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[A/N: Oddly enough, I haven't been out of the country before; so this series of recorded attacks takes place in familiar areas. To those who can relate, you're in luck. To those who can't, just use your imagination. Or use Google.]

Davao City, 2004

The small undisclosed fishing port/wet market was sealed off by police tape and armed guards. Two days ago, a small fishing vessel was doing its routine of unloading the daily catch. The owner of the boat, a certain Pedro De La Gomez, was noticed to be rather sickly and pale by fellow fishermen and some vendors. When inquired about his situation, De La Gomez simply told people that he had a small accident while fishing in shallow waters, and was bitten on the forearm while hauling up his catch. Dismissing it as another normal mishap, people took no action and the morning went by as usual. That afternoon, around 2 p.m., fishermen around the area noticed De La Gomez was unmoving and breathing heavily on his floating raft. Tugging him back to shore and placing him on land, some of the fishermen proceeded to seek medical attention for De La Gomez; all the while, bystanders had converged on their position. A few minutes later, a doctor arrived to administer first aid. Alas, it was too late, and the doctor pronounced him dead.

As people shook their heads in disbelief, the reanimated Pedro rose and attacked the doctor. The gathered crowd ran away in horror as the figure shuffled towards them. A few policemen on the scene acted quickly, pulling out their guns and opening fire on De La Gomez. The body shots merely slowed the creature down as it grabbed a policeman by the arm. Luckily, the small distance from the man from the beast allowed the officer to dispatch it with a single head shot.

All news stories dismissed the event as a sudden burst of violence from a crazed Pedro De La Gomez, and explained the supernatural-like ability of Pedro's lack of vital signs to be caused by a natural borne toxin commonly found in the area. Government forces acted quickly in silencing the populace and requesting help from the CDC. The respective families were paid compensation for the accident, while the two bodies were taken away to be cremated due to "health reasons". A week later, US operatives from the Center for Disease Control arrived to expand the investigation. Said investigation lasted for two more weeks, and ultimately ended with an emergency conference with the Philippine Department of Health, the area being demolished, and all traces of evidence from the accident to be either confiscated or destroyed.

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