Hey, everyone. I know some of you may want to kill me, and some of you may even think I'm dead... WELL Victor hasn't gotten to me yet:) I know, I know, I read fanfiction too, I know no one likes author's notes, but this something I think some of you should read. Lies and Spies is on vacation, they are having a lovely time in Fiji. I also will not be posting any new stories for a while. Its been hard keeping people in character, when I'm not watching the show every night. I think its getting to some other writers as well, because a lot of the new stories aren't very good. NOT ALL OF THEM JUST SOME, AND I'M NOT NAMING NAMES SO DON"T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. When the first season ended, I stopped watching it because i have see every episode at least three times, and I can recite it. It was getting old, so as i usually do, I moved on to a new show to obsess over, and that is... HETALIA: AXIS POWERS! greatest. show. EVER. well, aside from HoA that is:) If you like anime I highly recommend it:) SO, still keep an eye out for me I'll be back soon, good byes don't last for ever... well... in most cases at least:) TA TA FOR NOW:):)