Sorry it's been so long I apologize.

BurnedJace P.O.V

Dear Diary,

Today I decided to meet Aline in the park to make sure she wouldn't go all stalkerish on me. Even though Clary would get jealous and start a girl fight with Aline and that would be awesome right. The convo with Aline was as followed.

"Hey Jace" she said

"Hey Aline"

"So, what did you want to talk about" she asked

"Well Aline, You know that Clary and I are dating now and I just want to make sure you're clear of that"

"Jace first off I'm not your mother so you don't need to ask permission and second off I was just experimenting on whether I like guys or girls more" she said

"Oh, Okay so which do you like better" I asked

"Honestly I couldn't tell because more like a girl than a guy so I honestly couldn't tell. I need to test it out on a real man" and then she left.

Suddenly Simon came out of the tree and shouted "Burned".

"Simon what are you doing in the trees" I asked

"I don't know"

"Well, how about you shut up."

Not my funniest stuff I know sorry.