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"Alright are we ready?" Nina asked. This was it, the last of this whole escapade she called her life. They were standing at the door to the attic. That dusty, musty, closet full of so many answers.

Patricia and Fabian both nodded simultaneously. Amber, Mick, Alfie, Mara, and Jerome were scattered at points along the house on watch for victor. Mara Jerome and Mick had all become part of Sibuna through a series of stupidity leaks courtesy of Amber and Alfie. They accepted the strangeness of it all and became fellow members.

Nina looked back down at the last withered clue paper,'go to a common place and look where you know.'
They had discussed it and decided that it would be the secret room in the attic.

"Let's go," Patricia said.

Nina stepped foreword and jammed a hair pin in the lock and twisted it around. The door clicked and swung open. The three of them stood looking up, seeming slightly nervous.

"For Joy," Patricia said.

"And Sarah," Fabian added, directing it at Nina.

She nodded looking from Patricia to Fabian, and took a deep breath and started up the stair case. With ever step there was a loud creak, it seemed much worse than it had ever been. "So much noise, victor's bound to hear us," Nina thought to herself.

They finally reached the top, and walked into the attic after what seemed to be the longest staircase ever. She walked into the entry way and made her way past the usual piles of ancient objects, that included wax cylinders and the phonograph.

The three now stood before the door to the secret room. Nina reached down her shirt for the Eye of Horas, and then held it in her hand for a second. It was still quite warm from her body. Nina stared at it pondering for a second when it occurred to her that what they were looking for might not even be there; it just made the most sense. she fumbled for a second holding the locked up to the lock on the wall. Her hand was shaking so she couldn't line it up.

Fabian steadied her with his own hand. Nina looked at him and he smiled at her, almost lovingly she though but then brushed the thought away. The key and lock lined up and it glowed. The secret door swung open, and they peaked inside. It was empty as usual. Patricia rushed in half imagining she'd see Joy just sitting there. Nina and Fabian walked in after her; their hands still together.

Fabian finally noticed this, and blushed, letting her hand go. Nina blushed as well, not looking at him, and feeling a little saddened. Her mind went quickly back to the task at hand, "We knew nothing would be her immediately Patricia, we should look for another lock," Nina said seeing Patricia's disappointed face.

"Yeah," she said a bit uplifted.

They searched the room from the ceiling to the floor, and after several minutes Patricia pulled back a curtain and called, "Nina, Nina! There's another lock here!"

Nina and Fabian were beside Patricia in a heartbeat. Nina put the eye to it, and a door roughly the size of a window popped open. Nina crawled in followed by Fabian, and then a very antsy Patricia, not to say the other two weren't.

Inside was what looked like a spare bedroom. It was empty, nothing but an open window with a curtain blowing from a breeze. Patricia stepped forward, "But, Joy... it was all supposed to be here!"

"We weren't exactly sure Patricia," Nina said, setting a hand on her friend's shoulder.

"Wait, look," Fabian said, walking to the end of the room.

There, was one last panel. The girls walked and starred at it with Fabian. There was no lock for the locket to open. Fabian pushed on it; nothing. Patricia tried for the same result. They looked at Nina, and she looked back at them. She put her hand to the square in the wall, and pushed. It dipped in making a loud clicking noise. She pulled her hand away startled, and the piece of the wall swung open revealing a safe-like indent in the wall. Nina reached inside, and felt a piece of paper. She pulled it out, it was about 2x4 inches big, and yellow with age.

"It says, 'The End'" Nina read.

"What? What does that mean, that can't be it," Patricia said, a slight panic in her voice.

"Calm down Patricia, it probably isn't, let's just think for a second," Fabian said trying to calm her down.

"No she's quite right, 'the end' as in 'end of the line,'" a chilling voice called out from the other end of the room.

The three spun around to see Victor standing there with a gun.

Nina's breathing quickened, and she felt like her guts had just fallen out of her body. Fabian and Patricia were having similar symptoms.

Victor cocked the gun and aimed it at Nina. He was about to pull the trigger when Fabian jumped in front of her, taking the hit. The bullet dug into his shoulder. After a few seconds Nina realized what had happened and saw the red soaking his shirt, "Fabian!" she cried tears forming in her eyes. She tried to get in front of him, but he held her back with his good arm, "No, Nina, don't..." he said strained.

Patricia was frozen in fear on the other side of the room, almost lifeless.

"Nina, I just want to say I lo-" Fabian started, but was cut off by Victor.

"Save it boy! this is it, You vermin are done with you meddling around here," her shouted, aiming the gun again.

Fabian stayed in between Nina and the gun, but turned around and hugged her holding his breath, waiting for the shot. She did the same, hugging him back.

"You pass," Victor said lowering the gun.

Slowly the three realized what had been said, and turned to look at him confused.

"Wh-what?" Nina started, but now he had a taser, and everything went black.

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