Authors Note:

Happy V Day.

I really hate this holiday but here's some MarVex Fluff for ya.

It was, yet again, Valentines' Day. That dreaded holiday that only reminded Marluxia of how lonely he was without his love.

Vexen… He thought to himself. Oh come back to me my love. I miss you…

Vexen had been gone, off as a doctor for the military, for two years now. Every holiday and birthday they would be able to contact one another but the last time they saw each other was Christmas of a year ago. In other words, Marluxia was sex deprived and lonely.

But the weirdest thing had been happening to him for the past few days. The flower shop owner would get random rose bouquets; from his own shop. And they'd always come with the same message:

"If only these roses could show how much I love you.

I'll see you soon, my flower."

And there they were again, addressed to Marluxia and laying on the counter right next to the cash register.

"Again, Axel? Who keeps sending me these?" He asked his younger cousin who was just hanging around since he had nothing better to do.

"I dunno. This short kid with brown hair always comes in with the same order and note every day. I ask him who sent him but he didn't answer." The red head answered.

Marluxia sighed but looked at the beautiful roses: Red, pink, and white. Appropriate for the upcoming holiday.

"Well I'm off. Need to get home and get ready for my date with Roxas…"

Marluxia nodded and Axel was off. He was so lucky, his boyfriend had no desire to join the military and neither did Axel.

Oh how jealous Marly was.

"He suspects nothing, Vexen."

"Good. Thank you, Axel. You have no idea how much this means to me…" The blonde gave his companion his promised thirty dollars and checked his watch again. "Closing soon. Now I'll be able to give him the best Valentines' Day ever…"

Closing time. Best time of the day, in Marluxia's opinion. He had made over four hundred dollars just because of today, so he wasn't complaining much. Now it was just time for the short walk home and to spend a little time with his Tuxedo Cat Miffins and maybe watch some romance movie on TV.

"I'm home Miffins!" Marluxia called into the house as his small kitten jumped into his arms and immediately started his soft purring. "I see someone missed me today."

"He's not the only one who missed you, my love." Marluxia almost dropped the kitten at the sound of the familiar voice.

"V-Vexen…? Vexen is that you?" And there he was. His precious Vexen standing right by the stairs.

"It's me, love. I missed you." Mittens jumped out or Marluxia's arms and Marluxia ran to embrace his lover close.

"Oh Vexen! Oh gods Vexen I missed you!" Immediately the two lovers had their arms around each other and were kissing and hugging and telling them how much they missed each other.

Soon after the couple laid cuddled together with Miffins sleeping at the foot of the couch.

"Goodness these past few days have been so weird… I kept getting these beautiful rose bouquets from a stranger telling me they'd see me soon."

Vexen smiled devilishly and kissed his boyfriends nose. "Some creeper, huh?"

Marluxia nodded and turned his attention back to Desperate Housewives.

I'll let him think he has a secret admirer for a few days. But until then… "Babe?"

"Hm?" Marluxia muttered softly; not really paying attention.

"Let me show you just how much I missed you.

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