long sleeve shirt, pants, boots, and gloves were all white. His hair was black was short up to his shoulders and his eyes were green. I noticed he was walking towards me and I kept my guard up incase he tried something. But what he did next surprised me a bit. He handed my lightsaber back to me. "I take it this belongs to you?" asked the young man as a smile was shown on his face as he handed my lightsaber back.

I hesitated at first but then slowly grabbed it and brought it back to me. I was surprised by what he did, I was sure he was a sith or a bounty hunter. I tried sensing anything dark about him but found nothing. I lowered my guard and decided to ask him who he was and where I was. "Thanks, who are you and where am I?"

"Right sorry my name is Michael and you're in my home. I found you out in the streets after one of those blue monkeys knocked you out from behind" said Michael as he explained how he found me. "After I chased the one that knocked you out I went to check on you. You had some bite wounds on both your shoulders. Nothing serious but I needed to bring you back here to clean your wounds and also inject you with some vaccine. Those monkeys bite if not treated could cause you to get sick and die."

I guessed that means he wasn't the one that knocked me out, I thought. "Thanks for helping me Michael" I said and decided to introduce myself as well. "My name is Ahsoka Tano."

"Jedi padawan right? And your master is Anakin Skywalker" asked Michael who seemed to know who I was.

"How did you know that?" I asked surprise that he knew who my master was and that I was a jedi padawan.

"Well while I was helping you my friend found your masters and he brought them back here. While I was healing your wound they explained to us who you were and why you were here" said Michael as he explained to me how he knew about me.

Before I could say anything more we heard some noises outside the room. It sounded like voices arguing about something. I recognize one of the voices to be my master while the other one not so much. I looked over to Michael who seemed to know who it was.

"Sounds like your master is awake and it sounds like he wants to fight my friend" said Michael.

"But why would he want to fight your friend?" I asked wondering why my master wanted to fight Michael's friend.

"Well your masters met my friend and woke him up from his nap. Word of advice never wake him up from a nap when he hasn't slept for two days. It's not pretty when people wake him" said Michael. "Anyways your master threw something that woke him up and made Zach angry when he called him a kid. Zach doesn't like it when people look down on him and think he is a kid. So when your master let his guard down Zach knocked him out."

I was surprise that someone knocked out my master and that my master let his guard down. The noises soon got a little louder till a third voice came in and stopped the two. I recognize that voice to be Master Kenobi.

"Oh yes when Zach knocked out your master, Obi wan I believe is his name and Zach negotiated so they wouldn't have to fight. It worked and so Zach brought them here so he can hear why they have come to Kiros. By the time they got here I had already brought you here treating for your wounds" said Michael as he finished explaining.

"So I guess you know why we're here then?" I asked as I saw Michael nodding. "And I also take it there isn't a sith lord here on the planet huh?"

"Nope there is no sith lord here on Kiros" said Michael. There was a bit of silent between the two of us till it ended with the sounds behind the door came closer. "Well I see your master and Obi wan are coming to see you. I'll just leave you three to have your talk" said Michael as he was heading towards the door when I stopped him.

"Michael thank you for what you did, I appreciate it" I said letting a smile form across my face.

"You're welcome Ahsoka, now get some rest and see you in a bit" said Michael as he left the room. I laid back on the bed and closed my eyes. What a day I had, first I was nearly crushed in the tunnel, then I was attacked by a bunch of monkeys, and I nearly died. Of course today was nothing compared to all the other days I have had in my past missions. But in a way I was glad that this mission didn't turn out too bad. At least I got to meet someone new.

Living room (Michael's pov)

I walked down the halls of what was once a subway station. My friend Zach and I found this place a few years back and turned it to our new home. It took us a while but we were able to make it our new home.

I saw Obi wan and Anakin were across the halls talking when they noticed me. "Hello Master Kenobi and hello to you Master Skywalker how do you feel?" I asked.

"He's fine Michael, was a little mad about what your friend did but fine none the less" said Obi wan as he and Anakin stopped to meet Michael. "Anakin this is Michael he is the young man that found Ahsoka and helped her. Michael this is Anakin Skywalker he is Ahsoka's master."

"You already told me about that but I guess it's only fair to introduce ourselves in person right?" I said as I extended my hand for a handshake. "Nice to meet you Master Skywalker, Obi wan told me a bit about you while you were unconscious. Which reminds me how's your head feeling?"

"Still hurts a bit but I'm all right. Your friend Zach is lucky my guard was down otherwise it would have turn bad for him in a hurry" said Anakin as he shook my hand.

"Even if your guard was up I doubt it would have turned bad for him. Anyways Ahsoka is awake, she will be a bit sore from her shoulders and her head will be hurting a bit. But other than that she is all right" I said explaining to Anakin and Obi wan about Ahsoka.

"Thank you Michael we appreciate everything you have done for us. We also explained to your friend our offer and hope you two accept it" said Obi wan as he and Anakin headed off to Ahsoka's room. I looked back at them wondering what the offer was they made.

I continued walking down the halls till I came to the living room where Zach was in the kitchen making some lunch. He noticed me coming in and stopped cooking. "Hey man how did it go with the jedi?" asked Zach.

"It went fine Ahsoka is awake so they will be talking to her right now. What are you doing anyways?" I asked wondering what he was cooking.

"Just making some lunch you know when I wake up I get very hungry" said Zach as he continued cooking.

"I heard some noises outside the door while I talked to Ahsoka. Please tell me you and Skywalker didn't get into another fight?" I asked concern that he and Anakin were fighting.

"We didn't fight, well at least I didn't. Skywalker woke up and saw me next to him. He got up quickly and ignited his lightsaber, stupid bastard tried to kill me and so I ignited my lightsaber and I held my ground" said Zach trying to act innocent but failed.

"Whatever Obi wan told me when he passed me by said he made an offer to us, what was he talking about?" I asked wanting to know what the offer was the jedi made.

"Oh yeah well when I finished explaining to them how we got here an everything. He and that Skywalker guy offered to take us back to Coruscant to meet the jedi" said Zach. "I told them we would need to think about it and when they get back we would tell them."

"I know they were sent here to find a sith lord and if they did they would bring him back. But since they found us are you sure they're not going to force us back if we say no?" I asked.

"I asked that same question but he told me it's our choice. But he did say if we stay there is a chance the separatist might find us and that would mean some old guy named Count Dooku would try and make us either become a sith or kill us" said Zach.

"Well that's not good, still Master Ziva once told us that the jedi might not accept us because of who taught us and because of our powers" I said remembering what Master Ziva once told us. "Plus she did said we're too old to be trained and with the whole rules thing I'm not sure it would be good for us."

"I would agree with you plus it would be a lot of hard work, they would put us with a jedi master who I'm sure would be a joy killer, and the whole rules thing would suck. Not being able to fall in love or be with someone, that's not cool or something I would want" said Zach as he finished cooking and began to clean up.

I remembered the whole jedi rules. Not being able to fall in love was one of the rules I didn't like. Doesn't sound like a good life to be in and I'm sure Zach and I would say no to the jedi. But there was something in the back of my head telling me we should go. It's telling me that I should go and help the jedi. The thought of helping them did sound good plus it would be better than being here on this planet.

"Hey Zach I know it may not sound like fun being a jedi but there are some perks to it if you think about it" I said deciding that I would go with the jedi but only if I could convince Zach to come with me.

"What kind of perks?" asked Zach.

"Well you get to travel across the galaxy, meet new people, learn new cultures" as I continued on I noticed Zach didn't like what I was saying. I remembered why and decided to think of something that would be fun for him to do. Then an idea clicked in my mind. "And you get to meet some pretty girls."

Zach's expression changed from a bored look to a curious look. "Really what kind of girls?" asked Zach.

I knew I got him now I needed to keep it up. "Well there are a lot of pretty girls out there in the galaxy like Ahsoka" I stopped by what I said about Ahsoka. Her pretty? Well she isn't bad looking in fact she looked kind of cute…wait what bad Michael don't think about that she's a jedi it's against her code which would be my code if we join the jedi, I thought.

"Pretty like that Togruta girl huh?" Zach thought about it for a minute and I knew he was interested. I just needed something else in order to convince him, then I remembered something else Obi wan told me.

"Plus there is a war going on in the galaxy and if we join them we would be involved in some fights. Facing danger against an army of droids, bounty hunters, and sith lords, all of these things could be a lot of fun" I said.

A lot of things were going through Zach's mind. He knew if he left he would no longer be able to have fun and be with a woman. But if he goes he would find plenty of women in the galaxy and he would have a lot of fun.

"All right then you convince me. We are going with the jedi and we will help them in this war" said Zach accepting the jedi's offer.

"Great I'll get my stuff ready, you do the same and I will see you in a…" I stopped when I noticed that the couch was burned with lightsaber slashes and my chair…MY CHAIR! Was destroyed, it was cut in half as if it was destroyed by a lightsaber.

"Zach what happened to my chair?" I asked as I ran towards my chair.

"Oooooh yeah I forgot we may have fought a little which resulted in your chair getting hurt. Sorry about that but in my defense…Skywalker did it" said Zach.

"You could have not maybe I don't know not fight him? This was the last one I could find in the city that wasn't broken, covered in things I don't want to ever see again, and it was the only one those blue monkeys didn't own" I said angry that my friend broke another one of my chairs.

"Dude it's just a chair I'm sure you will find another one…if not then it ain't my problem" said Zach as he continued cooking.

I was mad that Zach broke my chair. I looked over and saw my lightsaber on the table where I left it and picked it up. I moved forward to Zach's couch and ignited my lightsaber. I slash the couch in half then began to cut it in pieces.

Zach walked in and saw what I did. His face was at first a look of shock and sadness. Me I had a look of satisfaction on my face and didn't care what was going to happen.

"You killed my couch" said Zach.

"You killed my chair" I replied.

Zach didn't say anything he only took off his apron and placed his lightsaber in the kitchen while I did the same as well. We then came back staring at each other. I could tell he was angry and wanted to hurt me. Which was fine with me because I wasn't going to back down from him. In that moment we charged at each other screaming as we began to fight.

Ahsoka's room

Master Skywalker and Obi wan had just come into the room where Master Kenobi was explaining what Zach and Michael told him about how they got here and who they were.

"Zach and Michael arrived on this planet eleven years ago with their parents. Their parents escaped from their planet when a bunch of pirates came in and tried to kill them. They landed on Kiros and settled down. However four years later the same pirates found them. The kids were hiding out when it happened and when they came back they found that their parents were dead" said Obi wan as he explained what happened to Michael and Zach's parents.

I felt bad for Michael. Losing his parents at that age and leaving them alone on this planet with no one to look out for them. I did though wonder something how did they survive on this planet. With what happened to me I wonder how those two survived.

"A few days later the pirates returned and found the boys. Before they could harm them they were killed by what the boys tell me a former sith lord named Darth Ziva. She was exiled from the sith after she betrayed them. She turned her back on the dark side and wanted redemption by teaching Michael and Zach the ways of the force. For five years she thought them all that she knew without teaching anything of the dark side helping them become stronger" said Obi wan.

"So what happened to her? Why wasn't she here when we came?" I asked.

"She died two years ago. She died of an illness apparently she has had when she arrived to the planet. But kept herself going for the boys wanting to keep on living till she knew they were ready. I guess she figures they were ready to be on their own and passed away" said Obi wan as he finished explaining to Anakin and I what Zach had told him.

"I guess she did redeemed herself right? She turned her back on the dark side and was able to help both of them become strong enough to be on their own" I said.

"I guess it shows that even a sith can find the light" said Anakin. "So what now Obi wan? What are we going to do with the boys?"

"Well I made Zach on offer if he and Michael should accept it. I told him I wanted them to come back with us to the jedi temple. I sense that the force is strong with these two and they would be of great help to us" said Obi wan.

"But Master their too old the jedi won't accept them. Besides that they were trained by a sith lord wouldn't that mean to the council that they were trained to be siths as well" said Anakin.

"I'm aware of that Anakin but you sensed it too didn't you. I don't sense any evil or darkness in the boys. If they were sith then Zach would have killed you when you had your guard down and try to kill me as well. Plus Michael would have left Ahsoka to die if he was a sith as well" said Obi wan.

"But despite what they did for us and what their master did. Wouldn't the council still not allow them to join us?" I asked sounding a bit concern for what will happen to Michael.

"Perhaps, but it's still a risk we must take. If we were able to find them then chances are that Count Dooku will find out about them as well" said Obi wan reminding us of what would happen if Dooku found them.

"Then we would have to deal with two more siths" said Anakin realizing where Obi wan was going with this.

Now I was worried about what would happen to Michael. He is a good person and saved me even though we just met. He still saved me and for that I owe him. The last thing I would want us to do is face each other as enemies.

"I guess if we convince a few of the council members maybe they can join us" said Anakin agreeing with his master to let Michael and Zach join them.

"Thank you Anakin now all that's left is to ask them to join us" said Obi wan.

I removed the covers and put on my boots. I followed Anakin and Obi wan out the room and towards where Michael and Zach were. When we entered the room we were a bit surprise by what we were seeing. We saw Michael and Zach were on the ground fighting. We looked around the room and saw that it was a mess. Everything was on the floor and the furniture was in ruins.

When the door closed the two boys looked at us and stopped fighting. "Um hey guys what's up?" asked who I assume was Zach as he got off the floor and helped Michael up.

"What were you two doing?" asked Obi wan.

"Nothing just two friends having a bit of an argument because somebody destroyed my chair" I said as I turned to Zach when I finished.

"Will you get over the stupid chair, if anyone is to blame here its Skywalker there" said Zach as he pointed to Skywalker.

"Why me?" asked Anakin wondering why they were blaming him.

"When you and I were fighting earlier you ducked out of the way and I cut that chair over there that was Michael's in half" said Zach as he pointed to the chair.

"You bastard you said you didn't cut it in half that it was Skywalker's fault" I said sounding madder.

"Only because he moved out of the way, so it's not my fault he moved" said Zach.

Before Michael could say a word I decided to jump into this conversation and change the subject. "Okay that's enough you two listen Master Kenobi said he made you guys an offer on if you want to come with us back to the jedi temple or not" I said causing the two to stop arguing. "So what's your decision?"

Zach and I looked at each other and e both knew our decision. I looked at Zach asking him if he wants me to do it. Zach just shrugged off and decide to let me say what our decision is. "We have decided that…yes we will join you guys."

Anakin and Obi wan smiled by the boy's decision. I was happy as well that they're going to join us. I was actually relief that they were joining us. I don't know why but I just felt that way. I decided to ignore it for now and figure it out later.

"So when do we leave?" asked Zach.

"Whenever you're ready, we'll be waiting on the ship for you to return" said Obi wan. The boys nodded and Obi wan led Anakin and me out of the room and back to the ship. I looked back at Michael who was heading towards his room along with Zach. I don't know why but I get the feeling things will get a whole lot more interesting with those two around.

An hour later

Zach and I were turning off the power in our home and making sure we didn't leave anything behind. Not that there was nothing to leave behind since we destroyed much of our things during our fights. Only thing we could bring was our clothes, our lightsabers, and a holocron our parents made for us. We know we shouldn't bring those but we didn't care. We could keep them hidden and make sure that we didn't get caught with them.

Before we left of course we went to say goodbye to our parents and our master. We walked over to where they died and where we burned their bodies. We burned our parent's body because it was part of their religion. Our master's body disappeared when she died leaving only her clothes so we burned them too thinking it's what she would have want us to do.

It felt weird that we were leaving. We have been here for eleven years and it feels like we're leaving our home. But we knew it's what our parents and master would have wanted us to do. And that was go out into the galaxy and live our life to the fullest. Live everyday like it's our last my dad used to say and we have every intention to live it out.

"You going to miss this place?" asked Zach as we both headed off towards the ship.

"Kind of, it's going to be weird leaving this place after all we have been through. Only thing I won't miss around here are those dumb monkeys" I said.

"I'm actually going to miss those furballs. They were fun to mess with and were fun to practice our skills on" said Zach as he began to remember the times he messed with the blue monkeys.

"Speaking of our skills should we tell the jedi what else our master taught us?" I asked forgetting that we never showed the jedi what our master taught us.

"No not yet, if they saw what else she taught us besides how to use the force and our lightsaber skills they might think differently of us. We'll keep it quiet and wait for the right time to show them" said Zach as we were halfway to the ship.

"Fine just don't take too long. I don't want Ahso...I mean i don't want the jedi to think we're keeping something from them that would lead them to think of us differently" I said almost saying Ahsoka's name but changing it just before I said it.

"Not to worry we'll tell them...when I feel like it" said Zach as he started to run to the ship. I soon followed as well as we arrived to the ship where Ahsoka was waiting for us.

"You guys ready?" I asked as the boys arrived with their bags.

"Oh yes let's get off this rock and head to somewhere nice and cool" said Zach as he entered the ship's cargo bay looking around the ship. "By the way can this piece of junk really fly?"

"Don't worry it will fly, my master made some adjustments to the ship when we first got it and now it's working better than ever" I said as I closed the hanger.

"Speaking of your master where is he anyways?" I asked noticing Anakin or Obi wan weren't here.

"Up at the bridge getting the ship ready and explaining to the council what happened. They were surprise by what we told them and are looking forward to seeing you two" I said as I led the boys to the bridge.

"I don't know if I should be glad or worried about them meeting us" I said as I followed behind Ahsoka as she led us to the bridge.

"Just be on your toe and relax. You two will be fine, provided you don't get on the bad side of the council members" I said reassuring the guys that everything would be fine. We arrived to the bridge where Anakin and Obi wan were finishing getting the ship ready when they saw us enter the bridge.

"Welcome you two, are you ready to leave?" asked Obi wan as he greeted us to the bridge.

"Ready as we'll ever be let's go" said Zach as he sat down and strapped himself in.

Ahsoka showed me to one of the chairs as we both strapped in as well. Anakin soon powered up the ship and we were soon taking off. It felt bit weird taking off, it has been years since I have flown on a ship. The earliest I remember being on a ship was when we were arriving on Kiros. Though my parents had put me to sleep on the ship I could still feel the vibrations of the ships engines going through my bed and the sound of the ship taking off as well. I looked forward towards the window and saw were we're leaving the athmosphere of the planet and were in space. It felt good being off Kiros and into space. I looked over to Ahsoka who was smiling. I return the smile and looked over at Zach who wasn't smiling but looked a bit sick.

"Dude you okay?" I whispered towards Zach who was looking worst.

"Not really I feel a little weird" said Zach as his face looked a bit pale.

I looked over at what Michael was looking at and saw Zach wasn't looking too good. "Um master Zach doesn't look good."

Anakin and Obi wan looked over and saw Zach looking a little under the weather. "We're about to enter into hyperspace, once we do that take him to the medical room" said Anakin as he began to power up the hyperspace.

I unbuckled and went towards to Zach to see if he was all right. "How you feeling Zach?" I asked.

"Like i'm going to..." Zach soon felt something was wrong and was going to finish talking when Anakin activated the hyperjump which caused Zach to throw up all over me from my chest to my legs. "Sorry" said Zach letting a small smile.

It was disgusting, I have never felt anything more disgusting in my life. It was all over me and it was dripping off my chest and legs. I looked over and saw Anakin and Obi wan were smirking a bit by what they saw. Michael came over and helped me up. I didn't want to move but Michael knew if I stayed where I was Zach could throw up on me again. I looked at Michael who kept a small distance from me since he didn't want to get some barf on him. But he let out a small comfort smile and began to lead me out the room.

"Better get yourself cleaned up I'll take care of Zach and take him to the medical room" I said feeling bad that Ahsoka got barfed on by Zach.

"Thanks" was all I said as I left the room and headed off to clean myself.

I looked at the jedi who decided not to say a word which was good thing they didn't say a word. I unbuckled Zach and helped carried him to the medical room to get himself something for his air/space sickness and get himself cleaned as well. I tought to myself this trip was beginning to start off badly for us. I can only hope it will get better when we get to the jedi temple.

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