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===Chapter 8===

Edward POV

I walked to the place Jacob and I had met before. I was in no hurry I could tell he wasn't there yet and I felt no need to rush, everything was working out just fine. I felt calm as a breeze picked up and ruffled my hair and clothes. I sighed quite content that all was working in my favor. Bella will be mine, shortly. I was glad I asked Jacob to help me, it meant Alice couldn't see what I was doing. I finally have bet her at her own game. Sure she game me suspicious looks every now and then but its like not she knows. I climbed a tree near the spot he should be at any minute now. I chose a strong looking limb and laid out on it, leaning my back against the main part of the tree. Charlie can wait while I relax some and talk to Jacob. He is safe from harming himself and others harming him. I got lost in my day dreams of Bella, losing track of all time. I heard rustling what sounded like a mile or so away. I tired reading whoever's mind it was but could not. My undead heart starting racing at the hope it was Bella coming for me to take me back. Then the wind shifted and I smelt dog, dirty wet dog. I heard his pounding against the wet ground, getting louder as he came closer. My heart sank, it was just Jacob. I swallowed my anger, it wouldn't do any good.

"You're late." I said jumping down from the tree once he had stopped. It seemed to have been around 18 hours since I had been the tree. He was really late.

"I was busy." Thoughts of him dealing with some angered pack member ran through his head.

"So they don't want to help?" FUCK ME! Now my plan is not going to fucking work and I have to start all over again. Motherfucker! My anger started to come back.

"No, they will. It took a lot of convincing but they will help because they have to, I said so." Only he could make a wolfish grin look childish. I rolled my eyes at his antics but glad he did so.

"Good, now we need prepare the rescue." And I need to step some things up…

"Ok. The ones coming will be at your house in an hour to go over plans."

"No, there is a run down cabin hidden in the woods five or so miles away from my house, we meet there in two hours, ok?" If they showed up at my house all will be fucked. He nodded his big wolf head, the far swaying with the motion. "See you then." I left, jogging to where I hide Charlie. Hopefully he isn't dead. I sighed with relief as I reached the small abandon barn on the edge of Port Angeles. I could hear Charlie's breathing. It was slow and steady, he must have fallen asleep. I stood by his sleeping form. With one last prayer that Bella will come back to me I set the other part of my plan in motion.

Aro pov

I didn't like that boy. He called me Shrek. I am not a green fat, gross thing from some overly drawn out DreamWorks movie! HOW DARE HIM FOR INSLUTING ME IN SUCH A WAY! He's the dork with his ripped muscles and perfectly tanned skin. HA! Doesn't he know chicks dig the pale vampire look? Silly boy. But more importantly he lusted after my mate. His thoughts toward Bella infuriated me. Lucky for him he also hated Edward almost as much as me. I could use him to kill Edward and my hands will stay clean, so to speak. Bella would be mad at him, not me and Carlisle will never know. For now the boy will live. I sighed leaning my hand in my hands with my elbows against my desk. Jacob's memories running through my head, how bad Bella had been when Edward left. All his thoughts to about her. He had kissed her without her consent. I chuckled slightly as I remembered she had hit him even though it had hurt her in return, she at least stood up for herself. I knew so little about her life. Jacob and Edward had known her longer and more than what I do know. I just know her by their memories and thoughts not on my own. I sat up, that will have to change we will go on a date. After the Edward thing would be best. Then we shall get really get to know each other. I smiled getting antsy to rid of Edward as soon as possible. Memories came back to me, "He's the one I can't live without." Bella told Jacob crushing his soul and yet he still cared about her so much. Maybe she still had feelings for him, it would explain why she didn't want him killed. I banished the thought before it could grow and actually concern me. She said she loved me and our bonds are stronger than it was with her and Edward. I smiled ha-ha I win. I stood up to go find my love and bring up a date night. I nearly skipped to her room I was in such a good mood.

"Aro!" I turned around to see my brothers coming towards me.

"You always have the worst timing." I stated to them as they stopped a few feet from me.

"This is important." Cauis said his face serious. I looked to Marcus, his face looked concerned yet somehow still bored. I felt bad for him, I was to blame for his robot vampire type state. Power had clouded my mind then to see reason. If only I had.

I put my business face on, "What is it?"

"It's Bella's father. Carlisle called and told us that Edward found him in the woods nearly beaten to death. His skin torn badly in places and bones broken. He is at the hospital where Carlisle works in the ICU. He doesn't seem to be doing well." Bella will be hurt at this news. I nodded sadly.

"Let me tell her, then we will let her decide on what to do." They nodded and I finished my journey to Bella's room only much more grim than I had been before. Date night will have to wait, her father comes first. The thought of my father-in-law being only 40-something to my 3000-something was kind of odd. But no matter what age he was Bella cared deeply for him, whatever she cared for so did I. Ok in some cases not all. I knocked on her door.

"Come in." My loves voice sounding like bells. I opened the door and walked in.

"ARO!" She jumped me, embracing me in a warm hug. I hugged her back sadly, knowing I was about to tell her news that would hurt her. She noticed my lack of excitement and pulled back to look at my downcast face. "What's wrong?" Her concerned filled eyes not making this any easier.

"I have some news…" I walked us over to the bed and sat down pulling her into my lap. She brushed her soft hand across my cheek trying to soothe me. I placed my hand on hers and bringing it to my lips and kissed it softly. "Aro please…" She whispered. I sighed and stared deep in her eyes searching her soul.

"Isabella," She tensed as I used her full name, knowing it would be bad. "You're father is in the hospital." She froze. "Edward found him badly beaten in the woods." Her head dropped and if it hadn't been for me still holding her hand it would have dropped into her lap where the other one lay. I hugged her close to me as she took it all in. "He is in the ICU and Carlisle is watching over him." She leaned into my chest and buried her face in the crook of my shoulder. Her body shook with sobs. I rubbed her back gently whisper shooting words to her. After a few minutes she looked at me, her venom filled red eyes bored into mine.

"I want to see him."

"Of course, I will get them to ready the plane." I paused, not wanting to get up but needing to get things done. "Jane." I said a little loader than normal, not quite a yell. She appeared before us with in the minute. Her cloak still swayed with the quickness of how she stopped.

"Yes my Master?" She took in Bella's deflated posture and gave her a sympathic smile taking a step forward to, I'm guessing, hug her.

"Jane, go get the plane ready and tell Felix to wait for us on the plane." I nodded to her in dismissal. She bowed and left leaving us alone. "Bella we need to pack some clothes and I need to make a call." She nodded and got up, her face determined. I got up and kissed her gently on the lips. "I will be back momentarily." I left her to pack and walked down the halls back into my office. I shut the door behind me and went for the phone. I paused for only a second to remember the number than dialed. It rang twice before Carlisle answered.

"Dr. Carlisle's speaking." I smiled, it was good to hear him after so long.

"Hello Carlisle."

"Aro, so I take it you've heard the news?"

"Yes, and we are coming to see him. We will be there as soon as we can." In a way I'm glad he went straight to business and skipped the whole 'Hi, how are you?' act.

"Good, I will tell the others, and you are welcome to stay at our house for as long as you need to."

"Thank you Carlisle. Has he improved any?"

"Very little, I don't know who did this but they were brutal."

"So you think it was a vampire?" I will have them ripped apart and set aflame for their actions towards my mates family.

"Yes, the way he was beaten it had to be either vampire some kind of big animal with a vengeance and ability to aim for the week spots yet not instantly kill him."

"Do you think it could have been the werewolf or shape shifters nearby?" I wouldn't put it past them, from Jacob's memories they were always rash and could lash out at any minute.

"I don't think so, just doesn't seem to fit." I sighed.

"Thank you again, Carlisle. We will talk more once we get there. Goodbye my old friend." I pulled the phone away from my ear as he said goodbye and pressed the end button. I sat the phone back on the receiver. I relaxed my body into my leather desk chair and mulled over that he had said. I guess we will just have to wait and see. I got up and walked slowly to my Isabella's room to give her time to pack and to be alone with her thoughts.

"Master." Alec and Jane come and started walking besides me. I looked at them, they looked a lot alike.

"Master, the plane just got back from dropping off that boy, it will be ready in thirty minutes." Jane said before her twin could which earned her a quick sideways glare from him. I smiled to myself, such siblings.

"Thank you dear, now pack some clothes. I don't know how long we will be there for." They nodded and left. I didn't want to many guard members away at once, it left the castle too weak but I would allow Alec to come along, it made him antsy to be away from Jane too long. Once at Bella's door I lifted my right hand to knock just as the door opened and once again I was in Bella's warm embrace. I wrapped my arms around her once fragile frame and held her tight walking us into her room. I shut the door with my foot not wanting to let go of her.

"I called Carlisle, he said we could stay at his house as long as we needed too. And that Charlie has improved a little." It wasn't really a lie, was it? "And he thinks a vampire has done it." She growled, the vibrations from it causing a shiver to run down my spine. No, now is not a time for that. She pulled back looking infuriated.

"I will personally destroy them for causing harm to my father." Her features turned dark, my shock obvious to the world. My sweet Bella had a dark side. My pants became slightly tighter as fantasies played in my head. I mentally slapped myself, now is not the time for that. She walked out of my arms and they fell to my side feeling cold and empty. She picked up a bag from her bed and draped that strap over her shoulder. "Let's go." She said, darkness laced her words. I tensed fighting my urges.

"We have to stop by my room to get a few things first." She nodded and walked out the door. My eyes followed her and I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding. Dear God this woman will be the end of me.

I quickly grabbed a few things and put them in my suitcase. I looked around to make sure I had everything and my eyes stopped on Bella lying on my bed looking up. She propped herself up on her elbows and smiled at me grimly. The smiled faded. Her eyes showed the worry and pain she held for her father. I sat on the edge of the bed and pulled her to me, sitting her in my lap. I leaned my forehead against hers. I held her head gently between my hands. Our lips just barely touched before there was a knock on the door.

"What?" I yelled not moving my face from Bella's not caring who it was or what they wanted.

"I was sent to tell you the plane is ready." A small voice answered. Right, the plane to go visit Bella's father in the hospital, Bella's eyes watered up. I got off the bed pulling Bella along with me and got our bags. Her hand in one hand and the bags in the other. We walked to the plane and boarded. Bella turned into a sad little zombie once seated. I held her close to me wishing I could make things better.


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