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Clark, Pampanga 2006

Mark Foxin, a US resident on a vacation stay in the Philippines, was last seen one morning, doing his daily jogging run. Witnesses state that around 5 am, Foxin left the house of Mrs. Annabelle Foxin (Mr. Foxin's aunt) and headed towards the park; the starting point of his route. Mr. Alex Rodriguez, one of the subdivision guards, states that "Mr. Foxin seemed shaky and unnerved" and also that he was "wearing a strange harness on his head, one that contained a small optical device; a binocular or a camera." Upon further questioning, Mrs. Annabelle Foxin revealed a Video blog that Mark had supposedly made over the past few weeks.

In the Vlog, Mark Foxin shows the viewer the typical route of his early morning jog. Starting at the city park, he'd make his way past the SuperMall, and enter through the Main Gate. From there, he'd follow a designated path that led to the Vacationer's Heaven Hotel [A/N: Three guesses to what real life hotel this is]

From there, he would navigate his way through the hotel's grounds and out back; to an alternate route that circles back towards the Main Gate, and ultimately, back to his starting point.

Another key feature to his Video blog was narration Foxin adds usually while on his routine (but some in post-production). Foxin describes in his commentary the importance of having a designated path and sticking to it well. Ironically enough, Foxin not practicing what he had preached would ultimately lead him to danger.

What gave the police a possible lead was found in Foxin's most recent recordings. Around five minutes in, Mark Foxin sees a blocked road leading to an uninvestigated area that he hadn't noticed before. The path was blocked by a half-demolished toll area which Foxin took easily managed to get through. Slowing down to a brisk walk, he comments about the mental aspect of fitness training, and how it is still important to have some fun in the routine. He then mentions activities such as exploring, as to what he was currently doing.

Eventually, Mark makes his way up an uphill road and stops at what seems to be a deserted community; abandoned concrete houses, degrading structures, the like. Foxin rests for a moment and quietly murmurs how he feels as he is being watched. Sure enough, movement can be detected just behind the tree line as Foxin stands up to leave.

Having a possible lead, the forces from the National Bureau of Investigation are dispatched to search for any sign of the missing Mark Foxin. Apart from the mountain ranges, all the possible areas were thoroughly searched in a two week manhunt that ultimately turned up with no Foxin. However, NBI personnel believe they may have found incriminating evidence for an assault/murder.

Found in a ditch about 500 meters away from the abandoned village, were traces of blood soaked clothing that matched the outfit last seen to be worn by Mark. Also found in the area was Foxin's helmet cam; appearing to be intact. In a twist of ironic fate, the video recorder failed to show what happened to Foxin, as the batteries had run out mid-recording.

Police reports afterward have turned out cold, and the cause of disappearance has been brought down as murder. Up to now, the case has been filed as 'Unsolved' and is stored away at the local crime archives.

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