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March 2011

Tondo, Manila

Just east of the commercial parts of Tondo, lies a non-descript, two-story building which functions as a small carwash business. Said carwash was recently raided by local government officials and Imbestigador operatives1 due to an anonymous tip stating that the teen workers employed there were being locked up from the outside after closing hours. Subsequent investigation backed up the claim; landing the owner of the business into the slammer, and allowing two of the four (?) Workers to safely return back to their home province.

Unfortunately, only two weeks prior to the investigation, more complaints in the area once again aroused the suspicion of local authorities. Thinking that the now vacant area was being used for illegal drug distribution, a small police force consisting of a SWAT team, two government officials, and narcotic agents were dispatched on the scene. What they encountered then was something that the city of Manila had never encountered before.

As the morning grew on that fateful day, the operatives stood outside the building as onlookers stand around. As the order is given enter the building, the SWAT team leads first into the darkness of the building, while the other, less armed personnel and the camera crew stand by outside.

Immediately after the camera records the SWAT team closing on onto the suspected drug den, shots are fired inside the building; accompanied by shouts from the officers inside. The anticipation outside grows as a defeated officer stumbles out into the street, muttering incoherently, and then promptly falling flat on the ground.

Soon afterwards, a total of eight figures emerge from the building; all of them blood soaked with sunken eyes. Backup forces immediately drew their guns, commanding that the figures stop. However, said figures not only did not stop, but also managed to bite one officer in the arm. Realizing the seriousness of their situation, backup was requested as the other figures converged on the mass of people.

While parts of the crowd consisted of upper middle- class businessmen and sales folk, the majority was composed of poverty-stricken citizens who were "ideally prepared" for such violent situations. Coincidentally, "ideally prepared" was in the sense of nearby residents having a wide range of hand-to-hand weapons and tools. These improvised weapons consisted of bolos (the Filipino equivalent of a machete), Arnis2 sticks, meat cleavers, stones, and other tools the mob cold get their hands on.

By the time that the entirety of the mob was armed, more living dead began to pop out of the building, bringing the toll up to 12 ghouls. Enraged by mob mentality and the sense of righteous justice, the rag-tag group of people engaged their living dead opponents swiftly and with vigor; resulting in the complete annihilation of the zombie horde; all the while, being recorded by the news crew who had sought shelter in their van.

In a strange twist of fate, the recorded footage was in fact released into the public later in the week. Of course it was not deemed as a ghoul attack, but as a sudden eruption of violence by the twelve unnamed figures due to a hallucinogenic drug potent in the area. Furthermore, the video was filed into the archives after a series of heavy editing sessions to be used, according to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency, as a possible future warning to the youth about the negative effects of taking controlled substances.

The individuals who participated in taking down the threat were later awarded civil service medals by Benigno Aquino the 3rd himself in an open ceremony inside the MalacaÑang palace two weeks after.

The bodies of the SWAT operatives and the attackers were quickly confiscated by the government and sent to the CDC for further analysis.


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