Dear Readers,

I know you are all expecting an update for this but I'm going to sadly say that it isn't so. I have decided to go on a LONG HIATUS (not that I haven't been on one already).

It's just that I'm more focus on my original work now and every time I look at VA, I start to critic it. I am sorry but I will be back. You can still see if I'm alive by checking my Fiction Press account and my blog.

I will say that I am not completely useless. I did start Chapter 13 and here it is so far. I hope you enjoy it.

This is Bookworm-At-Starbucks, signing out.

Dear Diary,

The morning after the rabbit incident left me in bit of a haze from:

Lack of sleep because

I was dreaming of Rose again

It wasn't really inappropriate dreams, more of i-want-to-comfort-you types of dreams.

Anyways, this morning started out like usual but instead of the friendly banter that went between us in the training sessions, there was a dead silence that seeped in, reminding us of last night's events.

Someone was out to get Lissa and we have no idea who. I feel like I failed her and Rose somehow Diary! I just feel powerless to stop this wrecking train that it heading towards the two of them and you know that I hate feeling powerless. Remember what happened to my father when he said it to my mama? Yeah, I think you do. Try spouting another son you eunuch!

What's even worse is that the rumours that are spreading around. I can see it in her face even though she tried to block it out, I can see it finally getting to her and I don't like it. Not one little bit.

This morning I ran with her around the laps again, being a bit gentler than usual and I think she did catch on that I know.

We practice with a few punches, blows. She landed a few on me which I am impressed. With the mind frame she is in, it's a wonder that she could function at all. Though I was impressed, her fighting was a bit sloppy and from this I can conclude that there is anger behind each blow. Hey, I'm not going to knock it to her, I would be angry too if it happened to me and I was a girl… but I'm not. A girl I mean.

When it was finally break time, we both carried back in comfortable silence.

Well, until I saw her hands.

Oh my God Diary, you will scream in agony as well if you saw her hands.

They were raw and scruffy. Some of the blisters burst and bleed a bit which didn't really help since the weather today was freezing.

"Your hands." I swore in Russian of course. She could tell when I was swearing now but she had no idea what I meant and I would like to keep it that way. "Where are your gloves?"

She shrugged and looked up at me and apparently gave me the most reasonable answer: "Don't have any. Never needed them in Portland"

Of course, I swore again and a bit lighter than the first one.