Indiana Jones and the Key of Pandora

Chapter 20: Accidentally in Love

So she said what's the problem baby/what's the problem I don't know well maybe I'm in love/think about it every time I think about it/can't stop thinking 'bout it


Madison (Madie) Clarke's POV

"Madie, we came here as fast as we could. Someone named Angie called us, but all she said was to meet you at the hospital as soon as possible... what's going on?"

I heard Marion coming down the hospital hallway in her nightgown before I saw her; the expression on her face was lined with worry, and Indiana was beside her, walking quickly towards me. I rushed up to Marion and threw my arms around her, sobbing into her shoulder, and she stumbled backwards a little bit at my sudden attack.

"Madie... what's happened? Why were we called here?"

My shaking body was wracked by sobs as I thought about it; I couldn't respond, and Indiana put his hand on my shoulder.

"It's alright. We're here; we'll comfort you. Don't worry," he said. Ah, but they would be the ones worrying if they knew what had happened.

"Has something happened to someone in your family?" Marion asked, rubbing my back while I got snot and tears all over her. "Or did something happen to Jeff?"

I shook my head against her. "N-no, it – it wasn't – it wasn't that, it was-s, it – it, it was..." I couldn't continue.

"It was who? Did something happen at the dance? Madie, it'll be okay, it's... oh, my God. Where's Mutt? Something's happened to Henry!" Marion's voice reached a high pitch, and she clutched me tighter involuntarily.

Indiana looked up, suddenly worried. I couldn't face him, though; it was my fault Chase had purposely drove into Mutt, probably killing him. After the paramedics had taken my greaser away and Chase had been escorted into the police car, Angie had driven me straight to the hospital and called Mutt's parents. I was now waiting for any news at all on my greaser, but I was upset beyond words. If only I hadn't dance with him, then this could all have been avoided...

Marion, who was still in her nightgown since it was almost midnight by now, rushed up to the desk outside of the operating room that Mutt was in. She made inquiries as to what had happened to her son, since I couldn't speak; I collapsed in a chair, sobbing with my head in my hands. Indiana sat next to me, slinging his arm around my shoulder – but I could see in his eyes that he was on the verge of crying as well.

"It's- it's all my – it's all my f-fault," I managed to get out.

"No, it wasn't," Indy said. He had overheard the exchange between Marion and the nurse; she had given them the full story. "From what I understand, it wasn't your fault in the least bit."

I tried to smile, but the outcome was miserable. "I'm so – s-so sorry."

"It's alright. Let's just hope this doesn't end badly. He's not even twenty years old, for God's sake," Indiana murmured, tilting his brown fedora over his eyes as Marion sat down beside him, her face pale. "You should go home, Madie. This could take a long time."

I shook my head. "There's n-no–no way I'm leaving. I need to st-stay and see what's going to – what's going to – to happen. I want to be here if he survives, too-o," I sniffled, wiping my runny nose on the edge of my dress.

"Well then," Indiana slumped down in his seat, "you'd better got comfortable. This might take all night."


I woke up to bright lights and lots of quiet. Someone was shaking me and calling my name softly: "Madie... Madie, wake up."

"I don't wanna go to school today," I grumbled, turning over in my bed – but instead, I fell onto the cold, hard floor.

Whoops. I had forgotten that I was in the hospital with the Joneses, waiting for news on their son. I had fallen asleep on the chairs a couple hours ago, and Marion was now shaking me gently awake.

"Well, if falling off the chairs doesn't wake you up, I don't know what will," Indiana said grimly, as I struggled to my feet. "I've never seen someone sleep so soundly – you were like a rock. Marion has been trying to wake you up for at least ten minutes. One of the nurses actually thought you passed out. I would call you Sleeping Beauty, but you look like a mess." I sniffled, wiping some of the remaining tears off my blotched face. It seemed I was crying a lot lately.

"Why'd you wake me up?" I stretched, as small memories of Mutt's accident came back to me in a crushing flow. "Is there any news on..."

A glance at Marion and Indiana's faces was all I needed for an answer.

"He's alive?" I asked hopefully, my voice shaking.

Marion nodded, smiling. "Just barely. They're letting 'family' go in to see him right now, and Indy convinced them that you were his sister," she rolled her eyes at her husband.

A nurse opened the door to the white room that Mutt was resting in. His was the only bed in it, and the curtains were closed against the bright afternoon light. I couldn't believe it was almost noon; we had been in the hospital for a half a day!

Marion went in first, and Indiana followed her, but I stayed behind. Would Mutt be angry at me for almost getting him killed? Was he going to even remember what happened? I was absolutely terrified – and afraid I was going to break down again.

As luck would have it, my greaser was asleep. Marion sat beside his bed, holding his hand, and Indiana sat at the foot, staring at the wires and cords attached to Mutt's body, keeping him alive. His precious hair was a complete mess; I almost smiled at that. He would be super pissed about it when he woke up.

My greaser didn't actually look that bad. Sure, his entire body looked like one big fat bruise, he was swollen and purple everywhere, he had a black eye, and his left leg was in a cast, but otherwise he looked sort of normal. If you got past the deformities.

Ah, who am I kidding. Chase really did a number on him.

I hid around the curtain obscuring his bed from prying eyes as the tears started to fall again. He looked so hurt and so bad that he really did look dead, even if the doctor said he was going to live. Marion and Indiana were his real parents; I shouldn't even be there. Wait a minute, what was I doing there? We had established that he hated me and didn't want to see me again when he said that we shouldn't be together; our social groups were too different.

I kept coming back to that argument, but it was pointless. I was never going to listen to him, no matter what he said. I guess I did deserve to be there in the hospital with him; it was my fault he was here, after all, and I loved him. I wanted to be here with his family when my greaser woke up.

Speaking of which...

"What the hell has happened to my motorbike?"

I peeked my head around the corner as Indiana and Marion started laughing. They weren't laughing because they thought what he said was funny, they were laughing because they were overwhelmingly relieved that he was alive, and because he was fine enough to be worrying about nothing but his bike. Mutt had woken up, and he was now glaring around the room, trying to remember what had happened. I didn't bother to wipe my tears as I stepped into his line of vision, crouching down beside his mother, who was so relieved that her son had woken up that she was half-crying, half-laughing. Mutt glared at his parents.

I had to endure the next ten minutes of Indy and Marion chastising Mutt: "What were you thinking?" "That was a bad idea." "You almost died!" "We love you, and we don't know what we would have done if you had gotten seriously hurt." It wasn't that bad, listening to them doting over their son, making sure he knew what he had done could have gotten him killed and that they loved him with all their hearts. I couldn't tell if Mutt was sincerely happy because of all the attention, or if he just wanted them to leave him alone.

Once they had calmed down, Indy stood up. "Ahem, Marion, I think we should go home and grab a change of clothes and some food, now that he's woken up," he smiled.

Marion took the hint when she caught Mutt staring pointedly at me. "We'll be back... eventually. I love you, Henry," she kissed her son on the forehead.

"Ew. Mother love," he grumbled, but he was smiling. I made as if to leave as well, but Indiana pushed me back.

"We know Mutt wants to talk to you. That's why we're leaving," he explained, and I sighed as they shut the door on me, and I trudged back to my greaser's bed. Mutt stared at me with his dark brown eyes and unwavering gaze, and I couldn't tell what he was thinking, which only made me start to cry harder. At least my tears were silent now.

"I'm so sorry," I whispered, eyes bright. He looked me up and down, surveying the state I was in.

"You look horrible, babe," was all he said.

I shut my eyes tight – I couldn't bear to stare at him any longer. "Well, you don't look much better," I made a pathetic attempt at a joke. "Mutt, it was all my fault, I'm so, so, so sorry –"

"It was not your fault. Stop blaming yourself for everything, doll," he said kindly, and I opened my eyes in surprise. I had thought he would have been really angry at me. "It was Chase's fault for hitting me and not being able to control his anger, and it was my fault for not being able to control my anger, and taking part in that death-race. Don't blame yourself, baby; I being too cocky and sure of myself. But I did end up winning, didn't I?" he winked.

"That's not funny, Mutt. You were almost killed."

"Come here, doll," he instructed me, and when I was within arm's length, he reached out and grabbed my hand, pulling me down on my knees beside his bed. Whenever my greaser moved, he winced in pain, but that didn't stop him from reaching out and wiping the tears from my cheeks.

"I'm sorry," I whispered again, but this time I didn't really know what I was sorry for. He wiped the last tear out of the corner of my eye, and then his hand traced the length of my cheekbone to the side of my face, where he ran his fingers down to my jaw. Mutt then silently ran his fingers along the curve of my lips and then lightly traced down my neck, to my chest. I didn't know what he was doing until he pulled out the dog tag he had given me, which was still hanging around my neck.

"You still have this?" he asked in disbelief, his eyes wide. "I would have thought that after everything... after everything, you would have thrown it away!"

I shook my head as another tear fell. "No. It's the last piece of you that I have, and I'm not letting go of it. I don't care what you say to try and make me forget you; I still love you, Mutt. No matter what you do, I won't give up."

He dropped the necklace down the front of my shirt again, looking up into my eyes and wiping away more tears. "Why are you the one crying?"

I shook my head, unable to speak, choking on my own words. "Please don't hate me," I finally said after a long pause.

He chuckled. "I don't hate you, babe."

"But in Greece, you said..."

"Madie, listen to me," he said firmly, lifting up my chin with his finger. "Forget what I said in Greece, okay? I lied. I lied throughout that whole thing. I really did feel something when I kissed you, doll. And I'm not angry at you in the least bit. All those hints that I kept dropping when we were on that adventure were all real. Just... ignore everything I said, baby. I was... afraid... to admit that I really, really, really liked you."

"Really?" I asked in disbelief, hardly able to contain the excitement as my voice started shaking.

"Really," he grinned, winking. "I've been staying home from college because I didn't want to see you there; I didn't want to see you hurt. I knew I made you upset when I kissed you and then left – well, I realized that it was a mistake, babe, and I didn't know how I would cope if I saw you hurt, because I was the one that hurt you."

"I stayed home as well, because I was afraid I would break down if I saw you," I mumbled, reaching out a hand to touch his face lightly. He grimaced, gently pulling my hand away.

"Sorry, doll. But it hurts, no matter where you touch me," he said, and I surveyed the cuts and the purple bumps and bruises on his face.

"Well, there's got to be somewhere where it doesn't hurt," I grumbled, not meaning to say it out loud.

The corners of his mouth twitched as he rolled up the sleeve of his hospital gown to reveal his elbow. "Here. It doesn't hurt here," he pointed to it.

I rolled my eyes, remembering how he had said the exact same thing on the car ride back from Claymore's masquerade. But unlike last time, I leaned down and kissed it gently, looking up at him through my lashes.

Mutt smiled, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "It doesn't hurt here either," he pointed to a spot on his shoulder. I kissed there as well; just a soft, light touch of the lips.

"Here," he pointed to the top of his head. I had to stand up for my lips to reach up there, but the smile on his face was well worth it.

"And here," Mutt finished, pointing towards his lips wickedly. I made the mistake of looking into his beautiful eyes and getting lost in his gaze. As much as I wanted to look away, I couldn't as my breath hitched in my throat. It was getting harder to breath as I noticed things about Mutt I hadn't seen before, like the golden flecks in his eyes, and the slope of his shoulders. Even his slightly crooked nose looked cute, and as I said before, Mutt Jones was hot - and he knew it. Part of me wanted to slap him for having the nerve to point to his lips – but the other part wanted to kiss him lightly, just like I had done to all the other places he pointed at.

Guess which part won.

I didn't really have time to react when Mutt suddenly shifted in his bed in the last second before I kissed him; he moved so that he could wrap his arms around me, locking my head in place so he could deepen and prolong the kiss.

My eyes widened in surprise. "I thought you said that it hurt to move-" I mumbled against his lips, but the only reaction I got was him kissing me harder.

"This should have been our first kiss, doll," he whispered, before sealing his lips firmly against mine again. And he was right: this was everything I had thought it would be. Not out of anger, but love. Mutt was kissing me now because he wanted to, not because he was trying to prove something.

At times like these, it was obvious that it was Mutt who was in charge in the relationship. He was the one who took control; I wasn't the one who kissed, but the one who kissed back. My greaser's lips were warm against mine, and I was surprised at how much passion Mutt was holding back. It seemed he had waited for this moment almost as long as I had, and now that I finally got that long-awaited kiss I had promised myself a hundred times, I didn't want him to let go as he covered my mouth with his. Locking my arms around his neck, I didn't care if it hurt him: Mutt was mine now, and our hearts were racing in sync.

I couldn't help but be surprised at how gentle Mutt was with me. Since he was a greaser, I had always imagined his kisses to be more violent or angry, but he was surprisingly loving and careful. Even the way he held me was gentle: he didn't wrap his fingers in my hair too tight, and he didn't press me any harder against him than he thought comfortable. Mutt was the only guy I had ever kissed who respected my limits.

"Madie," he whispered when we broke away, both of us gasping for breath, "I love you."

I would have stepped back in shock if he didn't still have his arms around me. "But…"

My greaser chuckled. "I told you to forget everything else I said, okay, babe? I don't care what other people are going to think when I tell them I fell in love with a preppy – more specifically, Madison Clarke, the most out-of-my-league girl in the country."

I laughed breathlessly. "I am not out of your league. I'm in love with you too, remember?" And with that, he pulled me towards him again gently and continued our sweet and yet totally innocent kiss. It felt like it lasted months, and I never wanted it to end. It was the most perfect kiss of my life, with the most perfect man, even if he didn't think of himself like that.

We broke apart involuntarily when we heard a slight scream from behind us. I turned to see a nurse standing in the room, a tray of food slipping from her hands and dropping to the floor, splattering everywhere.

"Visiting is over…" she started, mouth wide, but she suddenly spoke what was really on her mind. "Mr. Jones said you two were brother and sister!" Ah. So that's why she screamed.

Mutt looked at me, and I returned his gaze. "Is that what Indy told everyone?" he asked under his breath, and I nodded. My greaser's face suddenly lit up, and he grinned at the nurse. "Yeah, well, she's a very sexy sister, isn't she?" he nodded towards me. The nurse screamed a little again and ran out of the room, looking ready to puke as I laughed. Mutt pulled me into another gentle kiss, and I shut my eyes, smiling against his lips, glad to finally be rid of my desire for my greaser.


Sunday, December 8th, 1957

Marion Jones's POV

"Goddammit, Indiana, you're supposed to crack the eggs before you put them in the pancake batter, not put them in 'shells and all!'"

"Sorry Marion. I told you I couldn't cook to save my life."

"Now we're going to have to start this batch all over again – for the fourth time."

"Can't we just order pizza?"

"Not for breakfast, no! Besides, Madie's here. I don't want her thinking we order in for every meal."

"But we do."

"Oh, you're no help!" I laughed, throwing down the towel I was holding and dumping Indiana's pancake batter in the sink. We were trying - and failing - to make pancakes. "I swear, Mutt's a better cook than you."

"No he's not…" Indy murmured just under his breath, hoping I wouldn't hear, but I did.

"What's that supposed to mean?" I said accusingly, putting my hands on my hips. "He cooked almost every meal for us after the crash when his leg was broken."

"Yeah, but did you ever notice that whenever Madie wasn't here for dinner, Mutt usually ordered in pizza?" Indiana said, waving around a wooden spatula. "He got Madie to cook for him."

"Madie came over to our house because she couldn't stand her parents, who were practically killing her for going out with Mutt," I said, but I did realize that my husband had a point.

"That wasn't the only reason," Indiana smiled. "Mutt burns water. Madison was glad to cook for him."

I sighed. "Well, no matter who made all our dinners for the past couple of months, it's up to us now. Ever since Mutt got his cast off, he's been outdoors doing something active every day. He couldn't stand being cooped up at home, unable to do any sports."

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. "I'll get it," I said, rushing to the front door. It was pouring rain outside, and there was thunder and lightning every couple of minutes, so no one really wanted to be outside unless they had to be. As it was, the person now at our door was one of those people - the mailman, come to deliver our bills and letters.

"Mrs. Jones," he said politely when I opened the door, handing over a pile of letters. "You've got quite the haul-in today," he chuckled, pointing at the 13 pieces of mail he had given us.

"Oh, you poor dear," I said, taking in his soaking wet clothing. "Do you want to come in for a cup of tea?"

"We don't have any more tea, Marion," Indiana called from the kitchen. "I put it in the second batch of pancakes by accident, remember?"

I rolled my eyes and turned back to the letter carrier. "It's quite alright," he said, pulling his hat more firmly over his hair. "Yours was my last delivery; I get to go home now," he smiled.

"It must be a pretty hard job, getting up super early every morning in the rain to give people their mail," I frowned, sympathetic for the man. Suddenly, two Arab men in black jumped out of a car I hadn't previously noticed sitting on the curb, and they rushed up the front steps to the house Indiana and I had bought after we were married.

"Excuse me, Mrs, but there's been a mix-up. One of those letters is ours, and I would be delighted if you could just hand over that pile so I could find it," one of the men said with an Arabian accent.

The mailman, who was still standing on the doorstep, frowned. "No, I'm pretty sure all those letters were addressed to the Jones house..." he mused.

I glanced quickly through the letters. "Yes, all these letters are addressed to my husband. I'm sorry, gentlemen."

"No, I'm sure one of those letters is ours," the shorter of the two men said, reaching for the pile in my hand, but I snatched them away.

"Don't touch my mail," I grumbled.

"There is a letter from Egypt that you have that is of utmost importance to us," the first Arab said. "We need it back immediately."

Flipping through the letters again, I found the one he was talking about, but I shook my head. "It's addressed to Indiana. Now, if you'll excuse me, I really have to get going."

"But we really need that letter!" the second man yelled, jumping for it, but the first man in black held him back.

"Fine," he said, glaring at me. "But let this be a warning. You do not want to open that envelope." This only made me want to open the mail even more. I was about to open my mouth to say something back when a loud crash sounded from the kitchen.

"Shit. Marion, I think I broke the toaster," Indy yelled at me. Sighing, I glared at the Arabs and then said goodbye to the mailman and sent him on his way, closing the door and walking back to the kitchen, which now looked like a bomb had gone off in it.

"Actually, no, it was the blender that you broke," I smiled, pointing my husband towards the broom so that he could clean up the mess. Who would have thought that Indiana Jones of all people would get lost in his own kitchen?

I slid into a chair at the counter, clearing away some of the clutter so that I could put my elbows on the table. I read the titles of the letters out loud to Indy as I flipped through them: "Water bill, lighting bill, another bill, electricity bill, bill, more bills, bill, paycheck from the university, bill, letter from a student who's handing in his paper on ancient Greece three weeks late, bill, bill… oh, look! Here's a letter from Sallah, addressed to you!" I waved a letter in an old yellow envelope in front of Indiana's nose. "I wonder how he got your new address, and why he didn't mail this to the old apartment?"

"He probably found the address through the university," Indiana mumbled, pulling out a garbage bag to put the blender in. "Open it up. I want to read it; I haven't talked to him in a couple of years." Sallah was Indiana's best friend, and he lived in Egypt, where he was well-known for being the best digger there. They had been on a ton of archaeological adventures together, including when I had found the Ark of the Covenant with them.

Wait, so those two men in black hadn't wanted me to read Sallah's letter? What was wrong with it?

I tore open the envelope and pulled the letter out slowly, surveying the handwriting. It was decidedly feminine; this letter was from Sallah's wife Fayah. As I scanned through it, a frown etched itself on my face as I became increasingly worried. "Indyyyy…"

He heard the anxious tone in my voice and rushed over, dropping the blender parts on his toe in haste. Once he was done yelling in pain, he stood behind me, reading over my shoulder.

"Unknown organization… three weeks gone… ransacked house… Sallah's gone missing, and Fayah thinks he's been kidnapped!" he exclaimed in anger and surprise. "She's notified the police, but they haven't done anything about it, so they're seeking my help!" he finished reading the hastily-written letter. Running a hand over his face, Indiana sighed. "What are we supposed to do? We're on the other side of the world, for God's sake!"

I flipped through the mail again, pulling out the paycheck from the university. "We could always put this to good use," I winked, waving the letter under his nose. "Come on, Indy. We can't just forget about them. He's got nine children, and he's your best friend! Something has to be done: I say we buy four plane tickets to Egypt and track down Sallah. It'll be another adventure!" I smiled.

He glared at me. "Four tickets?"

"What, did you actually think we would leave Madie behind?" I scoffed, faking that I was offended.

Indiana bit his lip, trying to think it all through. His best friend had gone missing, and Fayah said that Indy was their last hope of finding him…

"Fine. We'll go," Indiana smiled. "It'll do us all some good to get out of the house again and maybe even partake in an adventure. Besides, Madie's been bugging me constantly about it, and I can tell that Mutt is eager to really get out of the house, now that his leg has healed."

"Yessss!" I cried, jumping out of my chair and putting my arms around my husband. When he looked at me strangely, I shook my head. "Can't a woman be excited to go on a trip?" I winked. "Let's leave tomorrow. Does that sound good?"

"I have to teach…"

"This can't wait, Indiana," I rolled my eyes. "The letter itself is two weeks old," I pointed towards the date. "Who knows what's happened since then. Plus," I added, thinking about the men in black at the door who had wanted to take the letter from me, "I think that this might be bigger than the letter suggests. There were two strange men at the door today, and they were demanding that I give the letter back to them. Someone doesn't want you to rescue Sallah," I finished suspiciously. Had those two Arabs really tracked the letter all the way from Egypt just so Indiana couldn't read it? It was the best guess I had.

He sighed. "Okay, you have a point. If there are strange people trying to make sure we don't read this, then something is definitely wrong. We'll leave first thing after school tomorrow. Does that make you happy?"

"Very much so!" I squealed like a little schoolgirl, grinning. "We should go tell Madie and Mutt right now. Speaking of them, where are they?"

"Well, they're not outside, since it's raining…" Indiana mused. "I think they're in Mutt's bedroom." We both stopped moving and listened intently for a sound that I must admit we both feared: the sound of the bed creaking and the blankets being jostled around.

"Do you think they're actually…?" I said when that sound ran through the house loud and clear. "You know… do you think they're… doing the do?"

And just like any good parents would, we took no moment's hesitation in bounding up the stairs and bursting into Mutt's room without knocking.

When I entered, Madie shrieked in surprise and fell off the bed, into a pile of Mutt's dirty laundry. I noted that they were both still wearing clothes, at least, although Mutt had removed his leather jacket and it was now in the pile of laundry Madison was sitting in. My son, too, fell off the bed, laughing so hard he could barely stand up straight.

"What were you two doing up here?" Indiana asked suspiciously.

"Jumping on the bed," Madie grinned, wiping tears of laughter out of her eyes. That would explain the creaking bed.

"What's up, old man? You seem worried about something," Mutt said, sitting down beside Madie on his Tower of Laundry. He slung his arm over her shoulders, and I couldn't help but remark how comfortable they were with each other. And they didn't even have to go out to a club (or whatever young people did nowadays) to have fun – as we had proved about three seconds ago, they were perfectly content by being immature and jumping on the bed.

"Well," Indiana started, grinning, "I have some big news that'll make you both very, very happy."

"What's that?" Madie asked, her eyes all wide and innocent.

I grinned at the two of them: they had absolutely no idea what they were getting into. "We're going on another adventure!"


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