Danny backed away, fear evident on his face as the woman before him inched closer and closer,

"Danny, it's okay, it's all right. You father and I-" Three feet away, he began hyperventilating and inching closer to the wall behind him. Thewoman, his mother, paused and took a step backwards, "Sweetie, you know that we," She swallowed, "We love you. No matter what you are. We just need to take another test to make sure you're all right, and then-" Her speech was cut off as an explosive 'No!' erupted from the boy in front of her. She furrowed her brows. "What do you mean Danny?"

"I-I, it's just...no more tests Maddie." At the sound of her name, the woman flinched and the girl at the other end of the room frowned.

"Honey, that was an accident, I'm sure that next time-" A sharp intake of breath informed her that she had made a mistake and she mentally hit herself on the forehead,

"N-next time? Y-you said that, that this was the last one!"

"Sorry, sorry honey, I didn't mean it like-"

"Yes, yes you did!" He stood up shakily, "Y-you're never going to stop! I'm just a lab rat!"

"No, of course you aren't sweetie, it's just-"

"Just what?" The boy shouted, "If you really love me then stop! No more tests!" Maddie paused,

"Now you know we can't do that sweetie, there might be something wrong-"

"Stop!" He yelled, a confused look appeared on Maddie's face,

"Stop wha-"

"Calling me that! Sweetie, honey, all the things you used to call me before! You don't mean it, I can tell." Maddie flinched again,

"Danny, this is all so new-" Danny raised an unsteady hand up to point accusingly at her,

"This, this is why I never told you! I'm not your on anymore!"

"Hon - Danny, of course you are!"

"No, not in your eyes. I stopped being that the moment you and Da - Jack found out." Lips pursed, Maddie backed up, wondering what to do. Just as she opened her mouth with an answer, Jack burst in with another invention,

"Danny! I need you to test this new invention out! It's called the Fenton Ghost Personality Flipper-fyer! It turns all bad ghosts good, well, at least as good as they can get, so that they'll be easier to capture so we can dissect them! Look!" And before Maddie or Jazz, who had been watching worriedly from the back of the room could do anything, Jack flipped a switch and pushed a button, sending an electric blue light similar to the Fenton Thermos straight at Danny. The moment it touched him, Danny's body involuntarily transformed, his black hair turning a shocking white and his blue eyes a bright, neon green. A scream clawed its way through his throat, primal and animalistic in its pain. Flashbacks of the portal accident appeared briefly through his mind before being swept away under the immense waves of agony searing through his being. His form began flickering and black began seeping through his hair once more, as if his scalp was bleeding ink. Another scream joined his as Jazz flung herself at her father in an attempt to cut off the dazzling beam consuming her younger brother, but it was too late. The beam began turning a muddy color as the blue began to fade from it, being replaced with a bright crimson than made her shudder. Then everything stopped abruptly as the beam, now completely red, inexplicably cut off, dropping Danny a few inches onto the ground. Everything seemed slowed, from Jazz's frantic rush to her fallen brother to Maddie's desperate jump to tackle her daughter in order to keep her from getting too close to Danny. It all seemed to speed back up as Jazz fell, crushed under the weight of her mother, screaming bloody murder all the way. Jack stared at the invention in his hands dumbly, as if it would volunteer an answer for its strange behavior, not even sparing the smoking form of his son a glance.

"The beam shouldn't have cut off like that," He mumbled, reaching into a pocked for a screwdriver, "And its colors seemed to be reversed...need to fix that, and maybe add-"

"NO!" came a screech as Jazz wiggled he way out from under her mother, "Y-you, you beast! How could you? Danny is collapsed on the floor smoking and all you care about is a stupid invention you made to hurt him!" With that, Jazz grabbed the silver device from her father's large hands and flung it against one of the cement walls in the lab where it promptly shattered,

"Jazz," Jack began in a conscending tone, "It's quite normal for ghosts to smoke like that, it's only ectoplasm evaporating into steam due to excess heat. And ghosts are naturally quite resistant, quite good at acting as well, you see, they can't really feel pain, it's all-"

"Is it normal for humans to smoke like that?" Jazz interrupted furiously,

"Of course not," Jack responded in a confused voice,

"Because Danny is that too you idiot! He is your son for heaven's sake! You're, you're, get away from us!" At the word idiot, Jack cringed as if slapped, and when he tried to reach for her in a comforting manner, she slipped farther away, an angry snarl on her face as she spun towards her mother, who had been creeping up behind her, red hair flying.

"And you! With your false words of comfort!" An expression of hurt crossed Maddie's face as her daughter accused her, "You-" A low, chuckled laugh ended her rant, and all three looked at where the prone form of Danny had been laying on the floor. The form than now leaned lazily against the concrete wall with one arm propped against a raised knee, eyes still closed.

"Pathetic." Was the only word he uttered. Jack, bursting with curiosity as to whether or not his invention had worked, forgot the current situation and jumped forward eagerly,

"So Danny, how do you feel? Do you have any urge to – oomph!" Jack's blabbering was cut off as Danny raised his hand in a thrusting manner and a transparent green square that seemed to be made of an opaque swirling green mist appeared and slammed into him, causing him to fly backwards and impact with the opposite wall of the lab, holding him there with a steel grip.

"Jack!" Maddie screeched, running to the dizzy form of her husband, trying vainly to reach his elevated body. The low chuckle sounded out again, and Maddie turned towards the boy, confusion written all over her face, "B-but, it should have worked! You should be good now! You-" Danny's eyes finally snapped open, and their bloody brilliancy silenced her,

"I was. And I can tell you right now that this is so much better. No useless inhibitions, no good intentions, no silly hero-complex forcing me to put my life at risk for others." He stood up with a confident ease that made Maddie unconsciously take a step back, "You're al laughable. Now I'm free to do whatever I want." Another lazy flick of his wrist and a disoriented Maddie had joined her large husband on the wall.

"W-why are you doing this to us Danny?" She managed to say, only for his mirthless laugh to fill the basement,

"Because I haven't figured out how to make gags and bonds yet."