Zombies Calvin, Susie, Moe, and Calvin's parents were all trying to grab Hobbes, Copper, and Calvin's bike.

Zombie Calvin had grabbed on to Hobbes's leg, but Hobbes shook him off.

"These guys aren't too bad. We can't even get infected by the new disease," said Hobbes.

"Yeah, but that doesn't mean they can't hurt us!" said Copper as he used the Immobilization Ray on the new zombies.

"Well, how do we fix them?" asked Hobbes.

"I'm thinking," said Copper. "Wait! I got it! If I remember correctly from my history lessons, the disease was made on this day. The Supreme Potentate couldn't make something so similar to the original disease that fast! He must've mutated the original somehow to make this."

"So where's that get us?" asked Hobbes.

"The disease can't survive mutation. It should burn through their systems within twenty-four hours," said Copper.

"We don't have that long. They'll get the upper hand before then," said Hobbes.

"Not when I'm done with them. Follow me!" said Copper as he got on Calvin's bike and they rode off.

The unlikely trio had gone back to the Supreme Potentate's "house" and took the secret elevator to the SP's hidden lab.

"Okay, I think I could build a device that could speed up the healing process here. Lucky for us, the Supreme Potentate has the proper tools to do it here," said Copper.

Copper had gone through the Supreme Potentate's junk in the lab until he found what he wanted.

Hobbes was watching until he heard a loud noise upstairs. He ran up and saw a bunch of zombies trying to knock down the door.

"Again? How am I gonna lead them away this time?" asked Hobbes. "There's no lights that will lead them away since it's day."

Calvin's bike came to the ground floor and it freaked out when it saw one break in. It tried to bite him, but it couldn't penetrate his metal.

Calvin's bike saw this as an opportunity and ran over the new zombie. After wards it went out back and ran over all the zombies outside.

Copper came back upstairs.

"Okay, I've got it. Shoot the zombies with this and the disease should wear off much faster," said Copper as he handed Hobbes a laser gun.

"What is it?" asked Hobbes.

"Shoot one of them and you'll see," said Copper.

Hobbes walked outside and hit all the zombies that were at the door. Afterwards, they couldn't get up and were practically glued to the street.

"Are you sure it's working? That just kept them from getting up," said Hobbes.

"That laser is a Personal Gravity Increaser. When you shot the zombies-"

But Copper was interrupted by the Supreme Potentate yelled "Prepare yourselves for the end, pests!"

The Supreme Potentate had come in his miniature UFO with the rest of the new zombies behind him.

"You think you can stop them with a laser? Ha! You forget, they are immune to your technologies," said the Supreme Potentate. "In a minute, they'll be up again and you'll be surrounded!" said the Supreme Potentate.

"You think you've won, haven't you?" asked Copper.

"I believe I have."

"Well genius, there are a couple things you didn't take account of when you mutated the disease. One: It can't survive mutation and will die out within a period of time. Two: This laser is a gravity increaser. And Three-"

All the zombies behind him got up and were fully healed.

"-Gravity alters time. In other words, their twenty-four hour time limit just ran out," said Copper.

The Supreme Potentate was a bit worried of this.

He initiated a tractor beam in his UFO and stole the gun and made a run for it.

"Zombies! Fight them off until we can regroup!"

The zombies charged after the Hobbes, Copper, and Calvin's bike while the Supreme Potentate tried to get away in his UFO.

Hobbes was going to make a run for it, but then he saw Calvin was revived.

Hobbes ran over to Calvin and saw he was dizzy.

As soon as Calvin saw Hobbes, he jumped up and hugged him.

"Hobbes, you did it! But where's the Supreme Potentate?" asked Calvin.

"He's making a run for it while his new zombies hunt us down," said Hobbes.

Calvin looked behind Hobbes and noticed the army of mindless minions.

Calvin got the Transmogrifer Gun from his back pocket and turned a nearby tree into a miniature helicopter.

After they got in, Calvin they'd flown over town and flew over.

"Hobbes, you take the steering and fly low. I'll stop them from there," said Calvin.

Calvin had aimed the Transmogrifer Gun at the street and suddenly it became a wall blocking the zombies. They'd tried to run back in the other direction, but Calvin had made three more walls and they were trapped.

The Supreme Potentate had seen this and shot Calvin and Hobbes's helicopter with a death ray in his UFO.

Before the helicopter fell to the ground, Calvin and Hobbes bailed (but only Hobbes had the sense to use a parachute).

Calvin landed on the Supreme Potentate's UFO and tried to throw the Supreme Potentate off of the UFO. But then he saw the Gravity Gun was at his feet-tentacle things and then tried to grab it.

The Supreme Potentate had grabbed Calvin and lifted him in the air so he couldn't run away.

Calvin remembered the Transmogrifier Gun and shot the tentacle that held him in the air.

They turned into signs that said "LOSER" in the shape of an arrow pointed to the Supreme Potentate.

"Hey, this is humiliating enough that I've been beaten by a six-year-old!" complained the Supreme Potentate.

Unknown to the Supreme Potentate, Hobbes had finally landed on the UFO right behind him.

"Despite the advantage of size, my weapons are more advanced than your Transmogrification devices boy," said the Supreme Potentate as he whipped out several laser guns. "And despite my age, I know how to use them."

Hobbes then picked up the Supreme Potentate. To the SP's surprise, he fit in Hobbes's palm.

Hobbes took all the SP's lasers and threw it off of the UFO.

"But apparently, you need to have them to use them," said Hobbes.

Hobbes had picked up the Gravity Gun and handed it to Calvin. And Calvin zapped every zombie in the little pen he made and they fell to the ground. in minutes, they were back to normal.

The ticked off Supreme Potentate had bit Hobbes' hand so he would drop him and then pressed a button on the UFO's control panel.

Calvin and Hobbes were ejected from the UFO. Fortunately, Hobbes still had his parachute on and held on to Calvin until they reached the ground.

Copper saw the Gravity Gun was also ejected and grabbed it.

He shot the SP's UFO with the Gravity Gun and it fell to the ground. After, Calvin and Hobbes flew down and took the Gravity Gun and shot every zombie they trapped.

"Yes! We won!" said Calvin.

After the SP got out of the crashed UFO he yelled at Calvin and Hobbes "I'll get you yet, you *%$%*#s!"

"Do you know what that words means?" asked Calvin.

"No. Let's look it up later," said Hobbes.

Before the Supreme Potentate could run off, Copper grabbed him.

"Oh no, you're not getting away this time. Because this time, you're coming with me," said Copper as he ran in some bushes where his Time Machine was hidden.

"Thanks for catching him guys. I'll see you soon," said Copper as he took the Time Machine to his time.

"Wait, I want to ask him something before you take him away," said Hobbes.

He walked over to the Supreme Potentate.

"If you could've made the new zombies all along, why did you unleash the original infection? And now that you've lost, tell us what all this was about," asked Hobbes.

"It broke out by mistake. I let it go, hoping the first zombies would get you but the I couldn't leave my house because they were always attacking me, so I tried to alter it a little using test subjects, which I told you dolts was research or a cure. If I'd continued it, you'd eventually find out I wasn't making a cure, so I found an actual one when Calvin wasn't in the room to lead you away. And while you two were curing everyone, I made the new infection, unleashed it, and here we are now," explained the Supreme Potentate.

"Well, Potenty, it's time to go to your new cell in the future," said Copper as they took the Time Machine to the future.

Calvin and Hobbes were headed home and turned the walls back into streets.

"Well Hobbes, it looks like a happy ending for real this time," said Calvin.

"Thank goodness," said Hobbes.

"After the tension settles down, I'd say order will be restored in a couple days," said Calvin.

"I hope so," said Hobbes.

But before they could go on, Calvin's bike came by and ran over Calvin.

"Well you're not so nice yourself, you dumb bike!" said Calvin as it sped away.

"I think that was its way of saying nothing's changed between you two," said Hobbes.

"Let's go inside, Hobbes," said Calvin as he approached their house.

But before they went in, something caught Calvin's eye.

He saw the comic book Hobbes threw out the window.

"Hey! My comic!" said Calvin as he picked it up and ran inside to read it.

"Man, I love happy endings. Especially when they're on my part," said Hobbes. "Now to steal Calvin's comic and draw faces on the Super-Heroes."

The End

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