(It's dark. It's too dark in here; I'm not really sure, where the hell I'm at exactly. It's cold, but I'm not that cold; this blanket around me, is pretty worm. I'm scared, I'm lost, and I'm confused. I feel like, I don't know who the hell I am anymore.)

(I beg and plead, for sanity. Anyway, to find a way out, of this fucking nightmare; it's almost impossible. I don't know what's real, or fake anymore. Confusion, never stops. Right now, I feel trapped, within these dark- blue walls. There's a clock, hanging on it; ticking, ticking, and ticking, and which is, ticking me right off.)

(I'm so tired. So fucking tired. I want to sleep, but sleep, is nearly impossible now. I'm too scared sleep. I'm afraid if I do, I'll never wake up. All I can really do, is crawl under the sheets, into a ball; like the ferret I am. Not just a ferret, but also patient #207, of my primary psychiatrist, Dr. Kuno. All I really know, is who's been with me all this time, and the one person, who's with me now. That's all I know.)

Ranma, hallucinating, turned over, as he grabbed Dr. Kuno's hand. He finally, closed his eyes, as he snuggled up, against him. He then felt Tatewaki, pull him in even closer. They had shared a kiss, before, at least Tatewaki, had drifted back off to sleep. Ranma, grinned, as he simply rubbed his hand, up and down; against his white- tank -topped chest.

(And again, I'm patient #207, and this is my story.)


[I'M DONE! 288 pages long….oh boy…. It took me- how long to get this fanfic done. Four, whole months; that's right, four whole freakin months. After, all the information I had look up. All the name's I had to come up with; all the insanity I had to explain, just to get this fanfic, completed. Well, it's finally done. I'm not a psychologist, or anything, and I'm certainly, no expert on the subject; So don't chase me down with anything, if I had typed something, that wasn't as clear, as you hoped it would be.]

[~Ps. I do not own Ranma ½; shutter island; or anything else in this fanfic, that doesn't obviously belong to me.]