Chapter 1

"Love Her"

Bella's POV

His cold hard skin against mine felt wrong. Clawing me, hurting me as he went deeper and harder in of me. I cried out in pain and fear as he kept going in and out of me. All I could hear was his harsh cold voice taunting me. Telling me that I was his so it's his right as my fiancé. I bit my lip as tears come out of my eyes. I looked toward the trees on the other side of the clearing not being able to look at him. He said he loved me and he wanted to wait. Why is he doing this? I ached all over my body, my mind, my heart. I moaned out in pain as he force me to face him and crushed his lips onto mine. With one last thrust he had finished and was off of me.

"Well that was fun, wasn't it?" He smirked down at me. I just looked away and whimpered. How had Alice not seen this? 'Or maybe she had and didn't want to do anything about it because she doesn't love you like you thought.' A twisted voice within said 'Or maybe she didn't see it because he told her not to look' A more rational voice said.

As I finished that thought he slapped me.

"ANSWER ME!" He roared. I cringed away from him in fear and just nodded, afraid to upset him more by telling the truth. Pleased with my answer he picked me up bridal style kissing me lightly on the forehead.

"Let's get you home, my love." He said sweetly, and then started running towards his house. It was as if the last 20 minutes had not happened at all. My heart rate quickened, we were going to his house, what if my pervious doubts were true? What if the Cullen's never really loved me? 'Or what if they knew nothing about this and he's just a psycho.' That could be possible. I mean he DID stalk me…and he had voices in his head…and he had this obsession with my soul. Maybe I was just marring a psycho. After tonight I'm not sure if there will be a wedding. I could go through with it. As the thought and plan of how to call the wedding off Alice came running down the stairs to their house. 'Oh NOW she comes.' I think sourly.

"BELLA! Why would you want to cancel wedding?" She yells at me with a half crazed, half concerned look on her face. At her words Edward tighten his grip on me

I glance nervously up at him as he tried to hide his glare from Alice.

"I think it's time to get Bella home." He said as he turned around and starting running to my house but not before I gave Alice a panicked look that she didn't seem to catch. Giving one last look at the house I saw Jasper give me a worried look.

After crawling through my window he tossed me on my bed and started pacing my room. As I coward in the corner he stopped to look at me.

"Why would you cancel the wedding? I thought you loved me!" He looked at me disgusted.

I just gawked at him. Feeling anger running through my veins at his psychotic-ness. "And I thought you loved me!" I said quietly not wanting to wake Charlie.

"I do love you! All I've ever done is love you! How could you ever think something different?"

"You RAPED me!" I said, maybe a little too loudly as we both heard Charlie grunt in his sleep.

"You wanted it." He growled at me. His voice low and deadly. Luckily through my anger I didn't flinch but held my ground.

"No, I didn't. I said we should wait."

"No, you said you wanted me." He said coming closer to me.

"I did-"

"Ha! See you did want me so it wasn't rape!" He said victoriously.

If I could have slapped him and not break my hand, I would have.

"Leave. Now." I said through gritted teeth.

"I'm not leaving!" He said grabbing me. I shoved him, to no anvil. "Get the fuck out of my room!" I yelled waking Charlie in the process.

"Bell are you ok?" My half asleep father asked.

"Yes dad, just the computer, sorry."

"Kay, bells, night"

"Night dad" I turned my attention back to Fuckward. I flinch at my name for him...I mean he DID rape me not an hour ago.

"Go, now" I said sternly to him.

"This isn't over Bella" he grabs my neck and forced a kiss on my lips then kissed my forehead. "Goodnight my love, I hope you're feeling better in the morning" and he was gone.

I calmed myself by putting my ear buds in my ear and blasting Seether in my ears. Do I still love him? 'Did you ever love him' the pesky voice pondered. 'Of course I loved him,' the sane one replied. Ha! "The sane voice" I must be going insane along with everyone else. 'Then why didn't you want him? You wanted him once upon a time why not now?' Stupid pesky voice...'because he wanted to wait and I agreed to it.' It felt like a lie. Why hadn't I wanted him? Suddenly my thoughts went to my short time in Italy and Aro. How he had been kind. Strange, strict, a little chatting but kind nonetheless. Maybe I could go there and became one of them. I laughed at the thought and dismissed it at once. Sighing I let my mind concentrate on the words flowing from my ears and drift to a very un-peaceful sleep full of naked Edward and cloaked figures.