Chapter 2 - 95 Years later
"Mum!" bellowed Renesmee.
"What?" I shouted.
"Have you packed all your boxes?" She asked as she zoomed down the stairs. I just nodded
"Are you sure?" she asked. I knew she wasn't asking about packing now.
"Yes, I want to go back. Two of the best things in my life happened. You were born and I met your father."
"But also the worst thing happened there..." Nessie said. Nessie and Sammy were both smart and heard me crying. I didn't want to tell them but they had a right to know so, against my better judgement, I did.
Sammy beeped the car horn from outside.
"Come on, Sammy's waiting." I said grabbing a box, thankful to be off of that subject.
Sammy could drive because they stopped ageing at 18 years. We went to Arizona like the note said and found out all about half breeds. We also found out what Sammy's gift is. He can disguise himself and others.
After hours of driving we finally made it to forks. We stopped outside Charlie's old house. I had brought it trying to remember some of my human life memories. I had turned the attic into a bedroom, Nessie's bedroom, (Because it had the biggest wardrobe, so she said.)
Sammy was having Charlie's bedroom because it was second biggest, leaving with my old room.
It was exactly the same; after I 'died' Charlie kept it the same.
I opened the door and Renesmee ran in with a box and up the stairs, I heard her opening the wardrobe open and boxes being torn open. I guess she was unpacking. Sam was looking around, I could tell he was excited but wanted to take it all in. He stepped up the stairs and I heard him open his bedroom.
After Charlie died no one brought the house and it still had his furniture in it. Out of the kitchen window I saw the forest that Edward left me in. I stopped that thought before I got carried away in the sea of pain I felt whenever I thought of him.
I walked too my room and opened the door, still exactly the same. I sat on the creaky bed and started to open my boxes to put my books on my shelf. Wuthering Heights was still my favourite.
After I finished unpacking it was 11pm, bedtime for the twins, even though they didn't need as much sleep they still did.
"Bedtime!" I shouted even though they could hear me if I spook normally.

"But mum..." Started Nessie.

"Bed. Now." I said. I heard her sigh then the creak of her bed.

"Night mum!" Said Sammy, then I heard the creak of his bed.
I sat on my bed and closed my eyes pretending to sleep. If I imagined enough I could actually feel his cold skin against my, his cold lips on my forehead, I could almost hear him saying I love you. But he didn't, no, he never loved me, vampires can't fall out of love. It shouldn't have hurt so much, I knew he would leave, I was just a human. But it did hurt that much, even if I expected it, I still loved him, I still do love him and won't stop loving him.
I opened my eyes and walked around the room, trying to stop the hurricane of thoughts in my head. A floor panel creaked and opened a bit. I pulled it off, about to put it on properly, when something caught my eye. I pulled out a little box, and open it, inside are pictures of him.
They bring human memories up. I remember taking the picture of Charlie, him moaning, then taking the picture of me and Edward. I remember the strange look on Edwards face, but now I understand that look on his face. I look at another one, before my birthday, he actually looks normal there. I stroke his face and sigh. I put the box back under the floor board.
I looked at the clock on my wall. 6:00AM. I changed into one of my favourite outfits, a black long-sleeved top with a blue blouse on top, and a pair of skinny jeans and black dolly shoes, Alice would be proud of me now.
I walked down stairs and started making pancakes, I mixed the batter and poured it in the pan. I heard the chair scrapping the floor and saw Sammy sitting down licking his lips. I laughed and said
"How can you like this stuff? It smells like dog food."
He laughed and said "It tastes good to me, your cooking's my favourite, much better than that crap they serve at school." I smiled at him and flipped the pan cake.
I put the syrup and lemon juice on the table and gave Sammy the first pancake.
"Yum! I smell pancakes!" Said Renesmee walking down the stairs. I put another two on Sammy's plate and two on Nessie's plate. Sammy sighed. I knew he was thinking about Kara, and how she made him pancakes. I patted him on the back and smiled sympathetically. I knew of his pain. He smiles at me sadly.
"Time to go!" Says Nessie opening the door. Sammy gets up and I dump the plates in the sink to wash them later.
School Nessie Pov
I was looking perfect, making sure I made a good impression with the new students, even if school was boring I still wanted to look good. I made sure Mum, and Sammy looked good too.
School (Bella's pov)
When we got too school we were late. Somehow.
"Do you smell that?" I asked them, getting a whiff of a vampire. They nodded. Sammy changed his and Nessie's scent, but kept the same look because they looked human. He changed my eyes so that they were a blue-green, and to be safe, he changes my hair a mousey colour. He also gave me a 'heart beat' and made theirs sound slower so none of the vampires would get suspicious.
We went to the office and I talked for us.
"Erm, hi we're new here, I'm Marie Mills, that's Sammy Mills, and Renesmee Mills." I said pointing them out. The receptionist's eyes lingered on Sammy more than the rest of us. She was in her 40's! I pretended to cough. She blushed and said "Hello, I'm , here's your maps and schedule," she passed us the maps and schedule. "Thanks," I mumbled, a little pissed at her checking out my son.
I put my shield over them, just in case the vampires had any gifts, as we opened the door onto the big hallway.
"Compare." said Nessie.
Me and Sammy gave her our schedules. a/n: I know nothing about classes etc. just going to have five lessons ( I know that's wrong amount) and random lessons.
Bella's schedule
first: English
second: Math
third: gym
fourth: science (bio)
last: art

Renesmee's Schedule
First: English
second: gym
third: science
fourth: math
last: drama

Sammy's Schedule
First: English
second: gym
third: math
fourth: science
last: US history

We all had English together and Sammy and Nessie had gym together. I and Sam also had Bio together. I hate bio. It reminded me of him. I was sure it would be worse being at the same school. The school had barely changed.
The bell for second rang.
"Bye." I said as they headed off to gym. Luckily, math was held in the same place as last time I went here. I entered the class and gave Mr. Isaac my note. He signed it and pointed me to a place.