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First Person Alice!

I sighed with worry and ran a hand through my hair. I was sitting in front of HQ's windows, watching the medics down below as they healed the people who were injured in the various battles.

The only thing on everyone's mind was the Tobi Assassination Squad and the potential dangers that could result from sending our ninjas out there to kill the biggest foe the Shinobi villages had ever seen.

People were suddenly shocked by the lack of Zetsu clones running around causing trouble. I smiled, knowing Zetsu had only been being a pain in the ass to entertain himself and to play the part for Tobi.

My main concern was Tobi since his powers and potential were basically unknown even though he wasn't "complete". He was still dangerous and my family and the father of my future bundle of joy, poop, and spit were out there preparing to kill him.

The fact that he could potentially wipe them all out scared me to no end.

Sable lifted her head off my lap and cocked her head to the side as I sighed again. I looked away from the window and smiled at her. She started panting excitedly and her tail wagged happily.

Sable never fails to make me smile.

That's why canines are so amazingly incredible.

Still smiling, I stroked her fur, scratching under her chin and behind her ears and all the nice places she loved. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the window, mentally praying to Jashin that my criminals were okay.

Kathryn was talking with Tsunade about the methods people from our world use to heal wounds and whatnot since we don't have chakra. Tsunade was interested and absorbed, periodically asking questions and commenting on the various methods. Shikaku was listening, but he seemed to be focused on the papers he was reading too. Like most smart people, he can double task like a boss.

The only reason she was talking about this stuff was because I had ordered her to keep her mind off of Deidara and Sasori. She had broken down into a fit earlier and because I didn't want to have to witness that again, I put on my motherly pants and beat her into shape.

Not to mention, her worry only added to my own.

I was tired and sick with worry. I couldn't help but wonder how everyone was doing with Tobi. I knew he was strong and I knew he was intelligent. He could use all of that, but not even he could take on all of the Akatsuki and the top-notch ninjas from the other villages we sent. Being the smart people we are, we were prepared for any potential awesomeness unless he whipped out some technique no one could handle.

Hopefully, that didn't happen.

Jashin protect them.

Third Person!

Tobi breathed heavily as he stood with his back to a bolder, watching his enemies as they positioned themselves around him. He was at his limit, and the allied Shinobi knew it. Pein's ringed eyes never left him through the whole battle and the fact that he was leading the next attack was proof that he noticed Tobi's growing fatigue.

Tobi had put up a good fight so far. He had destroyed all but two of Kabuto's hearts, killed all of the nameless Shinobi from the various villages in seconds. The puppets Sasori and Kankuro had used were all destroyed and Sasori's left leg and arm were crushed.

Hidan had been decapitated, Gai had been knocked unconscious, Yamato's leg was broken in four places, Baki's entire ribcage was pretty much shattered, and Kisame had a scorched side and his right arm was snapped. Deidara's right arm had been cut off. However, it had been sewed back on by Kakuzu and Konan and Sakura had fallen back to get rid of the majority of the scar. Said blond bomber still continued to send bombs out at Tobi with his left hand.

Sasuke had been drawn to the limit because he overused his Sharingan even though Itachi constantly told him to quit. Orochimaru had emerged and tried to wreck havoc, but Itachi took advantage of the situation and ripped the snake from his brother, sealing it within his Susano'o. That knocked Sasuke out of the picture so he could recover from the strain.

All that had cost Tobi one of his eyes to Izanagi and pretty much all of his chakra. He risked becoming blind if he used his other. He was unable to transport away because Zetsu had covered him with hidden spores and he had a few chakra rods belonging to Pein in both of his legs.

Pein watched their enemy closely. He kept his distance, knowing Tobi would be like a wounded, cornered animal. He would be extremely dangerous and reckless. They had to act quickly unless they wished to risk him pulling out a jutsu that could end them all. They could not afford that. Almost all of their forces were out of chakra and if they went down, they had no hope left.

Tobi's knowledge was unknown and because of that, he was not to be underestimated. The only ones who had a chance were the Akatsuki, Taka, Naruto, and Bee but that was simply because they knew Tobi or they had ample amounts of stamina and were virtually limitless.

"It's time to end this, Tobi." Pein said calmly. Externally he was a calm cucumber but on the inside, he was tense with anticipation and worry.

Tobi glared. "I'll bring you to hell with me, Nagato."

"You won't have a chance!" Naruto shouted, leaping into the air with Bee at his side. A massive rasenshuriken was whirling in his hand and Bee had a beast bomb charged and ready to fire. Tobi made to evade, until he was pierced by a lightning rod. Blinking in confusion, he followed the lightning trail made by the chidori to see Sasuke glaring at him.

"Damn it!" Tobi shouted just before Naruto and Bee closed in on him.

Itachi grabbed his brother and pulled him away from the scene as Naruto's attack collided with Tobi and the rock he was backed into. Bee fired his bomb and the landscape where Tobi had been exploded.

Itachi covered Sasuke as trees, rocks, and other bits of land when flying around from the force of the jutsu. After a few minutes, the wind stopped whirling and the noise stopped. Itachi looked up from his brother and back towards where Tobi had been.

All that was left was a mangled corpse. Most of the head was missing, one arm was shattered and both legs were virtually just stains in the dirt. Itachi turned up his nose at the sight before busying himself with helping Sasuke to his feet.

"Easy Otouto." Itachi advised, wrapping an arm around Sasuke's waist to keep him up. "You used up a lot of chakra."

Sasuke sighed tiredly and rubbed his eyes with the arm that wasn't over Itachi's shoulders. "Aniki… my vision is blurry."

"You shouldn't have used your Sharingan so much." Itachi scolded. "I told you it was dangerous."

"I know." Sasuke mumbled. He looked around. "Is everyone else okay?"

Itachi blinked and looked around, searching for the various chakra signatures of their companions. "I believe so."

"That was awesome yo! We kicked his ass fo sho!" Bee cheered as he and Naruto emerged from the shelter of a downed tree with Neji and Shikamaru. "We wiped the floor with him real quick! This is good, because that fool was a huge…"

"Bee!" Naruto said quickly, waving his hands around in protest.

"I can't believe he's already rapping after that." Kisame muttered, throwing a large chunk of rock away from his spot with his good arm, revealing a thoroughly annoyed Sasori, Hidan, and Deidara. Kakuzu stood beside them, holding up another rock chuck that had been shielding Kakashi, Gai, and Yamato.

Kisame hurried over to help Kakuzu with the rock and they shoved it over just as a grunt was heard. Looking around, Suigetsu and Jūgo emerged with Karin and Sakura from behind a large wall of rock. Sakura was smiling and Karin looked annoyed.

"You okay?" Sasuke asked, looking at his team members and former team member.

"Yeah." They all replied in unison.

Sasuke raised his eyebrow at the girls. "What happened to you two?"

"Nothing." The girls chimed together. Sakura was a lot more cheerful than the irate slut, Karin.

Sasuke shrugged with disinterest, showing no desire to press for an answer.

"Shinra Tensei!" Pein shouted.

Land was thrown away from a focal point about twenty yards away from Itachi and Sasuke. In the focal point was Pein, Konan, Baki, Darui and C. Pein looked over the present members and nodded his head in approval before glancing towards the last chunk of chakra signatures.

Gaara's sand shifted to reveal Kankuro, Temari, Sai, and two other ninjas. His sand whirled around as it poured back into his gourd. "Is everyone alright?"

"It appears that way, ya bastard." Hidan grunted as Kakuzu began reattaching his head.

Pein looked towards Tobi's corpse and he sighed with relief. "Mission accomplished. Well done, everyone. You have done a service to this world that cannot be matched. Thank you for risking your lives in order to obtain the peace we have sought for so long. Once we have recovered our strength a bit, we will head back to the base."

"I'll work on contacting HQ to let them know about this." Shikamaru announced. Pein dipped his head in approval.

Kisame looked around. "Where's Zetsu?"

"I'm here." Zetsu said as he emerged from a tree beside Itachi and Sasuke. "We can help restore chakra to those who need it. We've absorbed a lot over the course of this war. Sorry about that. I got a little carried away. Alice told us to fuck with you guys a bit, though."

"As soon as we get back, I'm kicking the shit out of her." Sasori growled.

"You can't walk, Danna." Deidara pointed out. "Your leg is gone, un."

Sasori punched Deidara in the back of his head with his intact hand. "Shut the hell up, brat."

"Ouch, yeah!" Deidara whined, grabbing his head with a grimace.

"We would have screwed with you guys even if she hadn't given us permission to. Her asking was really just icing on the cake. I'm hungry. When we're done with all the politics and stuff, let's eat. I second that." Zetsu stated.

Said plant man left the shelter of the tree and stood properly on the earth. He reached out and rested a hand on Sasuke's shoulder, glowing a bit as he transferred chakra to the exhausted teen. Sasuke dipped his head in thanks.

Hidan started snickering as he looked at Sasori and Deidara before he burst into all out laughter. He pointed at them and fell back into Kakuzu's leg, cackling at the artists. Everyone stared at him, wondering why he was laughing so hard. Some were questioning when he was going to stop.

"What is so funny, un?" Deidara demanded, throwing a rock at the Jashinist.

Hidan shook his head. "Kathryn is going to shit a fucking cow when she sees you two. I can already see it!"

The rest of the Akatsuki members who knew Kathryn either smirked in amusement or started laughing too depending on their respective emotion levels.

Sasori and Deidara both sighed and shook their heads in exasperation.

If anyone knew just how worried and exuberant Kathryn would be, it was them.

"DEIDARA!" Kathryn shouted, tackling the blond. She basically ripped off his clothes once she reached him, touching every part of his body that she could reach as she searched him for any injuries. A few people walking towards HQ stopped to stare at her.

Deidara just lay on the ground underneath her, waiting for her either stop freaking out or get off of him. By the way she was going with her extreme touching and the kisses she showered him with, he doubted it was going to be anytime soon.

Alice glared at her best friend. "Kathryn, stop raping Deidara. No one wants to see that!"

Kathryn glared at Alice, furious that someone would interrupt her love-fest with Deidara, even if it was one-sided at the moment. "Look at him! He looks exhausted!" She pointed at Sasori when he came into view. "And him!" She leapt off of Deidara and latched onto Sasori who was being supported by Kankuro. "Danna! What happened to you?"

Sasori quietly thanked Kankuro before dismissing him politely. Once free of the teen with purple face paint, he smacked the back of Kathryn's head in a scolding manner. "Brat! You calm down right now. Deidara and I are fine. This gives me something to do while we wait for the politics to be sorted out and Deidara is perfectly okay, if not just a bit tired. I am irritated and I don't feel like dealing with your exuberance at the moment."

Kathryn pouted, but her worry pretty much disappeared at the recognition of his typical attitude. "I love you Danna! I was so worried!" She hugged him. "Don't leave me anymore!" She sniffed, wiping her tears away. "You and Dei can't leave me anymore."

Sasori sighed and allowed her to hug him. "Calm down, Kathryn."

Deidara returned to his girlfriend and detached her from Sasori so he could sit down. Once their Danna was seated, they joined him, Kathryn refusing to let either artist go.

Alice shook her head at their antics before looking in the direction of the rest of the force she fondly named the: "Tobi Assassination Squad".

Sable barked and darted away from her side, tackling Hidan who was walking up the hill with Kakuzu. He yelled in surprise and went off on a tangent of swear words as the wolf knocked him off of his feet in order to smother him with affection. Kakuzu stood beside his partner, chuckling at his expense.

"Good girl Sable!" Alice cheered, laughing at Hidan.

"Fuck you Ice Bitch!" Hidan shouted. Sable howled in unison with his shouting, drawing a lot of attention to her and her nonsense.

Alice smirked. "I love you too Hidan!"

"You're fucking lucky for that too, you stupid, ice-cold bitch." Hidan snarled as he tried to fight off Sable and her affection.

Alice smiled at Kakuzu. "Are you two alright?"

"We're fine." Kakuzu nodded. "Just a bit tired and I need to restock my hearts."

"It could be worse I suppose." She shrugged. "I'm glad you guys are alright."

Kakuzu dipped his head. "That makes two of us."

"Make that three." Kisame added as he walked up the hill. His adorable face broke out into a huge, shark-toothed grin when Alice looked in his direction.

"Kisame!" Alice said happily. She glomped him and he caught her easily. He lifted her off the ground, hugging her tightly.

Alice returned the hug with a surprisingly strong grip. His smirk softened when she buried her face into the crook of his neck, showing no signs of letting him go.

He was her shark, and he couldn't bring himself to deny it.

Hell, he was proud of it.

"Hey shrimp." Kisame grinned. "You alright?"

"I'm good now." Alice sighed, hugging his neck. "Are you okay?"

Kisame nodded. "I got a few scratches. It was nothing Konan and Pinky couldn't get rid of though."

"My name is Sakura." Sakura scolded as she helped Yamato up the hill. Yamato had his arm over her shoulder and was doing his utmost to look uninjured since he was a man and men don't show pain or weakness.

"Thanks Sakura." Alice told her when Kisame set her down. She grabbed Kisame's arm and held it closely. "I owe you so much for keeping an eye on these guys for me."

Sakura smiled at her. "No problem Alice."

"Are you alright Yamato?" Alice asked, her attention flicking to the Jōnin and ANBU agent beside Sakura.

The wood user dipped his head, smiling at bit. "I'll live. It's only a break. I'll be fine. I can use the time off my leg to recharge my chakra."

Alice smiled. "Good. Get better soon."

Yamato smiled back at her and continued on with Sakura. Kakashi came next, assisting an uneasy Gai with Lee who had brought it upon himself to see his sensei as soon as he came back from the mission.

"Alice!" Lee greeted with an enthusiastic wave

"Hey Lee." Alice smiled, waving back with the hand that wasn't wrapped around Kisame's arm. "Hey Kakashi, hey Gai. How are you guys?"

Kakashi gave her his famous smile. "We're good. Gai just got a bump on the head, but he's getting better."

"Well Gai, get better. Then you can test Kakashi with more challenges." Alice teased.

Gai gave her a thumbs up. "Very youthful thinking Alice!"

She sighed at his enthusiasm which enticed a few chuckles from Kakashi and Kisame. She watched the men in spandex and Kakashi as they walked towards HQ before something caught her attention.

"Alice." Itachi breathed, suddenly inches from her.

Alice smiled and she turned around instantly to hug her lover. Itachi breathed a sigh of relief as he returned the gesture, capturing her lips with his own within the same second. They contently held the gesture for a while, prompting amused chuckles from Kisame.

"Itachi." Alice whispered into his lips. "I missed you."

"I missed you as well." Itachi muttered. He kissed her again, sorely wishing that he could do it forever without the need to do anything else to survive. "Are you okay?"

She smiled. "Perfect now. You?"

"I've never been better." He informed her. He kissed her fully and rested his forehead against hers. "Finally, things can be peaceful again."

Alice closed her eyes as she held Itachi. "Good."

"So you two are still all clingy. I see you're finally starting to show the kid, Alice."

Alice wheeled around and beamed. "Zetsu!" She threw a hug on the plant man instantly. He blinked at the sudden contact but didn't push her away. He patted her head gently in response and chuckled at her reaction instead.

"Hey kid." He stated. "It's good to see you, Alice."

"Thank you." She told him seriously. She squeezed his middle. "Thank you so much Zetsu. Welcome back."

"Nah. It was fun." He shrugged. "We like causing chaos."

Itachi grabbed Alice when she released the plant man and he pulled her back to his person. "Why didn't you tell us Zetsu was on our side?"

Alice cocked her head to the side. "When did I tell you he wasn't?"

"He went with Tobi when we split." Kisame pointed out.

Alice nodded. "True. I didn't tell you simply because Zetsu wanted to fuck with you guys for a little while. I promised him he would be able to be a pain in your ass for a bit so I kept quiet."

Zetsu snickered.

"I'm going to be kicking your ass for that later, Alice." Sasori called.

"Walk over here asshole and try it." Alice snapped.

He glared at her so she smirked knowingly.

"Next time, let us know." Pein ordered as he walked up behind the teen.

Alice saluted him. "Yes sir." She hugged Konan and rumpled Sasuke's hair as Taka arrived with their leaders. Sasuke glared at her but amusement was visible in his expression. In response, he rumpled her hair.

"Stop that." Sasuke ordered, smirking at her glare.

Alice glared and fucked up his hair further. "Never, future-brother-in-law."

Konan giggled, watching Alice and Sasuke mess with each other. "It's good to see everything will be going to back to normal as far as we go."

Alice laughed, smiling at the blue haired woman fondly. "Duh Konan. We're social outcasts for a reason." Konan returned the smile before shaking her head at Alice's antics and trailing after her man. His ginger hair was reflecting the sun brightly like some sort of beacon.

Itachi grabbed Alice's face and pulled her around so he could look at her. He kissed her fully, stroking his thumb along a few of the scars. "Alice."

She raised her eyebrow, smiling lovingly at him. "What babe?"

He nuzzled her cheek and wrapped his arm around her waist before pressing his forehead to hers. He stared into her eyes, his chest swelling with emotions akin to love, adoration, relief, and happiness. Nothing could ever take this woman's place in his heart. Itachi was certain that he wanted to be with her for the rest of his life and because of that, he felt no reason to stop his proposal.

"Marry me."

He popped the question without it really being a question... Yeah, Itachi bends the rules. Hence his criminal status in the Akatsuki/Ninja world.

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