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Sideline Collision Chapter 2

"Edward, honey, did you hear me?" I shook my head and tried to focus on my mother's smiling face. We always got together for brunch the morning after a game before they headed back to Jacksonville for the week. I was having a hard time focusing on anything this morning, the piece of paper in my pocket felt like it was a burning a hole in my leg. Why the fuck had she left me the number to the music store?

"Sorry, Mom, what was it?" She asked some damn thing about my classes and I gave the typical "I'm doing well" answer that she was looking for. My brother shot me a knowing grin from across the table.

"I don't think Edward was doing homework last night, Ma. Did you get wasted? Did you get any pu…"

"Emmett Matthew Cullen, if you finish that thought, I'll march you back into that bathroom and wash your mouth out with soap!" I laughed at the stunned expression on my brother's face as my mom railed at him.

"I was just going to ask if he got any perfume, for his loving mother." Emmett grunted as my mother's hand connected with the back of his head.

"I know very well what you were going to ask. Your brother's night isn't your concern." She glared at him before smiling back at me. "Have you met any good girls, dear?"

Good girls? I'd met plenty of good girls. Some of them were good at giving head, some of them were good at riding my cock, others were just good with their hands but somehow I didn't think that my mother would approve of that answer. Reed Girl's face entered my mind and I shoved thoughts of her aside yet again.

"Nobody special, Mom. I really did go home after the game, just chilled in my room." I hadn't felt like going to The Moon. I'd played video games and tried to figure out what in the hell was wrong with Reed Girl. Nobody walked away from me like that, nobody. And she left me a fucking number to her stupid fucking music store. Did she really think I was going to go buy her stupid reed?

"Well, you will someday, dear. Carlisle, how's your omelette?" I pushed my food around my plate and tried to work up an appetite.

Emmett leaned across the table now that Mom wasn't paying attention to him. "Did you seriously go home after a game like that? You're no brother of mine, kid. I was legend at this school. The girls are still thinking about me. In fact, I'm pretty sure I hear one screaming my name right now." My mother smacked him again and he winced.

"Sorry, Ma, but it's true."

"This is your influence, you know," she told my dad, who grinned unrepentantly.

"It got me you, didn't it?" She melted then and the two of them started reminiscing about how they met right on this very campus. Fucking kill me now.

"I've gotta get going. I have a calc test tomorrow." I pushed back from the table and gave my mother a quick hug and shook hands with Dad. "I'll see you on Friday?" The ACC title game was being played in Jacksonville, so I was going home again.

"Okay, son. Work on your five-step drop this week." I rolled my eyes at Dad's advice, smacked Emmett on the back and got the hell out of the restaurant. Thank God I'd driven myself. I slid into my silver Mercedes and smiled as she purred to life. She was the only girl in my life and that was just fine by me.

I didn't actually have a test today so I just drove around town, blaring the latest Eminem CD and giving the occasional nod and smile at whatever hot chick happened to be walking by. One gave me the come hither wave but I found myself driving past her when the light turned green. I made a right onto Evergreen and came to stop in front of a little shopping center. There, the second store on the left was Masen's Music.

I sat in my car for a minute, tapping on the steering wheel. Yeah, I might have looked up the fucking address to the store last night when I was in my room. Right after I'd tried to look up Bella in the school directory. There were a shit ton of Isabella's at this school and I had no idea which one was my Reed Girl and I wasn't about to fucking call each one of the bitches to find out. So that meant I had to drag my ass to this fucking music store and see if they knew how to get a hold of her.

Reed Girl sure knew how to play my ass, and it pissed me right the fuck off. I should just let her sit at home in her dorm room, anxiously waiting for a call from the music store that her stupid fucking reed had been purchased. A call that never came because she'd given me the wrong number, thinking she'd be all cute and funny and shit. But if I did that, I wouldn't get to mess with her again and she was kinda fun to fight with. It would be fun to get the best of her yet again, and then maybe I'd be nice to her and let her get my best again. She'd love another bang and maybe this time we could do it on a nice bed, so that I could maneuver her around and have her begging me to make her come. Yeah, she'd beg this time, I'd see to it.

Damn it, my cock was fucking hard now. Ugh, unsexy things. Emmett's back hair, Grandma's knee highs, Mom and Dad doing it in Westcott fountain…yeah, that did the trick. I got out of the car and went into Masen's Music. The dork behind the counter looked up and narrowed his eyes at me. That's right, dipshit, Edward Cullen is here. You're welcome.

"Can I help you?" I walked over to the scrawny kid and leaned against the counter.

"Yeah, I think so. I'm supposed to buy a reed for this girl or something. I guess she plays the oboe or…"

"Bella?" His whole face fucking brightened and the way he said her name pissed me right the fuck off, like he was caressing it or some perverted thing. What the fuck was his problem?

"Yeah, that's it, Bella." I wondered if I would ever stop calling her Reed Girl, which made me wonder why the hell I was wondering that. It wasn't like I'd be calling her after this anyway. One more and done. Two was my limit. She was going to get the honor of fucking me in her room like most other girls did and then I was outta there.

"Yes, she called. You must be," he glanced down at the paper next to the register. "Edward Cullen." I waited but there was no hint of recognition at my name. What the fuck was wrong with this guy? Did he live in a cave? I looked at his nametag and smirked.

"That's right, Jacob. Now perhaps you could tell me what kind of reed I need to buy?" I would like to not waste my whole fucking day in a music store, thank you very much.

He smiled and came around the counter. He was about half a head shorter than me and looked like he weighed about a hundred pounds. His longish black hair hit his shoulders. Pansy.

"Bella prefers the Duste' Bass Oboe Reed, the best on the market." He ran his hands over various reeds before plucking one from the shelves. I wondered what the fuck he did with those reeds when he was alone in the store, because caressing them seemed a bit fucking weird to me. "It costs $30.50, or you can get three for $27.45."

"Thirty bucks for that little fucking piece of wood?" He winced at the irritation in my voice.

"Sir, you can't possibly put a price on the sounds that will come out of Bella's lips when she puts her mouth to this fine reed."

What the hell did he just say? Did he just talk about Reed Girl's fucking lips and the sounds that they made? I fucking knew the sounds that they made and he damn well was never going to know. That fucking nerd had a crush on my Reed Girl. Fuck that shit.

"Oh, I know all about the sounds Bella makes. I'll take three." I raised an eyebrow and smirked at the asshole just to get my message across. His tan skin suddenly looked a little pale and he edged away from me, carrying the reeds back to the counter like the good little service person he was. Fucking wimp. Like Reed Girl would ever give him the time of day? She had better taste than that, as proven last night in my locker room.

He rang up my purchases and quietly told me I owed him $92.73 with tax. I tossed him my platinum card and he handled me the receipt to sign. I reached for the reeds and he pulled them away from me.

"Um, I believe I purchased those, so perhaps you could put them in a bag and fucking give them to me? Isn't that what one does when somebody buys something from them?" I glared at little Jacob and he paled even further.

"Well, Bella said…"

"Bella said what?" I snapped.

He gulped. "Bella said that when you came in and bought the reed, to just keep it here and call her to tell her that you'd purchased it."

Oh she did, did she? She just fucking thought I'd buy her damn reed and walk away, just like that? She didn't know me very well.

"I'm not leaving my purchase with you. I don't know shit about you. Maybe you'll pocket them and pretend I never came in."

He huffed and crossed his arms. "I would not! I would never do something like that to Bella."

There it was again. Bella. The way he said her name just pissed me the hell off.

"Call her."


"Call her right now and tell her that I'm here and I won't release the reeds to you." I snatched them out of his hand while he stared at me as if I'd asked him to solve the fucking quadratic equation or something.


"But what? You have her number right?" And that pissed me off too, the fact that she'd give this simplistic loser her phone number but she gives me the number to the damn music store. What the hell was wrong with this girl?

"Yes, I have her number."

"So give her a call. Or give it to me and I'll call her." He glared at me but picked up the handset and dialed a number. I caught a 7, 3 and 9 but his fingers moved too fast to pick out her actual number.

"Hi, Bella, it's Jacob over at Masen's Music." He actually smiled when she answered the phone. He looked like a lovesick 13-year old. I wondered if I could get away with punching him, but he was the type of loser that would call the cops and report my ass and then I might get suspended. Fuck that.

"Oh, yes. He came in and bought your reed. Three of them actually!" He eyed me warily as he fucking revealed that I'd gotten her more than one. Jackass. What if it was a fucking present for my damn girlfriend or something? He really needed to be taught some manners. "Yes, well, there's a problem with that. He's got the reeds and he won't leave them here. He doesn't trust me." He added that last part haughtily, sounding like I'd insulted his fucking mother or something. Whatever, loser, you're not gonna lay eyes on Reed Girl again before I do.

"I don't know. I told him that's what you wanted but he said he won't do it."

"Just give me the damn phone, Jacob." I held out a hand and waited for him to give it to me.

"He wants to talk to you. Are you sure? Okay." He reluctantly handed me the phone. I glared at him as I brought it to my ear.

"Hey, Reed Girl, how are you?"

She sighed into the phone and I grinned. She was already exasperated with me. Fanfuckingtastic.

"I'd be a lot better if you'd just leave the reeds at the store and let me come get them when I have time."

I chuckled and turned my back to that douche, Jacob, leaning against the counter. "Well, that's one option, but we both know you'd rather I deliver them in person. You know you want to see me again."

There was a quick laugh on the other end of the line that went straight to my cock. Reed Girl had a perfect laugh; it was all breathy and sexy and shit. "If I wanted to see you again, I would have given you my actual number."

I smirked and crossed my legs. "You wanted to present a challenge. It's cool, Reed Girl, I can respect that."

"I don't think you know a whole lot about respect, Cullen."

I laughed. "Why don't you teach me, Bella?" I said her name the way Jacob had, like a caress and heard her gasp quietly. Maybe that loser was on to something.

"I don't have time to teach you half of what you need to learn."

"Oh, I'm pretty quick."

She laughed. "Don't I know it?" Oh, hell no, she didn't go there.

"I didn't hear you complaining when you were screaming against my locker last night."

"It was fun. Aren't you the fuck 'em and leave 'em type? I figured I'd do you a favor and not even pretend to be expecting a call from you." That irritated me, even if it was true. She didn't know shit about me.

"You don't know me, Reed Girl. You don't know me at all."

"Nor do I want to. So if you'd just leave the reeds at the store, we can part amicably."

Bull fucking shit. No way was I just walking away now. "Nope, that's not gonna fly. What's going to happen is you're going to tell me where you live and I'm going to come over right now and deliver your reed to you. We'll see what happens from there."

She laughed. "Nothing happens from there."

We both know that's not true, Reed Girl. I'll have you naked within five minutes. "Then why are you afraid to let me come over? You don't think you can control yourself around me again, do you?"

"I know I can."

"Well then?"

"Why do you have to be such a pain in the ass?"

"I haven't even started to be a pain in your ass, Bella, but I'm more than willing to oblige. Are you in to anal, because I have to tell you…"

"Gross Edward! I'm certainly not letting you come over if you're going to try that!" I laughed at her reaction. She was so damn easy. Well, not easy in the way I wanted, but we'd get there soon enough. She was warming to the idea, and I could warm her up even further if I just got her address.

"You're the one that brought up my being a pain in the ass. I was just willing to accommodate you." I heard Jacob start coughing behind me. That's right, lover boy, I am talking about fucking your dream girl in the ass. Why don't you go stroke some more reeds while I go stroke Reed Girl?

"I really think it would be better if you left the reeds there."

"And I really think that I'm going to make sure that my purchase gets into your hot little hands in person. I can't have you accosting me on the field before the championship game yelling about your reed again, now can I?"

She took a minute before answering. "You're not going to give in, are you?"

"Do I seem like the type to give up to you?"

She sighed. "No."


"Fountain Crest Apartments over on Market Street. Apartment 432."

That was more like it. "I'll be there in fifteen." I turned around and nearly laughed out loud at the expression on Jacob's face. He looked like I'd kicked him in the gut. I handed him the phone and he brought it to his ear.

"Bella? Are you sure you want him to bring it to you? I could call someone maybe…oh, okay." His face fell at whatever she said. "I'll see you soon, then? Okay. Bye." He put the phone back on the receiver and glared at me.

"You should be nicer to your customers, bud. You never know when I might need more reeds for my Reed Girl." He angrily punched a button on the register. "See you around. I've got somewhere way more interesting to be." I pulled my sunglasses out of my shirt pocket and grinned at him as I strolled out the door. Message fucking received. He'd never sniff around my Reed Girl again if he knew what was good for him.

I placed the reeds on my passenger seat and started the car. I was feeling mighty fine as I made my way to Reed Girl's apartment. I knew I hadn't seen the last of her. Edward Cullen always gets what he wants and for now, I wanted her. Once more would do it.

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