A/N: Prompt from an anon; If ur still taking pezberry prompts :)) santana has a huge appetite and rachel secretly loves it. Thanks! TW: for food and eating disorder, maybe. Honestly not sure what to warn this as... So if you have any ideas, please let me know! Anyway, this has been a Scrap long in the making~ :D

It was their third date at Breadstix. Stirring her straw through her iced tea, Rachel smiled at the girl across from her. Their legs and feet were tangled under the table, Santana's dimples on full display, and Rachel's heart pulsed as she waited for their full meal to arrive. Breadsticks were one thing, and goodness knew Santana chowed down on them, happily bullying the staff of the restaurant to keep her drowning in them, but they weren't "official" food. Just appetizers, right?

Watching her new girlfriend bite into her tenth 'stick, Rachel beamed at her. Even so, it was… Refreshing to see her so hungry.

Stopping her straw in the middle of her tea, Rachel cleared her throat. "Are the 'sticks as good as normal?" she asked innocently, nodding at the leftover collection of breadsticks that had been delivered practically as soon as Santana and Rachel had sat down.

Santana smirked at her. Chewing and swallowing her latest breadstick, she bobbed her head, hand reaching over the table to gently curl around Rachel's, her palm warm and strong; Rachel shivered, loving the feeling. "Uh, duh. You honestly think my glare be losin' any potency?" the cheerleader asked archly, teeth on display, "They know what's best for them."

Rolling her eyes affectionately at the other girl's needless affectation and lazy vocabulary, already having realized it was mainly for show, Rachel curled her fingers around Santana's. Her heart fluttered again. "Still going to have room for dinner?"

Santana grinned at her again. "I had a late Cheerios practice, babe. These 'stix? As good as they are, they're not enough. You best believe I'mma scarf my dinner down and still have room to order a wheelbarrow to go."

Only wincing a little as she remembered Santana's ordered dish was meat based, Rachel nodded. Aside from the meat component, the rest of her thrilled, thinking about Santana eating a full Breastix meal. The restaurant had a reputation for serving more than expected, and, having had two dates already in practically the same booth as they were in now, Rachel knew what to expect.

It was good.

She'd initially worried Santana was going to have an eating disorder, under the thumb of one Sue Sylvester, but, having been privy to the girl's appetite, admittedly watching her a couple of weeks in the WMHS cafeteria when she was seated at the glee table, and not the Cheerios, Rachel had been gratified to find that the girl approached eating - and calories - the same as she did.

Rachel squeezed Santana's hand, not moving as their waiter, someone Santana had browbeaten practically as soon as they'd set foot into the restaurant, arrived with another basket of breadsticks, sliding it right next to the basket already in place. "Just a couple of more minutes," he promised, smiling at them, nervousness almost completely hidden, "Is there anything I can offer in the meantime?"

Santana rolled her eyes. "Uh, yeah, whatever. You're intruding, 'kay? So," she raised her free hand, waggling it in a 'shoo' motion, "Get gone already."

Sighing, hiding her affectionate smile, Rachel still met the waiter's gaze, smiling at him and nodding, letting him know it was okay to go. "San…" she lowered her voice, smiling suggestively as the boy moved on, changing the subject, her teeth biting her lower lip, "Are you still coming over tonight?"

Her free hand moving through her hair, Santana winked at Rachel. "Sure. Just as long as I'll be able to stick my 'sticks in your refrigerator," she said, unknowingly hitting Rachel's buttons, plump lips turning up. "After all, we's really don't know how long I'll be, do we?"

Rachel closed her eyes. "No, no," she shifted forward, curling her foot around Santana's calf, her heart thumping as she smiled at the other girl, "We really, really don't…"