Ok so I've finally decided to upload this story! I started this back in '07 when I first started playing WoW! Jeeze... Hope this has a little something for everyone; Humor, action, tragdey, romance. If anyone can spot any kind of mistakes I've made, please let me know so I can correct it. Unlike my other stories I actually plan to finish this one. Its currently at chapter 10 with about 50+ typed pages. So tell me what ya'll think! Don't think I really have anything else to say, other than if anyone has ideas for side quests for my ragtag group I'd apprecait it! Well sitback and enjoy! (please :P) R & R :)

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She woke up wearily rubbing her head. The entire forest was pitch black with a few blue shimmering orbs that appeared out of nowhere and disappeared again after a few seconds. She blinked her eyes a few times trying to adjust to the dim lighting. She could barley remember what had happened before she passed out. Slowly her memory came back to her. There was a fight between her and a very strong Tauren. Both ended up battered on the ground and unconscious. Slowly she slipped back and forth into sleep again.

The human woman opened her eyes once again to see the Tauren staring straight back at her with so much hate in her dark brown eyes. Both were too weak to speak let alone lash out against each other. The two merely glared. Both trying desperately to get off the heart of Ashenvale's dense forest. The Tauren female muttered something under her breath as she fell back to the ground in a heap of torn leather and fur. The human woman let out a small laugh, and the Tauren looked at her distantly.

She closed her eyes again and gave a crooked grin at her current situation. She not only laughed at the Tauren but herself as well. "Well... you're apparently not as smart as you are strong..." She smirked again at the Tauren who was still glaring at her. She blew out of her nose unsettling the small amount of dirt around her face. She managed to bring her three fingered hand to her face, and let out a small whistle. A few seconds later a shimmering blue wolf appeared standing over her protectively. It snarled and growled at the human. Eh then again... maybe you are a little smart... She gulped slightly. The ghostly colored wolf barked and growled again. It readied itself for its kill, but was stopped by the Tauren's large hand holding onto its shimmering blue fur. Then she lifted her head up, and the wolf looked in the same direction as she. Slowly the human did the same. She uncomfortably shifted her head to face the other direction only to find two large Tauren males standing a few feet behind her.

The larger of the two walked around her; while the other kept a close watch on the female rogue. He slowly lifted the female Tauren up to stand on her own hooved feet. She winced almost falling over again. If it wasn't for her friends support she would have fallen back to the ground. The three Tauren slowly began to walk away leaving the human to lay on the ground alone. For no reason the female Tauren stopped, causing the large male with a golden nose ring that supported her, to stop as well. Her ghostly wolf wagged its tail looking up at her happily. The light brown furred Tauren female looked around for a moment before speaking in a very different language than what the young human was used to. The big male seemed to think for a second before looking to the other who looked annoyed at whatever the female had suggested. He grunted walking over to the human with quick strides. Before she knew what had happened he lifted her off the ground and over his shoulder. Her wounds began to throb again, and she tried to scream out.

Nothing however came out other than a slight whimper of pain and discomfort. He walked over to a small clearing and sat her down out of the way of a very large green spider that passed by just moments after he moved her. She stared in astonishment at the three Tauren who sent her glares and went on their way heading back to the main road. The only sound was that of their hooves clamping onto the grass, but soon that to fell silent. She looked around and from what she could tell nothing was around. Besides the occasional spider that passed by. But then she felt truly alone. The Tauren's friends came and found her, but no one was coming for her. She knew that very well. She would either be killed by a spider, or die of blood loss or infection long before she was found by anyone in the Alliance that could help get her safely home again. The forest began growing silent again, and a single tear fell out of her eyes.

"Good job Aliane ... you just had to go and ..." She sighed and closed her eyes again. She gritted her teeth against the pain that shook her entire body full force. She slammed her head into the side of the hill that supported her head. Soon the pain subsided and she could breath again for a few minutes, or at least until the pain returned.

She looked over hearing hissing from the spider just a little ways away from her. It dashed madly by her. At what she could not tell, but it reared up trying to sink its deadly fangs into whatever disturbed it. It backed up a few feet, and tried to circle it's pray. Aliane got a slight glimpse of silver and red plate armor before it to disappeared into the darkness against the forest. The spider continued to try and kill the silver warrior, but ultimately fell backwards and curled up into a ball. The warrior in silver walked around studying the current kill with little enthusiasm. Aliane quickly noticed it was a male blood elf paladin. He yawned bordly taking a few steps away looking around the area. He scratched his white hair with one hand and held his other on the hilt of his sword.

What seemed like the worst timing Aliane's pain came back, and she did all she could to avoid making a noise. The Blood Elf however heard quite well the whimper that she gave. He turned around seeing her staring wide eyed at him while holding her bleeding shoulder. His plate armor clanked as he walked ever nearer to the human woman. He slowed down trying not to startle her to badly, but Aliane wondered why he didn't just kill her and get it over with. He seemed to be studying her as intently as she to him. He was tall, and very muscular but still slender. He placed his hand back on the hilt of his red and black sword just looking around for a moment. Once certain no other living creature was around he walked closer to Aliane. She gulped and slid backwards as far as she could into the side of the moss covered hill behind her.

The Blood Elf stopped a few feet away, and held his hands out in a non-threatening posture. "Stay back! Don't come any closer!" Aliane choked out in ragged breaths. She winced again grabbing onto her shoulder, and doubled over in pain once more. The white haired Blood Elf took a few steps closer, and went down on his knees just in front of Aliane. She jerked her head up, and stared wide eyed at the elf man. His face was like an angels, but Aliane didn't want to see that. He was her enemy, and he should die for his evil ways.

He to stared down at Aliane. Her jet black hair was matted up with leaves and fallen branches from her long and strenuous fight. Her blue-gray eyes stared back into his glowing emerald ones. He slowly took one armored hand and removed hers from her shoulder. She jumped at his touch, and slapped his hand away with her uninjured arm. He brought his long eyebrows together and looked down like he was thinking of something. "I not... harm..." He spoke slowly and unsurely in the common tongue of humans. Aliane looked back at him in utter confusion.

"What?" She blinked, and the elf placed his hand over his heart and repeated himself again. His voice was still just as quite but still very strong and rough. He reached into the small purple bag at his side, and pulled out a small jar of red liquid. He pulled the top off and handed it to her.

He looked around again in thought before he spoke. "Will dull pain. Drink." Aliane slowly brought her hand up to his to take the tiny jar from his large hand. Her finger tips brushed his just as he pulled his own hand away causing Aliane to blush slightly.

Why is my heart beating so fast... am I this scared? She questioned herself before looking into the jar now in her possession. She sighed before taking the bottle to her mouth, and downing the entire contents of the jar. She shivered at it's bitter taste, and dropped the glass jar to the ground. She choked for a second and gasped for air. That was the worst tasting stuff! What the hell was that! Aliane thought to herself before regaining what little composure she had left.

"Stand?" The Elf asked rising up himself. Aliane looked down at the ground, and pushed up off the side of the hill with her good arm. She stood on her own for a second before her knees turned to jelly and her legs gave out on her. She toppled face first into the Blood Elf's armored chest. He caught her arms and held her steady against him. Slowly but surely Aliane again blacked out. At first the entire forest seemed to spin around, and then everything went black. The Blood Elf looked at the unconscious woman in his arms as she went limp, and nearly fell out of his grasp. His medicine had worked very quickly to heal her, but she would be out for some time. He picked her up gently, and began walking away from the spot. He silently thought where he would take her. He could take her to an Alliance town but risk getting attacked himself. Or he could go to the nearby Splintertree Post but as well she could be killed on the spot.

He let out a sigh walking toward the clear blue river.